Hey guys, hope you're all good.

Next month marks a year of my blog, so with that in mind, I thought it would be a cool idea to share a post (every now and again) about some of the tips & tricks I've picked up along the way. Today I want to talk to you all about my YouTube channel. If you've caught the last couple of my YouTube video's you'll know by now I've changed "bases" as it were. This was something that was well overdue and desperately needed to be done. Why? I hear you ask.

Well, if you're interested in setting up your own channel or want to know about some of the valuable tips I've learnt over the past 11 months, I thought it would be a good idea to share them in a post.

I'll start with "set-up" no matter what you record on at this point, where you film is key. I used to film all my videos in my conservatory, AKA the WORST PLACE I could ever have started. 
This was because things always changed, there was never a constant. An hour or so filming in there depended on the cloud, rain, wind, sun all playing to my favour, not to mention the odd noisy neighbour mowing the lawn. Did he not realise I was trying to film a YouTube video?

There was never a time when everything was perfect. I tried my best but at the end of the day this showed in my videos and that's why the move had to be done. It's a lesson I learnt the hard way, but I can now tell you, whatever you do don't choose to film in a room with constantly changing light or one that is noisy!

You may know I started filming with a Go-Pro, this was okay while I was finding my feet, but I saw such a huge difference as soon as I stepped up and bought myself a proper camera. I could instantly tell the difference in both picture and sound quality, I'm sure you guys could tell too? Yes, the Go-Pro put in a good show but now I only use it to vlog. It's small and compact, easy to carry around, so it's pretty much perfect for that kinda thing. My camera, however, is now my number one. My YouTube and blog photographs wouldn't look the same without it, I can highly recommend getting a camera you can trust to do the job right.

A tripod is next on the list, I've always been lucky enough to have a tripod, so I didn't have to use something in its place (a stack of random objects) or actually go out there and buy one. A tripod is great to give you the perfect angle, height and position to film all your videos or even to get photographs. A must-have item if you're thinking about starting your own channel.

Background, now this is something I always thought mattered, and still do. I think having a cool background to present whatever you may be talking about has to be high on your list. My set-up has been the same since day one, a cool poster, a pair of vintage ladders to display or hang items, my American flag and a chair is centre stage. Plus the odd plant for some much-needed greenery and life. I love my set-up and it works perfectly for me.

Finally, my newest addition, which has made the world of difference - lighting. Finally lighting! The reason I moved in the first place. Now I've sort of took over the dining room, but this is by far the best place in the house. There's enough natural light coming through the doors plus I can now control the light with my two new diffusers. The light now works with me, not against me. My lights were £60 which I bought from eBay.

It's also all in the edit, I use my Mac which I bought especially for my work last year and is so bloody good! I wouldn't know where I'd be without it! I use my Mac every day from editing pictures to writing my posts plus editing my videos on iMovie. It always gives me exactly what I want, as well as being super easy to work with.

I hope I've given you some good tips on how to set up a YouTube of your own, the first video is the hardest believe me, but once you've got that out the way, the only way is up! I plan to make a YouTube video of everything I've spoken about today and more to celebrate my year of blogging in February.

Catch my first YouTube video of the year plus two more below.


Hey guys, today is a very special day for me and my blog as we've reached another milestone! 100 posts! Wow. I can tell you I'm pretty proud of myself! I never thought I'd be consistent enough to stick with it and hit 100 posts, however, I have and I've loved every bloody second of it!

Today I want to look back on some of my favourite shoots, styles and items that I've featured in the past hundred posts on my blog. So, let's go! I'll kick things off with my love affair with animal print shirts, my favourite pattern being a wild leopard print.

