Evening guys, hope you're all well! I've been super excited to share the campaign I shot for Clocks & Colours for a few weeks now, finally I can tell you guys all about it! If you've seen the film and photographs across on my instagram, here's the blog post all about it! I shot this in London last month and wanted to make the shoot the coolest possible, I mean, how could that not be achieved when you have Joshua & Bill modelling in front of the camera.

After reaching out to the boys and working out a time and a place, they were on board with the idea. When I say idea, there wasn't much of an idea until a couple of nights before the shoot, but that's pretty much how I roll! I like to have a rough plan, don't get me wrong, but nothing set in stone, I just like to go with the flow, see what happens on the day. If luck is on my side, which when shooting video it always is, everything always turns out sweet! The only thing I knew for certain, was that I wanted this campaign to be called 'The Ride'.

Both Joshua & Bill love their bikes and the culture that goes along with it. With that in mind, I thought if I incorporated the bikes within the film, as well as the jewellery from Clocks & Colours, I'd be onto a winner. The only thing out of my control was the weather, plus passing by a cool, laid back taxi driver who would get the concept and do all the overtaking and hanging back manoeuvres, chasing the two bikes around the streets of London, (big ask) to get some killer footage for the campaign.

Thankfully as you can see the weather was perfect, just what I like for filming - grey, dry and no wind! It's a lot harder than you'd think to get all those perfect, especially in London in March, the only other variable was the taxi driver, and guessing that by now you've seen the video, you'll know I found an absolute legend behind the wheel! Cheers to Tee (doubt you'd be reading this pal), nevertheless, full blown legend, it has to be said!

It was a pleasure filming Joshua and Bill, the jewellery, bikes and shots in the cab just filmed themselves, I knew the edit would be difficult, as there was so much awesome footage recorded on the day. I'd met and filmed Joshua briefly last summer in London, when it was ridiculously hot, but never before met or filmed Bill. He's a character I've wanted to meet, knowing him only though instagram, following his modelling career and style, so it was killer having him on the shoot. Again, I have to say the man's a legend!

I had to take a handful of photographs as well as the film for the brand, I mean photography isn't my forte, given. Not that I can't take a killer photo, but I just know there are way better people out there, but I still think mine did the job.

My talent lies in the videography and I'm not a fan of swapping between the two, but personally I think I smashed both. Yeah, I'm actually that big headed, but sometimes with your own work you have to be! I do also have to say a huge thanks to my girlfriend Louisa, you always need an extra pair of hands on a big shoot, to sort everything, make sure everything is always looking cool and the way it should, rings facing the right way, and general help and also to tell you you're not filming when you should be, my bad! You were the best and you smashed it babe!

Overall, I think I completely hit the brief from Clocks & Colours and I'm super proud of the end result I produced. I had a sweet month last month working on two big  projects. I know after lockdown lifts I'll be busy with plenty more. If you're reading this and want a video, I've just updated my showreel, head back to the top of this page, hit hire/film and let's get talking. Big shout out to @louisandtheshakes for the killer tune to go alongside the film too!

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Evening guys, we have ourselves a Wednesday night post, we've not had one of them in a while! It also feels like we need a catch up! I've been busy, actually busy! Yeah, I took six weeks off to spice up another boring, depressing, monotonous lockdown but I'm now back and feeling great! I also feel super lucky and grateful to have took that time away, so big shout to everyone and the universe for lining that up for me. New surroundings, a fresh, clear mind, the best company, plus lots of country walks, cooking . . and a little bit too much alcohol is just what the doctor ordered and exactly what I needed!

Basically the past few months have been a blast, when you're in a better mood you really do manifest more and more, when you raise your vibration you attract bigger and better opportunities and forces into your life, I fully believe that! You become magnetic to positive vibrations and that's the way I'm keeping it from here on out! After been in Hexham only a few weeks I found myself getting a handful of  projects come in, as well as keeping myself entertained by selling my vintage items and a lot of boots!

I can't wait to share some of the projects I've been lucky enough to plan, and execute over the last few months, especially the film and series of photographs I have shot in London for jewellery brand Clocks & Colours, it's fucking cool one, so keep your eyes peeled for that one, they'll be a blog post all about it I'm sure! What's also been amazing is seeing you guys wearing my vintage picks, I've seen how you guys have rocked and styled all the pieces I've sold, you guys look super cool! I just can't wait to get back out there to buy more vintage, I've missed shopping and thrifting so much! I'm planning on curating another collection, full of killer looks for that summer sunshine, ready to rock n' roll!

