This weekend two years ago, I shared my very first post with you all and ever since then I've managed to keep it up week in week out, as well as having an absolute blast along the way. My blog is something I'm very proud of and absolutely love creating every single week. Over the past two years my blog has given me so many amazing opportunities and hopefully there's plenty more to come! This post is very significant to me not only because of my blog being two years old, but proving to me that hard work really does pay off.

I've learnt so much and been on quite a journey since my very first post back in 2017, however, there has been one constant, that's stayed the same throughout that time, something I think is key to my personality - that's my style. Over this time I like to think I've refined my look, lost the things that weren't working and made the things that did, a whole lot better. Take jewellery for instance, I've always had a strict colour scheme I've stuck to with my jewels and now only go to certain brands when buying those very special investment pieces. I've lost the tacky pieces and have curated my collection to perfection.

You'll all have seen the hair evolution too, from very long, to where it is today. When I look back now, I think to myself why on earth did I let my hair grow to such a length? Another aspect I have fixed recently, I think for the better. 

Another love, and the object everyone see's first when clicking onto my blog, is my logo. More particularly my hat. This hat has become my best friend, my signature piece. If I go out and don't get asked about my hat, the outfit in my opinion is a let down! The hat makes my look, it makes my outfits, it's the piece I'm known for and now two years down the line still does exactly that.

I've always been very creative when it comes to my blog, recently I've harnessed this energy and branched out to all aspects of my personal work which has lead me down new routes and ventures. 
As you might know I'm in the process of (still) 'it's hard right' setting up a small business with my girlfriend, which I promise will be launching soon. It feels to me like at the age of 27,  I now know for definite what I want to spend my time doing and I'm trying my best to master and make a living out of, and that is videography.

Instagram is huge business now, if you like that fact or not, it's the truth. Lots of people make a lot of cash for in my opinion some pretty shit content. That's what annoys me. Our business BoyGirl wants to change all that by giving bloggers and brands quality personalised videos and photography. Creating video's with style and substance, which pack a punch and ooze cool, photographs which tell a story and capture a moment in time. That's what I want our brand to define and that's what we will make it.

I've made a lot of really good friends through my blog and even Instagram, the people I choose to follow, inspire me every day and make me strive for even half of the success they have. Never mind all the bad press Instagram gets, at the end of the day, as a tool for inspiration and making friends, connecting people around the world, you can't beat it. Anyway, I've not told you all why I've chosen this particular outfit. This has been a look I've been wanting to sport for a while now. I wanted something fucking cool to post as my two year anniversary and think I've nailed it, even with a vest top!

A classic white vest and trousers highlight the personal style and accessories I possess. My hair, the trusty hat, the rings and my necklaces represent an evolution of my style and something that makes me, me! Being different is the best, not blending in with the crowd and doing what you want to do is something I couldn't stress enough. Here's to the the next two years!

What a journey it's been, I can't wait to see where my blog and, fingers crossed, BoyGirl takes me next. A big thanks to you all, those who are new and those who have been reading since the start, I really appreciate it, you absolute legends.



Evening guys, how are you all tonight? This fine Sunday I've got a more smarter, non black outfit to show you all. A lot of brands have now released some of their SS19 collections and one (or should I say two) piece from The Kooples took my eye. It was this amazing brown suit and trousers combo pictured below.

The Kooples SS19 suit
You know I love The Kooples, but parting with £630 was something I couldn't justify, as well as not being able to afford. Don't get me wrong, it looks amazing and the materials The Kooples use are always the best quality, but I had to pass this time. I don't normally shop full price, I always try to wait off until the sales start, that's where I pick up a lot of my pieces. In this case, I've gone out there to try and replicate their classic style.

A new suit has been in the back of my mind for a while now, every time I do a spot of internet shopping, I always have a quick scan at the suit section. My search wasn't going so well, right up until I found this beauty - I couldn't believe my luck! I somehow came across virtually the exact suit The Kooples had on their website for a whole lot less!

The suit I found was also styled in a similar way to how The Kooples did it. A classic white crew-neck worn underneath the blazer to give a more relaxed, low key look. The downside to both suits was that they both coupled it with a pair of white chunky "in trend" trainers... No thanks! I took the inspiration of the white tee but obviously changed the chunky trainers for a trusty black boot.

I've not told you all where I found this killer suit or in-fact how much it was, so lets cut to the chase. I came across the suit on Asos and get this, it was a snip of The Kooples price at £150 for both the trousers and the blazer.

The suit is made by a Swedish brand called Nöak and I personally think it looks epic. I bought the blazer in a 36'' chest, as I like the tailored and fitted look, and the trousers were a 28''-30''. I went down the very minimal route with my jewellery this time, only wearing a single statement piece from my favourite brand Tant D'Avenir Paris.

All the links to the suits are below, as is this weeks YouTube video where I show you the suit in detail. I'd love to know your opinions on the suit, so either comment below or across on my YouTube channel. As this time, I think high street has pulled it out the bag.

Watch my YouTube by clicking below.

Click here to check the Asos (Noak) suit out.
Click here to see The Kooples.



Well, after six months of moving in I've finally got around to showing you all my (not so new) flat. So, here it is in all it's glory! To be honest with you, its only just over the last couple of months I've managed to put my own little mark on things, as when I first moved in my room didn't really have that much personality at all.

This post has come at a good time as this week in Manchester, like pretty much the rest of the country, its been freezing cold and snowing. As you can probably imagine, freezing my arse off outside taking photographs wasn't the top of my to-do list, cue a toasty shoot inside, listening to some old vinyl in my bedroom. That's a way better option, right?!

If you can remember back to my first room post, where I was bang centre of the Northern Quarter, I've happily only moved around the corner from flat number one. I remember back in the summer, I carried all my possessions and plants around to my new flat, granted it took about sixteen trips, but after that, I was in!

I know this flat doesn't have an old, cool, exposed brick wall but nevertheless, I think it looks pretty damn cool. The vinyl player and speaker system is rightfully central in the centre of my new room. It has and will always have the prime position and was the first thing I set up when I moved in. Soon as you get some music on, you start to feel at home. 

I've been to a lot of antique, second hand and charity shops recently and I can tell you now, I've found the coolest stuff around, not to mention picking it up for a bargain price. A few of my finds are on this table, including the actual table! I love spending my weekends (when I'm not shooting) looking around old shops, trying to pick a few things up for my room with my girlfriend, its gotten to be quite the tradition.

As you can probably gather, candles also play a big part in my room. I just love the light you get from a candle, the flickering, smell and of course, the wax. The newest additions to the table in-fact are my twisted gold candle sticks. I think I've picked up some killer pieces over the last few months and can't wait to find more!

Greenery is always a must in any room of mine, I have a lot of plants in my room including a simple ivy and a handful of succulents. I've always loved plants and having them in my everyday surroundings always seems to improve my mood and the look of any room.

I own a lot of sentimental items, which either tell a story, reminds me of someone in-particular or holds a special place in my heart. It's all about the little things, I love collecting those kinds of pieces. Take my vintage American flag I have over my bed, the small frames of Keith and Mick which I was given for Christmas, plus the new addition, my neon lightening bolt, I love them all. You may also be able to spy a drawing of a Chinese man wearing a hat, that in-fact is portrait drawn by Chloe herself! (its me, if the hat didn't give it away)! 

Overall, I'm making my room more me with every week that passes. I love keeping those special things close to me that mean the most. Lets just hope the next time I move, I won't leave it such a long time before showing you all what's on the other side of the door.