By now you'll all know it's a style that features a lot on my blog, whether that pattern being printed on jackets, jumpers and as you can see shirts. There's nothing cooler in my opinion than a leopard print shirt or in fact, any animal print paired with a black leather biker jacket. I feel like an animal print brings that touch of rock and roll and attitude to any outfit and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Next up is one of my favourite locations I shot at last year. This was at the old deserted entrance to the shipyards, close to where I live. This is where I shot the Domino shirt from All Saints. The last shot you see above is probably up there with my favourite photograph of last year. I just love the setup, it makes the shirt look even more awesome.

The burnt out, scarred room where this photograph was taken looks like somewhere All Saints, themselves would shoot at, the discarded sofa in the middle of the room looks super cool with me perched on one of the arms. I love featuring photographs with an interesting background, rather than just your plain old white wall.

James Bay X Topman, a collection that had my name written all over it! I love James' music and style, I would definitely class him as one of my fashion inspirations, so when he launched his collection for Topman I knew I just had to get something.

This is one of my top items I picked up last year, I love the jacket and western styling, it was the item I wanted the most from the capsule and the one I luckily got my hands on. It's a tan brown suede jacket with simple zip up front. This is the jacket James wore to the launch of his collection I just hope I pull it off as well as he did!

Something I want to do more of this year is to collaborate and work with creatives and photographers. My camera is awesome and that's what I mostly use to capture my blog photos, however, nothing beats a quality image you get from working with a professional photographer. This shot I got back from my mate Adam after shooting some items back in November.

The Kooples leather jacket, I'm now super lucky to own a handful of their incredible jackets but in my personal opinion, nothing beats a statement black leather biker. This is one I picked up last year in the sale, it wasn't the best bargain I've ever come by as it still set me back £300, however, I was drunk at the time of buying, so it sort of didn't hurt me as much as I thought it would. The next morning maybe a little more still, I don't regret a thing, as this biker is one cool item which I know will last me years.

Finally, we have my short(er) hair, the only major change to my style over the past 11 months. I know it's still (long) but for me, this was quite a change. Looking back on it now, I wish I'd taken this step before I actually did. My hair in some photographs was a little too long!

These images are awesome to look back at, and these past 10 months have been an utter blast! Expect the same again every Wednesday and Sunday this year. You can see all these photographs across on my YouTube channel as I describe the locations, styles and favourite items over my past 100 posts in more detail. Think of it like directors commentary. Click below to watch my video.

Thank you all for sticking with me,


We all like to smell good, but what to choose? I've had one steady favourite aftershave for the past two years or so, but I've recently found a new number one. My go-to scent, since its release date, back in 2015 has been Sauvage by Dior.

We've all seen the adverts starring Johnny Depp, as he drives out of LA at dusk in a black Dodge Challenger. Driving into the dusty Mojave to bury his rings and jewellery out in the desert. I've always been a fan of this advert and campaign, it's just a super cool short film, not to mention Johnny looks bloody cool on all the posters!

I love the smell of this Dior aftershave, I think it has a very masculine smell when first sprayed, very sharp and spicy but then as it warms into your skin, it mellows and morphs from one fragrance to another. Basically it get even better after five minutes!

The smallest bottle you can pick up is a (60ml) which costs £52 at Debenhams. The bigger the bottle, the bigger the price tag, the largest bottle is (200ml) and will set you back £105 from the Perfume Shop. I dont know if it's just me but the bottle has a very satisfying magnetic top which snaps back into place after use.

Prada 'Luna Rossa' is another loved fragrance in my collection, I don't use it as much as Sauvage however, it's always a welcome change. I heard someone say the other day "When you find an aftershave you can't smell on yourself but others can, you've found the perfect match for you."

This aftershave has a very continental scent to it, when I wear Luna Rossa, I'm always reminded of warm night on holiday. You know, after you've showered all that sand off, put on a crisp white shirt to complement that new tan of your's, styled your hair and dressed up for a night out. Prada Luna Rossa Eau De Toilette (50ml bottle) from £41.45 which is the cheapest I could find at Feel Unique to £83 for a (150ml) at Debenhams.

