Evening all, welcome back after a week away from my blog. Seriously though, how is January still not over? I keep on asking myself that exact question over and over again, believe me! It has however, been a very productive month so far, especially over the last week! You may have seen my Instagram last Sunday where instead of a post, I gave you all a sneak peak of what my girlfriend and I have been working on - BOYGIRL. If you did miss it, we're currently in the process of making a photography and videography agency, setting our sights high, because why the hell not! I'll talk a lot more about it soon, but for now here's a sexy little jacket I picked up last week.

As you can imagine, working Monday - Thursday 9-5, trying to organise and plan a new venture plus blogging . . . as well trying my best to fit in the occasional pint in here and there - is quite a task, but this weekend, despite attending a wedding, I promised myself I wasn't going to miss a post. This month I've only picked up two sale items, the first piece was my Zebra Jumper I showed you all a few weeks back and the second one, you've guessed it already, is this killer blazer.

So let's get chatting, what do you all think of it? I know it's a very strong, standout piece, but I know it's going to be a total uber cool addition to my wardrobe. I remember seeing a photograph last year of a guy sporting a white fitted blazer over a leopard print shirt and since seeing that image I've been on the hunt for a similar piece myself. Finally, I have it!

Obviously the coolest part of this blazer has to be the contrasting pointed lapels, this is what makes this tailored piece bang, just look at those sharp angles! The suit jacket reminds me of a Saint Laurent design I saw back in 2015, especially when clashed with an animal print, it just looks drop dead cool. 

Yes, I agree, it maybe more of a summer piece but that's the best bit about the sales, buy now, put in wardrobe, forget about, then rediscover and rock it a few months down the line. Well, that's my plan anyway! I want to wear this in a relaxed, care free, laid back way. As you can see I've paired it with a leopard print shirt here, giving it that rock and roll vibe, but on a summers night, hopefully somewhere hot, even with (do I dare say it) some white skinny jeans to match, this suit jacket will look damn cool.

The best part is, this jacket is now £20, what a bargain! I found this, again, across on Zara's website and just had to buy it there and then. I've linked the suit jacket below so you can head across yourself and check it out. I got the jacket in a 36, it's not as tight on the arms as I'd normally go for however, for £20, the style you can achieve with this blazer is definitely worth it.

Check the jacket out by clicking here.

This weeks YouTube is below, click to check it out and take a closer look at the suit jacket.


Hello, tonight I want to share a brand both Chloe and I decided to go to (without telling one other) for our Christmas presents last year. I guess great minds think alike! Still, I couldn't believe when we both opened our presents, we'd picked something from the exact same brand! How weird is that! Since we both got each other killer accessories from the same brand, that automatically means we had to do a joint shoot - right? Of course it did. The brand I'm talking about tonight is London based Rockins.

Rockins has always been a brand that I've known and loved, but sadly not owned anything from. That's all changed now as Chloe got me this amazing red lip motif bandanna. The brand is all about that rock & roll style with celebrity clients who wear their creations for instance Keith Richards, Kate Moss and Rod Stuart to name a few all have their very own Rockins scarfs. The brand started in 2014 and sky rocketed to fame by their killer range of bullet scarfs (skinny scarfs) which now the brand is recognised for, as well as branching out and creating a lot more vintage inspired pieces!

As you can see their simple bandanna is such a cool and versatile piece, you really can wear it in so many different ways! Their pieces are made from the finest quality materials and feature individual prints including paisley, rock and roll iconography and an eclectic blend of nostalgia and striking graphics.

The collections and prints really do look like something straight out the seventies! Even the way the items are packaged is amazing, my Lip Paisley bandanna came in a vinyl sleeve and Chloes' Stardiags Scarf came all wrapped in an old C.D case with a sweet little Rockins graphic on the front. How cool is that!

I decided to go full on seventies for the shoot, wearing flares and one of Chloe's super cool satin shirts. I agree, it is a big look, but I wanted to create an outfit which reflected Rockins as a brand, as they now make a lot more than just their core range of accessories. This week my YouTube features a look across on their website, where you can see my top picks of what Rockins now create, plus a chatty catch up with your's truly.

If you've not checked out Rockins I totally recommend you go check their killer pieces out across on their website (linked below). Both Chloe's scarf and my bandanna are both made from crepe de chine which is a silk and the quality of the pieces are great! I always wear skinny scarves and bandanna's as I love the added detail they give to a look. Rockins have aced it and are my new favourite brand for accessories. Click the link below to check their website and my YouTube.

Photographs by Holly Elizabeth
Check out more about Rockin's by clicking here.


Alright guys, hope you all had a great weekend! Tonight's post features the first item I've picked up in the January sales. It's this sweet, grey zebra jumper that I am loving. I've been needing more knitwear in my wardrobe for a while now and this on trend yet super cool print jumper was just the piece I've been looking for.

Trying to find a warm yet comfortable jumper that looks cool and obviously fits with my whole style and ensemble is pretty hard to get hold of. However, as soon as I found this in the TRF section of Zara I knew I needed it! The TRF sub-brand of the high street store is actually targeted more to the younger end of their female audience, but as you can see has some serious style when worn by the opposite (and older) sex.

Obviously I paired it with a leather, but I'm not here tonight to talk about that, this post is all about the jumper! The black and grey zebra pattern looks killer as well as looking a lot more expensive than it actually is. I picked up this piece for a steal at £12.99!

The slight downside which I've also mentioned over on my YouTube video is that the sleeves are quite a strange cut. As you can see I've folded and rolled both sleeves to get a length more fitted to my size, as originally they're more of a three quarter length design.

I added a few details to this look including a silver chain on my jeans which I've worn in a few outfits of late but now I'm finding it hard to leave the house without it! I really like this chain and I think you'll be seeing a lot more of them this year. If you haven't got yourself one already, I'd get out there and put yourself one step ahead of the game.

Necklaces also played a sweet little roll in this outfit too, I wore a handful of my newer silver chains, one which I picked up just the other week. I've been wanting to wear this ring for a while but have only just found a chain I like, the other antique and of course the main statement piece, Tant D'Avenir Paris, which was another gift I was lucky enough to get for Christmas. How cool is that hand though!?

Wearing this jumper under a jacket of any kind is the main purpose I bought it, the sleeves are a slight downside but as you can see are fixable when styling the jumper into your outfit. I really like the jumpers style and pattern and wanted to highlight again how items you can pick up from the women side of the store can be easily integrated into your wardrobe and style!

I'd love to know if you've picked up anything killer in the January sales, especially knitwear, a few more pieces are still on my list!

Check the jumper out here - TRF Zara Jumper

Also head across to my YouTube and watch my latest video which features this jumper and my Judd Biker from All Saints!

Cheers and I'll catch you all next week,