I've been wanting to show you this sexy hat ever since it first became mine after I visited Barcelona at the beginning of the summer, now I've finally gotten around in taking some photographs in it and writing this post. May I introduce to you - my personalised fedora hat made by Genis of Why Eye Hats. This has been my summer hat, a change from the norm and a hat I absolutely adore.

Me and my girlfriend Chloe met Genis and a handful of his friends in the city, we explored bars and restaurants and I secured my very own Why Eye Hat. Genis creates a range of his own individual and personal pieces from scratch in the city and I can tell you now they are some of the coolest around. He started as a hobby and now it's growing into a business with some of his hats getting worn around the world.

As you can see my hat is individual to me with my very own pseudonym burnt into the underneath of the large brim. This is my favourite part of my new hat and something which I want to keep forever. Every time I pick the hat up I see the engraving before placing it on my head and I think that's fucking cool.

Genis buys the fabric and shapes it every step of the way until it becomes on of his signature pieces, putting it through the process of drying and wetting the hat until it is the perfect shape, then baking it under the hot Spanish sunshine on his balcony right in the centre of Barcelona.

It's a light stone colour, a lot different to my everyday black fedora, but I love it nevertheless - change is good, right? The hat has a strap front and mountain like shape. All Genis' hats are customised to your preference with a lot of burnt and stained areas and also formed in totally individual ways. No two are the same which is something that I absolutely love.

Hats are hard to find at the best of times, especially those with large brims. I've only found a handful I've liked over the past 4 years and only ever purchased a few. But, if you want to know where to find them, what to look for and how to style them, I strongly recommend checking out my YouTube video where this week I talk all about hats. As you can see this selection of photographs was shot after a long day back at my flat. I've teamed it with a long flowing white shirt featuring a detail collar and some leather pants. I've not worn my leathers for a while now, but after slipping into them last week they're now back at the front of the wardrobe.

As always jewellery played a huge role in this look with my necklaces, bracelets and of course my rings all being worn. I love wearing my entire collection all at one time, especially when wearing a hat - it's an accessory overload and that's just my style!

If you want to check out Why Eye hats, you can click the link below to follow him and his business Instagram. If you want to find out everything about my hat collection, then you've got to check out this weeks YouTube video too!

Instagram - Why Eye Hats

Shot by CJ Carpenter

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Tonight on the blog I have a local leather brand to talk to you about - behold, my new suede jacket! I kindly got gifted this piece from Barney's Originals, who are based right here in the heart of Manchester. The weather has recently taken a turn for the worst and got a lot colder. Where has the British summer gone? Cold, in August?! It's not ideal. So, with the weather not being on my side I had to reach into my wardrobe for a jacket and luckily Barney's came through!

My heart was disappointed when having to dress for the autumn already, but as soon as I put this jacket on I didn't mind as much. This sexy suede is exactly what I've been looking for! It's not an 'out there' jacket, it doesn't scream 'look at me', but when you do take a glance you soon realise it's fucking cool piece. The jacket is very sleek, stylish and understated. It's like a silent assassin, it slowly kills the game.

I rooted for the small and it fits like an absolute dream, the arms and shoulders of the jacket particularly feel like it's been tailored to me. The small collar line is also very cool, nothing fancy but does the job perfectly. The suede the jacket is made from is soft to the touch and smells amazing, I also love how jet black the suede looks, especially contrasting with those brushed YKK zippers.

The other small detail on the jacket that caught my eye is the triangular fastening on the bottom of the jacket that hides the start of the silver metal zipper and the pointed fastening found on the cuffs of the jacket, I love the shape of these fastenings and the attention to detail on the jacket.

Zipped up or down, the jacket looks insane and I just love the simplicity of it. As you can see the jacket looks sweet with a pair of classic black skinnies, but I bought another new piece into this look with a shirt I picked up from work. This Phix Clothing shirt looked awesome under the black suede jacket featuring the strong monotone zebra pattern.

I've never had quilting in any jacket of mine so this was quite a surprise for me, however, I actually think it brings something to the jacket. Firstly, a point of difference and secondly practicality as this jacket will keep you warm on colder days. The inside pockets are also quite handy with one on each side, one with a zip for money essentials and the other left open for more accessible items like your mobile.

I paired the jacket with complementing suede boots from @fromthefirst and my buckle belt which was given to me by the guys at @Savage__offficial. I think this outfit is very cool and one I'll be wearing a lot, when topped with my trusty black fedora I can't go wrong.

Check the jet black suede jacket online by clicking here. Plus click the link below to watch my YouTube video featuring a close up look and try on of my new jacket.

Photographs by CJ Carpenter

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