My new favourite however, has to be the bottle I was bought for Christmas, Gucci Guilty. I came by the fragrance while out shopping, I'm not normally that person to cover myself in testers but the bottle caught my attention as I walked past, so a sly little spray to find out what it smelt like just had to be done.

I'm so glad I stopped, as this aftershave smells amazing! It's by far the freshest of the bunch I've featured, the floral, fresh, zesty scent comes through as soon as you spray it. It doesn't smell as spicy as the others and this particular aftershave is a lot more floral, not your stereotypical mens aftershave, but a breath of fresh air.

Gucci Guilty has a burst of citrus with sweet side notes of lavender, I'm a huge fan, it really is one of the memorable scents I've come by in a long time! It's not just me who's noticed this new fragrance by Gucci, I've also had a lot of complements whilst wearing it. Rule 1. If the girls like it, its always a winner for me!

You can find this on Gucci's website for £49 (50ml) or for the same price you can get the gift set like mine again from Debenhams which includes both shower gel and shave balm, no brainer there!

What are your go-to aftershaves or favourite scents? I'd love to know?


Hey, how're you all doing? Since my YouTube today features a few of my favourite things I was lucky to get for Christmas, I thought I'd write a little about each item on here too.

I'll start off with this fun cherry motif shirt from All Saints. I first spotted this shirt when I saw Noel Gallagher wearing it, in one of his music videos, I knew I'd seen it before, but I couldn't put my finger on it, that's until I stumbled upon the shirt in All Saints.

I really like the print, it's a total change from my usual taste and the shirts I already own in my wardrobe. I know this shirt is going to look awesome in the summer! I have, however, styled it up (as its January out there) with a white denim to show you what it looks like on, and yes, I was bloody freezing!

Next up is the scarf I finally managed to get my hands on from Zara. This was the scarf I talked about over on my YouTube channel when Zara featured it in their 'Roll With It' campaign. It turned out it wasn't from the campaign at all, but had been added into one of the looks as it looked very rock 'n' roll and fitted with the capsule. As you can see, it does just that!

This scarf is made from a heavy silver chainmail metal, with one shiny surface and one dark, I absolutely love it! It's just so different from your normal cotton or knitted scarf, I think it will add a cool edge to any outfit and look very rockstar. The main reason I wanted to find a scarf like this is because I saw Keith Richards sporting a very similar one when I went to see The Stones in Amsterdam.

I thought it looked so bloody cool on him, I just had to find a similar one for myself! Mr Richards is one of my biggest muses, I love picking items out from his style and incorporating them into mine. I've always said to myself, if I look half as cool as Keith when I'm in my 70's, I'll count myself very lucky!

The Great Frog Skull Ring. This was something I certainly didn't expect to find in the stocking! But surprises are the best, right? I was super lucky to get my first TGF ring, I'm now officially one of the gang! (Finally!) My parents bought the ring in a standard/medium size from their website, with the intention of getting it resized to one of my fingers. This, however, turned out to be the perfect size for one of my fingers so there was no need getting it resized.

A lot of people ask me where my rings are from and even some of you thought some of my rings were already from there, but this double skull ring is, in fact, my first. I'm not going to write about it in depth as I want to dedicate a whole post about The Great Frog later in the month. Cough . . . I may have bought another.

Last but not least, may I introduce to you my uber-cool suede leather biker. This again is an item I'm not going to talk about as I've already featured it on here, but as it's my favourite present of the bunch, I sort of had to! If you do want to read more about it, you can look at my post all about it here - The Biker Jacket To End All Biker Jackets.

This jacket was absolute hell to track down, but I can assure you, I have definitely learnt my lesson! The Kooples is a brand that always stock the coolest leathers around, so if you're in the market for a new killer jacket, look no further than their website.
Click here to shop their range of latest leathers.

If you've not watched my YouTube yet, you can check it out below, it's yet another chatty addition explaining my four favourite Christmas presents, plus the links to find them (or similar items) for yourself. Check it out and don't forget to subscribe if you're new.