Hey guys, happy Sunday! Tonight I have a post which all of you should like, its all about the classic black biker jacket from All Saints.

I picked this biker up a few weeks ago when All Saints were offering a 30% discount on their leathers. I sold two of my older leather jackets and was on the look out for something new. I wanted a style a little more classic this time, a timeless piece, something I could just throw on and feel cool wearing day or night.

The two jackets I sold were also from All Saints, but since they both became less 'trendy', I knew their time was up and I needed to go for a more classic style, rather than a trend piece. As soon as I see a lot of people wearing something or if the item is instantly recognisable, it sort of looses its appeal and I fall out of love with it, that's exactly what happened with my previous two leathers. This is why I decided to swap them both and get a much needed upgrade.

I'd say the Wick Biker is a perfect, timeless piece which will look  better than my other jackets in the years to come. I'm also thinking this is the leather I'm going to accessorise with a couple of very select enamel pins. Maybe not straight away, but in a couple of months time a handful of pins on one of the lapels will look killer, plus make the jacket look more personal to me and my style.

I bought the biker in a size small, they didn't have my size in my local store so I purchased the jacket online. The jacket fits like a dream not to mention smelling amazing. You always know that when your buying an All Saints piece, the quality is going to be spot on and it's no different here - the leather, silver metal zips and dull coloured popper buttons all make the jacket look very classic and reflect the style of the original 60's and 70's biker jackets.

I shot this jacket in front of a very old, white porcelain brick wall. A.S have shot many a campaign over the years with a similar background and every time I see a white brick wall it always reminds me of the classic All Saints aesthetic. I wore the jacket with one of their basic t-shirts underneath as I wanted it to be quite  casual. A plain white tee paired with a black biker will always be effortlessly cool and look rock'n roll no matter what.

Check out the Wick Biker by clicking here.
Sadly the Wick isn't included in the current promotion All Saints are offering. However, if you do like it, I'd wait till Boxing Day where I imagine the jacket will be once again in the sale.

Check out tonight's YouTube where you can see the leather in more detail.



This week on my blog there was meant to be a second part to my Phix post, saying that, it was meant to go on last week! I'll let you into the little fact of why its not gone up yet - the weather. The weather outside (as the song states) is frightful and here in Manchester it's certainly living up to Dean Martin's hit.

I think everyone with a blog is in the same position in the winter, I've heard the people I follow say 'they're going to take photographs when it finally gets light outside' I kid you not, I've not seen the sun in a week and I'm having the exact same problem! I'm writing this post on dark, cold Tuesday night and I can tell you its literally not stopped pouring with rain all day.

This is why I've decided to do the best I can putting other post's on hiatus and sharing this one instead. This post features one of the coolest brands I've discovered in the past year. Yes, that cool! The brand I want to share with you all tonight is called 'Good Morning Keith'.

Again, it's a brand I came across via Instagram. A few of my friends have also done a little work for them, including the super cool Quentin of Tant D'avernir Paris jewellery and the all round legend that is Juan Milan. With me being gifted a few items of my choice a few weeks ago, I consider myself up there with the greats and I wanted to do a damn good job in showing you their pieces in the best way possible!

Their collection is like a time capsule, like the brand has come straight from Carnaby Street in the 70's with its retro feel and vintage styling, as soon as I saw it, I fell a little bit in love or should I say un peu amoureax as this brand is Parisian.

The main theme behind the collection is inspired by the Summer of 1967, which is more known as being 'The Summer Of Love'. When you look at the psychedelic round lettering used on the t-shirts it's like the bands that inspired the times, you really begin to feel where the collection was inspired, created and shaped from.

The brand name was something I did get a little 'ohhhh' moment from. I mean, I sort of knew the Keith part had a nod to the main man himself but I had no idea where the Good Morning part was from, well that's until I did a little research. The Boat That Rocked (one of my personal favourite movies for the enviable wardrobe department) in France for some reason was called Good Morning England, why? I have no idea, but now like me, you probably have had the 'ohhhh' moment of now knowing where the brand got its name.

