Hello and welcome back to my blog! Tonight, I'm going to be talking about, and showing everyone, this rock'n' roll lip print shirt. As soon as I saw this shirt online across on Topman I knew it was another I just  had to have! It's such a cool shirt, perfect for the long summer that we've been promised!

As you can see I wore this shirt by itself, as it's now reaching a point (and a temperature) where a shirt is all you need to hit the town. I personally think this shirt has some serious Saint Laurent vibes to it, I don't know what it is, but this shirt reminded me of the brand as soon as I spotted it. The shirt also obviously takes its inspiration from the 90's revival we're seeing a lot of at the moment on the high street and the catwalk. I mean just look at that killer print!

The mouth motif itself is printed upon the viscose shirt, the lips are a vibrant red and the teeth part slightly to expose a line of electric blue. It's a very 90's graphic print and I love it! I'd not normally go for a shirt this out there, however, I couldn't resist as I knew it would look killer. I paired the outfit with my white Cuban heeled boots, which I can tell you have not had an outing in quite a long time! Saying that, I think they go great with this very cool look, its quite rare that they make an appearance but when they do they always escalate the outfit to another level!

It's your classic cut shirt, there's nothing special about the collar or the buttons, they're all how you expect. The only thing unusual about this shirt is the amazing lip print. If you want a statement summer shirt look no further than this one. I bought this shirt in a small which fits me great and for only £30 it really is a bargain for what you get! It's a strong statement that packs a punch and looks equally sick paired with a classic leather, of course, I've said it again, but leather and this print just works so bloody well!

Here's the link to the red lip shirt if you want a closer look.
Shop the shirt here. Click below to watch the week YouTube video where I chat a little more about the shirt plus what I've been up to over the last few weeks.

Photographs CJ Carpenter


This is a post I've been wanting to share with you all for a very long time, why? Simply because I think it's the coolest shoot I've ever done! This shoot involved everything I love, leather jackets, suede jackets, leather trousers and the ultimate sense of rock'n roll! It was also another shoot I got to do with my beautiful girlfriend, we both got the opportunity to shoot with the French brand, Mounir Ghazi Paris. Mounir Ghazi (the main man behind the brand is an independent designer, who uses his name to front the extraordinary business. Having being massively influenced by rock’n roll and motorcycle culture, Mounir wanted our shoot to reflect exactly that. This is why the whole campaign was photographed in black and white. I mean, I couldn't of imagined a shoot anymore up my street if I'd tried!

I'll start off by showing you my favourite jacket of the day. I'm going to put it out there and say this jacket is the best biker jacket I've EVER had the pleasure to wear! The cut, style and fit of this particular jacket is like nothing I've ever worn before! It really does blow all the jackets I own away, and in my opinion, even beats the likes of Saint Laurent on looks and quality! Each individual leather skin has been sourced from only the finest producers in Europe including France, Spain and Italy, with each piece being exclusively manufactured in Paris.

Mounir, is one super cool guy and was in London on business, however made the journey up to Manchester, just to shoot with myself, CJ and Adam our amazing photographer on this particular project! The shoot was actually organised in just one day, but as they say, some of the best things come around without a plan! We had four of five outfit changes during the very short time Mo was in Manchester, and these are the shots I want to share with you all.

Another look I absolutely adore is this one, yes I realise I am wearing double leather, but who cares, look how bloody good it looks! This was actually my first look of the day and the outfit I had to get changed into whilst at Foundation coffee. Nothing says confidence like strutting around a coffee shop dressed in a full leather outfit but come on, you've got to agree it looks killer! The brands tag line is ‘look as good as Jim Morrison, be flamboyant like Keith Richards and be conscious like Bob Dylan’ and that's exactly how I felt when dressed in Mounir's creations.

The photograph above was the only one we got together with Mo, as you can see he's sporting one of his own handmade pieces, which looks awesome on him. He mentioned to me he had been working non-stop over the past four years, perfecting his leather jackets to the highest possible standard. I can tell you all now, he's definitely gone and done that! Also I think you'd all agree with me on how amazing CJ looked on this shoot, as always but I think her photographs look like something from a magazine! Mounir's goal is to bring back the original rock’n roll influence to the 21st century, his clothes will allow you to look like the most bad ass guy or girl in the room!

This jacket which both CJ and I wore, comes in a smooth lambs leather and suede. It's your classic trucker style but made with such care, using the best materials around, it just looks drop dead cool. The details on this jacket are awesome too. The rounded engraved silver buttons, down to the stitching of the jacket, if you want a leather jacket M.G.P is simply the best around. Fact.

The last look of the day for me was an outfit of leather, even down to a leather vest! I know even I can't get away with this, but still I know if I wore these pieces mixed into my everyday outfits, they'd look unreal! I loved the photographs from this shoot and the day in general, it was such good fun, especially meeting Mo himself, I wish him all the luck in the future, when the brand officially launches in early 2019! If you're after THE LEATHER JACKET to beat all others, you're never going to find one better than Mounir Ghazi Paris.

Mounir Ghazi Paris website
Photographs: Adam Mane Photography


Hey guys, just a small post this evening as I'm very, very hungover. As you can see today's post features this amazing red "silk look" shirt. Believe me, I've been searching for something like this for such a long time, so I'm pretty happy that I've finally managed to get my hands on a style that measures up to what I've imagined.

I love the vibrant colour of this shirt, yes it is a little out there and yes it's certainly a statement look, but I really like the way this shirt looks. It's a very simple cut with a classic style yet it does have a small western detail on the front of the shirt, which I absolutely adore. The black piping really sets this shirt off and gives it that added touch that's sets it apart from the rest.

I think this is a piece Mick Jagger himself would wear! I have seen photographs of him many a time sporting a satin or silk shirt and looking incredible. This vibrant red shirt is a satin which is made from a polyester mix. It's super smooth and shiny and is one killer piece.

The fact I haven't mentioned yet is where I actually bought this shirt from. It currently in the sale for a very inexpensive £15 across on PRETTYLITTLETHING which yes is a girls brand but, as you can see this shirt can definitely be styled up and worn in a rock n' roll way! Since this post hasn't been the longest, you can head across to my YouTube channel where I talk about the shirt in more detail (I recored that yesterday, hangover free)! P.S apologies for no photographs of the ring, I'm still working on it.

To check the shirt our click here.