This is the third time in three years I've travelled to the west coast of America for Coachella and every year I've done the same thing. I don't book anywhere to stay. I know that sounds ridiculous but it always works in my favour, either getting it way cheaper than booking in advance or sometimes even being lucky enough to bag myself a very swanky pad!

My normal port of call while in DTLA is The Standard. It's a super cool hotel tailor made for the younger generation. The Standard is one of the coolest places you can go to in LA to hang out. Mainly because it has one of the best rooftop bars in the city, which always has a party atmosphere. 

I've stayed in every size room The Standard has to offer, from the smallest room to the biggest, it's just luck of the draw. That's why I don't book, if you've not got a reservation it's down to the person on reception the day you arrive to decide where and what room you're staying in. Sometimes this works out, sometimes it doesn't, it's all down to luck.

Everything is very simply designed and integrated into the rooms. All the rooms in The Standard are great, from the smallest to the biggest. Whatever room you get, you'll be very happy with indeed. It has everything you need to live very happily. A bed to sleep in, a shower to get washed in and a door for privacy. That's pretty much all you need in a hotel, especially when you're not even going to spend that much time in your room, as you have all of LA to explore!

The Standard does this basic, minimalist interior very well indeed. It's super fresh design looks so good, the dining, room for instance, is all yellow, the chairs, the walls, the tiles, it's very seventies yes, but I think it also looks very modern. All The Standard hotels I've visited or stayed in all have a strong individual look, they're all super cool!

As I've mentioned the rooftop in The Standard DTLA is where the party's at. It's one of the coolest places in the downtown area. The bar sits on the very top of the hotel, the view up there is crazy! Having an ice cold beer looking out between the huge buildings surrounding the hotel. The rooftop bar really gives you one of the best views of the city, especially at night.

In the daytime, you can watch the bustling downtown area and look up to the hills that wrap around LA and in the night you get to see how beautiful the building are all lit up. The nighttime, however, is when the bar comes alive. Every day of the week the rooftop is the place to be seen. Being guests of the hotel you get priority of the bar and don't have to queue outside. It's in the top five places to grab a drink in the whole of LA so as you can imagine it normally has quite the queue. 


This was my first time staying in The Standard Hollywood, so it made for a nice change. The location was great, situated right at the bottom of Sun Set BLVD. The Standard Hollywood interior is even cooler than the downtown hotel with full-on seventies vibes! Arc lamps, lazy beanbag sofa's and floating egg chairs, the place was very cool. Plus they actual furry walls, PASS ME A JEFFREY PLEASE!

The view from the rooms window, Johnny Depp's mansion at the bottom of Sunset BLVD in the background.
 spent my night in Hollywood checking out the sights then heading to The Mondrian for drinks and a light bite to eat. I enjoyed a few ice cold beers and an AMAZING cheese board while watching the sun set in the hotel's sky bar. This is one super sweet place you have to check out if you're ever in LA! You get to sit amid the clouds with the perfect view over the whole of Los Angeles in front of you. Top marks indeed!


Before I jetted off on my travels I wanted to scout out some really cool places to eat, especially to grab a quick coffee and breakfast. The coolest place I came across online was called MR. HOLMES BAKEHOUSE. As soon as I saw the photographs of their mouth watering pastries, I knew I had to pay them a visit when I was out in LA. Here's what I thought . . .

As you can see, I'm not lying about their sexy looking pastries. They had a selection of the best around, all handmade in store. I went for the apple pie which was the sweetest, stickiest pastry I've ever had! It had the biggest gooiest chunks of apple in the centre, topped with toffee sauce, it was the apple pie of my dreams! I washed it down with a cold coffee, which set me up for a morning of adventures around North Hollywood.

I've mentioned this before, that a place is not classed as cool nowadays if it doesn't feature an obligatory neon sign. I think MR. HOLMES has come up with the coolest neon I have ever seen. In fact the whole bakery is like that, it oozes contemporary cool. This bakery is simply the coolest & tastiest place around. They have two bakeries on the west coast, this one in LA, and another in San Fransisco, they also have a bakery in Orange County and Seoul.

The bakery is a stand alone building, all painted white. Once inside it's an instagrammers paradise, with coffee, pastries and neon lights all in one place. I defy you not to take a bad photograph in this place. Even the bags which the delicious pastries come in, match the interior aesthetic of the store, this place knows how to be cool. Customers travel from all around to taste the delectable confections MR. HOLMES produce. It's a super place to grab a coffee, hang out, and a must visit if you're ever craving something sweet and sugary in LA.


Coachella day three, the day you feel the most disgusting, burnt, and tired. But wait, you're still at Coachella, you've got one final amazing day full of music left. Sunday was the day I had looked forward to most. Artists such as Bon Iver, Lorde, Hanz Zimmer and Jack Garratt were on the line up, plus many more that I had been so desperate to see live on the final day.

Since it was our final day, we decided to get tickets for the famous Coachella ferris wheel, something you must do whilst at the festival! The previous two years when I've visited Coachella, the wheel was a hot, old and if I'm being honest a little tired, don't get me wrong it was still amazing, but you could tell it had been around a few times! This year organisers had introduced a brand new wheel. With air conditioned carriages, super cool seats and perfectly clear windows, to enjoy the most amazing view of the festival! It's a little bigger than the old one too, towering even higher over the lush polo fields. It's the iconic symbol of the Coachella landscape.

My day three outfit was hard choice, as it was the hottest day we had experienced so far. Instead of getting ready in the early morning, when the temperature was cooler, we left later, and had to get ready in the tropical conditions of our teepee at eleven o'clock. BAD IDEA!