The coolest part about the business I found out in my research however, is that the owner works alongside their grandmother, who by the way isn't just any 79 year old, she's got one big story to tell. Paulette is still enjoying her passions of music, fashion and sewing, actually hand embroiding the scarfs and bandanna's, each one taking her around three hours to complete, giving every single one a uniqueness and story. Which is pretty much the coolest thing ever, don't you agree?

This is a women who was around to soak up everything the 70's had to offer, living in central Paris at the time spending her evenings rubbing shoulders with such people as Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin and even the late great David Bowie! The more I read about her story the more mind blowing it is, surly no other brand has got someone making their accessories with this many legendary connections!

Anyway getting back to the garments themselves. As you can see I picked one of their super cool retro organic cotton T-shirts along with two of Paulette's signature detail scarfs. You know I'm a fan of a detail scarf, but I think these are the coolest I've ever been lucky enough to wear, not only as I know the story of who they were made by but also how high quality the silk is. Another little secret about the scarfs are that the material is actually bought from the recycled or unused cuts from Parisian fashion houses such as Dior and Saint-Laurent! Can it get much better?

Overall, I absolutely adore the brand and can't wait to see what they do next, which I think might be a selection of killer suits. I really think this is one of the best brands I've discovered this year and couldn't wait any longer to share it all with you! I'd strongly recommend heading across to Good Morning Keith to check out their amazing collection of vintage inspired, quality pieces and to read the full story of 70's icon Paulette, who's story is definitely worth the read!

Thanks for checking in,
till next time,


Hey guys, welcome back to the ol' Sunday night blog, just to warn you it's quite a lengthy one! It's so big in-fact, that I've decided to make it into two-part post. This week I've picked a selection of my favourite pieces from Phix Clothing's AW18 collection, which will feature on here and across on my YouTube over the next two weeks. So, get ready to see some super cool rock 'n' roll style including jackets, detail scarfs and a heavy dose of killer shirting coming your way.

I'll kick things off with a shirt I showed you back in the summer, however, that was a sample and now I have the real thing. This is the Psych Shirt and what a shirt it is. You'll of noticed that this season animal print is everywhere and although Phix doesn't follow trends, the Psych Shirt has clashed with the popular culture and the explosion of animal print on the high street. I've styled this shirt up in many ways across on my Instagram since getting the prototype a few months back, and it honestly never fails to look cool.

The second item I want to show you is The Polka dot Skull Button Shirt. This is made from a material I have a love/hate relationship with - velvet. I've never been a real fan, but in some cases you can't help but love it. Take this one for instance, you can let the velvet slide when it looks this good. I decided to style it with a smart blazer and I think it looked incredible, I love the use of glitter in the polka dots, which makes the shirt actually shine! It's the perfect piece to wear this party season, and one I'll definitely be wearing throughout the up and coming festive weeks.

Another shirt I had to show you all was this one, yet another killer animal print but this time it's snake skin. You see way more leopard and zebra on the market and I always think snake print is quite hard to come by. Not any more, this shirt features an awesome detailed pattern and even features a skull button detail on the buttons. 

Getting onto jackets and since I've just mentioned snakeskin print, we may as well stick with the theme and introduce this beauty, The Python Jacket. This faux leather patterned jacket is very 70's, I can just imagine Keith Richards or Jim Morrison wearing this jacket and looking pretty fucking cool. As you can see I styled the jacket with a pair of vintage shades and a classic western belt to keep things retro and true to the 70's era. 

Last but not least we have the Midnight Leopard, this jacket is by far the one that stands out the most in the collection, but how could it not. This is the signature piece of the collection in my eyes and sums the capsule up perfectly. It's also the item I think looks the best in my look videos I make for the brand, which you can see this by checking out my video at the bottom of this post.

I styled the jacket underneath my biker to give it more versatility. I think it's certainly is more of a night out piece, but as you can see fits well under a leather styled in a more minimal, everyday way. 

You can shop all the pieces here at Phix Clothing. I will also let you into a little secret, every piece I've featured will be on a 20% promotion tomorrow, so if something does take your fancy, maybe wait a little... You can also click below to watch my Phix Haul on YouTube and see the products a little close up and in more detail. If you're wondering about size, then everything I have is a size small. I'm (give or take) 6ft and it all fits me pretty perfectly. So with that, happy shopping!