Hey guys, welcome back to the ol' Sunday night blog, just to warn you it's quite a lengthy one! It's so big in-fact, that I've decided to make it into two-part post. This week I've picked a selection of my favourite pieces from Phix Clothing's AW18 collection, which will feature on here and across on my YouTube over the next two weeks. So, get ready to see some super cool rock 'n' roll style including jackets, detail scarfs and a heavy dose of killer shirting coming your way.

I'll kick things off with a shirt I showed you back in the summer, however, that was a sample and now I have the real thing. This is the Psych Shirt and what a shirt it is. You'll of noticed that this season animal print is everywhere and although Phix doesn't follow trends, the Psych Shirt has clashed with the popular culture and the explosion of animal print on the high street. I've styled this shirt up in many ways across on my Instagram since getting the prototype a few months back, and it honestly never fails to look cool.

The second item I want to show you is The Polka dot Skull Button Shirt. This is made from a material I have a love/hate relationship with - velvet. I've never been a real fan, but in some cases you can't help but love it. Take this one for instance, you can let the velvet slide when it looks this good. I decided to style it with a smart blazer and I think it looked incredible, I love the use of glitter in the polka dots, which makes the shirt actually shine! It's the perfect piece to wear this party season, and one I'll definitely be wearing throughout the up and coming festive weeks.

Another shirt I had to show you all was this one, yet another killer animal print but this time it's snake skin. You see way more leopard and zebra on the market and I always think snake print is quite hard to come by. Not any more, this shirt features an awesome detailed pattern and even features a skull button detail on the buttons. 

Getting onto jackets and since I've just mentioned snakeskin print, we may as well stick with the theme and introduce this beauty, The Python Jacket. This faux leather patterned jacket is very 70's, I can just imagine Keith Richards or Jim Morrison wearing this jacket and looking pretty fucking cool. As you can see I styled the jacket with a pair of vintage shades and a classic western belt to keep things retro and true to the 70's era. 

Last but not least we have the Midnight Leopard, this jacket is by far the one that stands out the most in the collection, but how could it not. This is the signature piece of the collection in my eyes and sums the capsule up perfectly. It's also the item I think looks the best in my look videos I make for the brand, which you can see this by checking out my video at the bottom of this post.

I styled the jacket underneath my biker to give it more versatility. I think it's certainly is more of a night out piece, but as you can see fits well under a leather styled in a more minimal, everyday way. 

You can shop all the pieces here at Phix Clothing. I will also let you into a little secret, every piece I've featured will be on a 20% promotion tomorrow, so if something does take your fancy, maybe wait a little... You can also click below to watch my Phix Haul on YouTube and see the products a little close up and in more detail. If you're wondering about size, then everything I have is a size small. I'm (give or take) 6ft and it all fits me pretty perfectly. So with that, happy shopping!



Hey Guys, welcome back to another Sunday night. You join me tonight for a small but perfectly formed (if I do say so myself) post. I've spent the last few days back home and in Newcastle, where I've chilled out for a day or so visiting family. However, since it is Sunday and Sunday's after all are blog day, here's a little post to see you through. Tonight, I want to feature a very cool and new T-shirt brand called Electric Eye Apparel, which gifted me this t-shirt earlier on this week.

I came across Electric Eye on Instagram where the page posts some killer vintage pictures of musical icons, film and fashion, alongside some of the coolest rock n' roll images of all time. You really get a good feel for what everything E.E.A are about and what they aspire to be just by looking on their uber cool Insta feed.

Electric Eye Apparel are a t-shirt brand which takes inspiration from the rock and roll vintage aesthetic and channels that into their new range of custom organic cotton T-shirts. They offer a range of embroidered tee's with slogans such as song titles or prominent modern day muses emblazoned in a italic hand written style font. 

E.E.A describe the T-shirt as "a simple yet essential piece of clothing" which I fully agree with, when you find the perfect tee, it makes you feel pretty bloody good and as you can see looks very cool too. They also offer a personalised customisation, meaning you can create your very own individual quote (if cool enough of course)! Is it a little too early to ask for The Unidentified Rocker?...

I've not worn a round neck t-shirt in a long time as the more relaxed necklines are more my game. Nevertheless, every so often I do like to give things a go, so I've styled my "It's only rock & roll" tee with my staple leather jacket on my (also new) retro zebra print carpet. It's from Ikea and you need one too, okay!?

E.E.A are a brand that put the environment first, which so important in the times we live in and something more brands need to prioritise. E.E.A advocate slow fashion only using organically grown cotton as well and urging customers to recycle their environmentally friendly, card packaging.

I love the vibe the brand is recreating and I adore how effortlessly cool their t-shirts look when styled into any outfit. To check Electric Eye Apparel out and bag your very own super cool tee, check below.

Visit there Instagram by clicking here & website by clicking here


Hey guys, hope you've had a good weekend. It seems like the sales have started early, with nearly every high street shop and online store offering some kind of discount or promotion. For a savvy shopper like me, its a pretty good time to pick up a sweet bargain, cue killer tiger print shirt.

Sales are always a good time to grab yourself a statement piece for a whole lot less, however, I've always thought girls get a way better deal when it comes to the sales than the guys, am I right? Womenswear always seems to be a whole lot cheaper, meaning girls can get a whole lot more for a whole lot less, when it comes to clothing. That's why this week I've picked out this shirt. It's from a womenswear brand I'm sure you've all heard of and that's now actually based here in Manchester - Nasty Gal.

I bought this shirt because of its amazing animal print motif and to highlight the fact guys can wear (certain) pieces of womenswear to achieve the same overall look and style for a lot less cash. I mean, if I were to buy a shirt similar to this from a brand such as The Kooples, it would set me back around £120, this shirt which I picked up last weekend in Nasty Gals 50% off sale, cost me 10X less - coming in at just £12!

It was an easy decision to make, I bought it straight away, I do not believe in fast fashion. I know this piece was incredibly cheap but my plan was not simply to wear it once then throw it aside. I intend to treat this shirt with the same respect and care I would an expensive designer brand. 

Buying unisex items and styling them into my own look is something I've always done and find myself doing more frequently. I think styling is key when it comes to buying items designed for women but when worn in the right way and done in a manner that looks cool and confident, no one can tell you it's wrong. My thoughts on it, if it looks good when you wear it and you feel confident doing so, then bloody go out there and rock it. After all that's fashion and the coolest people I know wear their clothing in there own individual way, gender rules broken.

To shop the shirt which is still on sale click here. I bought the shirt in a size medium, to be honest it's a tiny bit too tight, I'm 6ft and I normally go for a small. I would say whichever size you are, go two above to be safe. You can also watch my YouTube video below where I describe this shirt in more detail and check in for a much needed catch up.