Evening guys! Tonight I've got a killer vintage leather that I have to show you all. This was initially supposed to be more of a solo buying trip to Edinburgh a few weeks ago however, it ended up being more of an epic vintage find day! I love visiting Edinburgh, sometimes shopping for myself and other times to make a little bit of easy cash, buying and selling. I love sourcing cool vintage, then giving myself the personal challenge to style it up and sell it on for a profit, it's something I always reply on when in-between jobs and it's saved my back many times now, I can tell you that!

I've a pretty good track record of doing this over the past few years. With some major scores recently, some items ending up in LA or as far as Australia, making a few hundred pound profit on a single item after featuring it in a film of mine! I love making films with some of my favourite vintage items, its a win win for me as I get to come up with an idea and plan a shoot, as well as featuring the vintage gem and trying to find a potential buyer. Even if it doesn't sell, I love taking the time to create a killer story and capture some amazing shots in honour of the vintage piece. This way I can learn, brush up on my filming and editing skills, plus try out new grains and looks for each film I create. I like to think of it as directing my own small fashion campaign with each piece. Also, this gives me a new bunch of shots to add to my showreel - showing brands what I can do with similar items they might stock and hopefully if they love it, I can create a film, campaign or ad's for them, off the back of one I created for myself.

I stick to what I know but its epic having another pair of eyes with you when you're out searching for vintage - that set of beautiful blue eyes who always come along for the ride, belong to my girlfriend, Louisa. It's funny as we never find our own pieces when shopping vintage. We always find ourselves on the opposite sides of the store, picking up pieces that the other would love, which always weirdly works out perfectly! I can always rely on Louisa to pull out something I've either completely over looked or haven't recognised at all. She can always find something which is down right cool and totally me! I like to think she'd say the same, just two legends on the look out for pure cool vintage, simple as that.

So with two fashion icons on the job, we search for guys and girls clothing. Knowing exactly what we like when it comes to vintage (or should I say what the other would like) yet, being careful not to love it so much that we can't part with it at all. That's that's our main stumbling block - coming across items on our buying trips, growing so attached to them, that they just go straight into our own wardrobe. Which is not good, when the target of the day is to make money, not spend it!

After scoring gems that we love, we then shoot them on ourselves, styling them up, making small alterations or repairs then selling them on, what a dream team! We've found some epic pieces over the years, from either shopping around vintage stores up and down the country or hitting the occasional car boot sale. You just never know what you're going to find, anything could turn up! We just love the thrill!

Getting back to this jacket after my ramblings, you can see its an epic piece and this aged brown leather is certainly staying in my wardrobe. I'd not normally spend this much on a vintage jacket, especially not at the time being of not having that much money. However, £65 had to be parted with to buy this dark brown beauty. It reminded me of an old leather sofa. Its got some marks and some detailing, the leather is thick, it smells amazing and I know if it could talk it would tell me some amazing stories. As soon as I threw it over my shoulders, I knew it was waiting for me to carry on those stories as it truly is a rock n' roll leather. It feels cool, looks cool and it even smells like it has been owned by a legend before me.

I'll carry on my love for this jacket across on YouTube as this post is now a lot longer than I anticipated but this is what my blog is for, an occasional chat every now and again, am I right? Speaking of, I've actually got a lot to catch you guys up on since my last YouTube video so keep an eye out for that in the next coming days. I'll let you into a secret - he's only gone and bagged a shoot later this week, in The Pyrenees, so stay tuned for that!

Thanks for reading and checking in on the blog,
appreciate it as always.