Hey guys, how's your week going so far? good I hope, tonight's post is another classic outfit edition. This for you eagle eyed viewers was in-fact the outfit that featured in my last post, however this look needs a little more description. This denim in particular, as this is the shirt I was kindly given by Chris Millington when I visited Glasgow a few months back to celebrate my first year in the blogging world.

These are the first photographs of me styling the shirt, as its the first time I've got around to wearing it, sorry Chris! It did however look as cool as I thought it would on, saying that, maybe not as good as when Chris wore it but hey, it's all about making it work for you! This dark denim button up shirt is from The Kooples, it features a unique small stud detailing around the collar and shoulder, which I bloody love!

I styled this outfit up taking inspiration from Chris, trying my best to channel that western vibe. I chose to layer a brown suede jacket on top of the dark denim shirt, which I think worked perfectly, alongside a grey t-shirt and bandanna tied around my neck for that laid and slight cowboy look.

It wouldn't be an outfit of mine if I didn't include my hat, I think the hat complements the outfit and adds to that cowboy-esque theme. I don't normally wear denim shirts, I think I only own one other in my wardrobe, but after wearing this and styling it my own way, I may have to wear them a little more.

Shirt: The Kooples, T-shirt: All Saints, Jacket: Topman (James Bay Collection) Jeans: All Saints, Bandanna: The Kooples, Sunglasses: Gucci, Hat: Driza-Bone

Photographs by Rags Renewal


Happy Sunday guys, tonight's post is all about where I write my blog posts. This usually takes place in my bedroom, however, if things aren't working out, I'll sometimes head out and sit in more inspiring surroundings. If I'm lucky, I'll organise, write and get my photographs on my two days off, if all goes well, this is at the beginning of the week. I also record and edit my YouTube videos in my room too, so my two days off, aren't really relaxing ones! I'm constantly thinking of new ideas for my blog, as that part of me never really switches off, but I love it.

I'm lucky enough to have a handful of really good coffee shops on my door step here in the Northern Quarter, with Fig & Sparrow literally downstairs and Foundation Coffee only a short walk away, I really am spoilt for choice if I want a caffeine fix. I feel like there's no better place to be inspired then sitting in a relaxing environment, sipping a coffee watching the world go by.

I shot these images in Foundation as this particular café has one super cool Instagramable interior. Walking here on my afternoon off is one of my favourite things to do, grab a table, sit down, open my laptop and start writing a post is something I actually really look forward too! Especially when there's a nice green tea or hot chocolate by my side as I watch the busy world pass by the window.

Recently its become a little tradition to head here after a shoot, which is awesome as myself and blogger pal Rags can sit, grab a drink and filter through our best photographs. This is a great way to work together, as you are able to view and 'favourite' the photos you want to feature, and start thinking about and plan an exciting post. We have the blogging game down, as I always say, if you're reading this and think its a good idea, come along and join! Just give me a shout!

As I've already mentioned Foundation Coffee's sweet interior, you really can't not shoot the obligatory 'look I'm in Foundation Coffee' shot in one of their bathrooms. You've probably seen this a thousand times and even the odd one or two on my Instagram feed, but, everyone does it! Hey, why not, it always makes for a cool photograph agreed?

So there you go, that's my blog writing post routine. I just think sitting in a nice environment really helps with creativity and writing, especially when you're stuck or uninspired, it's nice to get out and watch the world go by with a coffee in hand. Where are the places you find inspirational? Let's share those secrets. Check this weeks chatty YouTube video out by clicking the link below.

Photographs Rags Renewal


Evening all, if you've read Sunday's post you'll already have a rough idea of what today's post is all about. As I mentioned in my previous post, I met Georgie and CJ from the Girls Club last Saturday, as the girls were in Manchester over the weekend we met up to shoot some killer content for our personal blogs and for the blog they run together, The Girls Club.

The Girls Club is all about creating, working together and collaborating with new and exciting people, along with brands and other bloggers. The main focus is to inspire and inform others through the content they create. I asked the blogging duo what their aspirations were for The Girls Club, they replied telling me that they wish to continue with their blog, and include a little more photography from their side. Plus shooting with others, interviewing brands, making new content and focusing more on videos. They sure don't want to limit themselves, new and exciting things are coming soon but for now they're still working hard with a new site to be unveiled very soon!

So since you now know the basics, I really should introduce you to the girls, CJ is the girl on left, sporting the incredible leopard print shirt, and Georgie is on the right, with the coolest hair I've ever seen. Right, as you've now been formally introduced, I'll let you in on their idea. The girls requested to wear a few items of Phix clothing, (the brand I work for). They're planning on curating together an outfit post across on their blog, on how girls can pull off and wear clothing designed specifically for men.

As you can see, this is exactly what they did, they both styled the shirts in their own styles and incorporated the shirt into their outfits. I really love how these photographs turned out. I think CJ looks incredibly cool rocking the White Leopard Velvet kaftan and the way Georgie wears The Lonely Hearts Kaftan is straight out of the sixties. The neon pink hair, shirt and pink flared trousers certainly makes for one killer look!

I asked the girls why they choose these specific pieces to style, Georgie said she chose it because it was bright and the shirt practically matched her neon hair and flares, and it also contrasted with CJ's fairly monochrome outfit. She commented on the shirt, mentioning she loves all the variety of colours combined together into one print, and simply loved the retro vibe! As you can see Georgie has gone for a baker boy hat and a brightly coloured look to compliment her personal style. She wears the shirt with confidence and this really comes across in the awesome photographs.

I helped CJ choose her outfit, as I knew she'd look great in a leopard print number, which thankfully was her favourite print to wear. This sure proves that girls can wear guys clothing and smash it whilst doing so! I'd even go as far as saying the shirt looks better on CJ than it did on me (and as you know love my animal print) I think accessories are a big part in making any clothing designed for the opposite sex look good, as it's all down to how you wear it and incorporate it into your look.

CJ had the accessories down, wearing a signature pair of shades and looking like the coolest woman on the earth, she really pulls the animal print off even better than I do. She also wears a super cool fedora, I wonder who she gets it from?

We all worked so well as the ultimate blogging team last weekend, creating some awesome content including taking some  awesome photographs as you can see, I even put together a short film of the day, you can check out in my latest YouTube video. Click below to watch.

You can also find our more about their thoughts on male clothing across on their blog The Girls Club. There's also (I'm told) a post featuring me, which will be online soon. Find The Girls Club on
Instagram by clicking here you can also shop the shirts by visiting Phix Clothing website.

You can find their personal accounts on my blog below or check my Instagram.