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Sending those positive vibrations and energy your way


Evening guys, tonight I want to talk to you about something very close to my heart - jewellery. In my eyes there's only one brand for any new, modern additions to my hands & wrists, that brand being Tant D'avenir Paris. This evening I'm going to give you a small glimpse of the two new additions I have in my ever growing collection.

I've featured my two new pieces heavily on YouTube (strap yourself in for a twenty minute video) so, if you want to know everything about the brand, to see my two new pieces in detail, plus a whole lot more chat, including the main man behind Tant D'avenir Paris, you may find it a lot easier just scrolling past all this jargon, clicking the link to my YouTube at the bottom of this post, sitting back, getting comfortable and pouring yourself a beer - that sounds like more of a plan to me!

Tant D'avenir Paris is my favourite brand to go to for my modern jewels, it's solely unique, uber cool and unrivalled when it comes to quality. Of course there's an added touch of rock n' roll magic when it comes to the Parisian brand too, all culminating in a highly polished, killer cool, independent brand offering a wide selection of high end jewellery. In my opinion - you really can't get any better than Tant D'avenir Paris.

Quentin, the man behind the jewellery is an equally cool character, he just envelopes his brand, TDP in his persona, his jewels are a product of his inspiration from Greek mythology and other ancient civilisations as well as what his crazy imagination thinks up and designs. Quentin's whole look is a complete reflection of his jewellery, I always think when someone owns and rocks a strong, independent look & style, those same two qualities will flow and will be found in every aspect of their lives, that's exactly what you get when it comes to Quentin. His look, his shop, his jewels even his home decor all reflect and sum up who he is as a person and that's what you buy into, a cool character with an epic story to tell, handcrafting, amazing pieces from his studio in the centre of Paris! You can read my post about when I visited Quentin's store a few years back in Paris here.

Check out my double Mousqueton bracelet across on TDP here, this now has to be one of my favourite pieces of jewellery, not only because Mr Keith Richards has one very similar, but because it looks damn right fucking cool on! You can also check my newest ring out - Blood Prince. These two amazing pieces are just a taste of what Quentin and TDP create, there's plenty more amazing jewels across on his website, if you do anything today head across and check Tant D'avenir Paris out for yourself! You really won't regret it!

You can find the link to Tant D'avenir underneath my YouTube.

Tant D'avenir Paris

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Evening guys, I hope you've all had a sweet weekend! Tonight we're chatting about this very smart, subtle and clean cut All Saints coat I picked up ages ago, last summer in-fact in the end of season sale. I started to draft this blog a few weeks back and I originally wrote - 'I doubt you'd be able to find this piece anymore', however, since then All Saints are in the middle of an epic sale! Bringing a handful of pieces back from previous collections summer and winter 19/20, offering a huge 70% off in their outlet sale. Guess what, yeah you're right, this coat is back too!

I think I originally ordered this coat back in August/September, it was then put away for me as a gift till Christmas. Big tip right there, to pick up a bargain, always buy out of season. Who wants a coat in August? Me, it's the perfect time to buy! The previous sentence once again was written in my draft, saying that I'd normally stick by that rule, always buy out of season when the demand is low, to put the item away for later on in the year. However, with this coat being in the current sale, at an even better price than when I ordered (DAMN) now is an even better time to pick up a killer coat to add to your collection. You'll have to be quick though, as All Saints 70% outlet sale ends this evening at 12PM. Tense!

I've been checking in on this coat (plus the navy option) this week, sometimes visiting the page with all sizes sold out, every now and again though, finding sizes just appearing, so if you do like it, don't be disheartened if your size isn't there right now, maybe keep checking back, just incase you're lucky!

I just adore this coat, I've not had any clothing box fresh for a long time, I do prefer vintage as its a lot more unique, its always good shaking things up every now and again and order something new. This, like many All Saints coats is very stylised, angular, tailored and clean cut, its a style I find myself going back to time and again, it's just very smart, very classic and wearing something so new and clean, does give you a good feeling and I hope you agree when I say looks cool too.

I didn't look at the All Saints sale before writing this as I've mentioned but neither did I look before recording my YouTube this week either, you wouldn't think I've had my blog for over three years now! It's not my fault, I didn't check it out as I didn't want to buy anything else (he's trying to save over here!) I have however, added a few useful links to this weeks YouTube, but still worth a watch, as always! Click below to see a little more of the coat itself in detail, as well as catching up with all things or shall I say none of the things of living in lockdown.

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