After much deliberation, I eventually chose a shirt that I had surprisingly picked up in the women's section of H&M. Personally I think this shirt can be worn by guys too. It's a straight cut, rock and roll leopard print pattern. I originally set out to buy a similar shirt from All Saints, but after seeing this in H&M I felt it was a better all round shirt than the one I had seen in A.S. The price wasn't so much a factor but instead of paying £80 the H&M shirt came in at just £17.99 BARGAIN!

I've not mentioned one of the best things about the festival yet. The food. The food line up is nearly as strong as their music line up! It's a world away from your stereotypical UK festival food. It's visible immediately that the fresh, clean eating from LA has made the two hour trip to the desert, along with the thousands of music fans from the city. Everything from Taiwanese cuisine, to freshly made acai bowls, Coachella has everything your stomach desires.

Your usual pizza, burgers and ice cream can also be found on the polo field but once again, they're nothing like the British counterpart. These classic festival dishes are all handmade with care, with fresh ingredients and are all beautifully presented, they wouldn't look out of place in a top restaurant, never mind a festival. Coachella really ace their food game, year in, year out!

Click the link below to see my last day at Coachella.


My outfit on the second day at Coachella was a little more toned down than day one. I went with my palm tree shirt, which I bought last year with the festival in mind. This shirt was perfect as it is a light, half sleeved shirt, with a snazzy print in keeping with the desert theme. I paired the shirt with some signature black skinny jeans and my Topman buckle boots. You have to be a die hard fan of skinny jeans, especially black ones, as the heat in the desert is something to be reckoned with. I may look "cool" but believe me I was far from it.

When walking into the festival on our second day, we were approached by a group of photographers who asked us if they could take a few snaps. We were flattered and obviously said YES. We were followed through the fields of the polo club, by three paparazzi, who were literally falling over one another to get a good shot. It felt pretty bloody good, even though it only lasted twenty seconds. I could definitely get used to it, ha! A friend then found the photograph which had made it onto the Coachella Tumblr page!

The music on day two was yet another treat for the ears. One of my highlights was catching the Bon Iver sound check early Saturday morning. We just happened to be around the main stage area when we realised it wasn't just the song being played, it was the band themselves! We caught a few songs, right at the front of the barrier, with a handful of other lucky fans who were also in the right place at the right time.

Coachella is great for introducing you to bands and artists that you've never heard of before. They always feature a super wide range of performers at the festival, meaning you'll always discover someone you new to love! One of my personal stand out artists of the first day, or even the whole weekend, was Francis And The Lights. I've heard one of his songs before, but his performance really made me wake up and listen, he was awesome! He is one of the coolest guys I've ever seen on stage, the style, the hair, the voice, not to mention his killer dance moves. It's one performance I saw over the weekend which persuaded me to go straight out once home and buy his vinyl.

Here's my second Coachella vlog to see in more detail what day two at the festival was like.


The heat, the music, the fashion, these three words embody the essence of Coachella festival. This is my third time attending the festival and once again it didn't disappoint! Coachella really is the best festival in the world. Everything about the whole experience is perfect. They really know how to hold an amazing festival, year in year out.

Everyone at Coachella is so friendly, that's one of the main things you notice straight away. You can strike up a conversation with anyone, no matter what.  Social boundaries and restrictions of how to act are immediately dropped the moment you walk onto the green grass of the polo field. The excitement of finally being there and walking in is like nothing I've ever felt. You can sense the excitement in the air as every so often you hear a "HAPPY COACHELLA" being shouted out loud at passers by.

People all coming together and meeting their new friends for the the best weekend of their year. Everyone there is on a high, finally the time has come to be at the place they've been wanting to be all year. It's like waiting to open your presents on Christmas Day, that's the only way I can describe how it feels. The cars also get in on the act, all being hand decorated with paint, stickers, slogans and pretty much everything else you can stick on to the outside, you know you're close to the festival when you see more and more decorated cars.

The lineup is always killer, Coachella over the past few have introduced me to some of my all time favourite acts! I've never been lucky enough to go to weekend one, until this year. I bought my tickets back in June last year and I've been especially excited ever since. As people say "the grass is always greener on weekend one" I guess this is because of more surprise acts and special guests perform on the first weekend, plus the crowds of celebrities that also attend.

The three times I've been lucky enough to go I've always camped at the festival or should I say "glamped" around Lake Eldorado. This is the best thing to do if you want to immerse yourself into the Coachella experience. Eldorado is the dreamiest setting imaginable!

It's such a great place to stay over the weekend of the festival, plus you actually get to sleep under the desert stars. Every morning you literally wake up in the best place in the world, peek out of your teepee door in the early morning to see the sun shining and glistening of the turquoise blue lake and stunning mountains in the background. It's a pretty good way to start a day! It is a little pricy, but this is the highlight of my year, this is what I look forward to and save for all year around, so I do it properly.

This, as you may of seen on Instagram, was my day one outfit. Well where do I start, ha! I may or may not have found my inspiration from the African Child music video, where Russell Brand dresses up as, in his words, an African space christ. Coachella is a place where you can wear anything you want, so I thought why not. It's actually an Indian wedding costume known as a Kurta. The top and bottoms were actually super light and being white in colour, it was a well thought out outfit, as I was quite cool all day in the thirty five degree heat of the Californian sunshine. I also chose to wear this outfit because in my opinion it looked BLOODY COOL. Paired with my Gucci sunglasses and the jacket worn open with necklaces and bracelets I think I did Brand, even Jesus himself justice.

I've edited together a video of day one, that I hope you'll like, this is the ultimate taster to see what Coachella is all about. Keep checking back to see my video and post of day two and three of the festival in the up and coming days.