Hello and welcome back, you missed me much? It's been a while since I checked in with you all. I seem to have put the blog on the back burner the last few months but you know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that! Anyway, I'm back, I'm good and I've got this this epic red, suede trucker jacket to show you all.

This is the 'Good Times' jacket from Joe Browns and what a banger it is. It's gone straight in there as one of my favourite jackets in my wardrobe and definitely one of the heaviest! The suede is like nothing I've felt before, the thickness, the weight, the style, I love it! Everything from its big, rounded chunky buttons to that rich smell of that beautiful burnt red leather suede, oh baby!

I styled this trucker jacket up in my classic - what would a seventies cowboy wear? Red neck tie check, the signature hat, check, blue denim flares, that's what I'm talking about, we're looking good! I am experimenting with a lot more colour these days, I mean a blue flared jean a few years ago was an instant no, but now, blue denim, green velvet and my most recent orange flares are a go, go, go!

You can view the jacket here across on Joe Browns website, you may notice the all round legend Bill Huxly sporting the 'Good Times' jacket online, that's what persuaded me to go for the piece so I hope I've done the big man justice.

You can also check out my YouTube channel where we have an epic closer look at the jacket from JB plus an all round catch up as well as looking back at a handful of my favourite films I've created over the past few months.

As always cheers for reading,