I've been longing for a trusty brown pair of Chelsea boots for a while now and Atom Retro has once again come to my rescue. They kindly sent me this killer pair of tan leather boots from their in-house brand Madcap, and it's safe to say they look very cool.

You’ll already know by now that a pair of Chelsea boots are a crucial wardrobe essential of mine. I’ve been craving a pair of tan boots, so when I found these beauties online, my luck was in!

Surprisingly, I’ve never owned a pair of tan leather boots. They look as though they've been transported straight from the 1960’s, with a pointed toe, wedged Cuban heel, and classic centre stitch detail. The Casbah boot is available in a range of colours, including black leather & black suede. These boots are a valued addition to my ever-growing boot collection.

I’ve paired my killer boots with a pair of Mad Cap skinny black drainpipe jeans. I can confidently say they're one of the comfiest pairs of jeans I've ever owned! The material is a mix of cotton & elastane, giving the jeans a super stretch feel. The jeans feature a traditional five pocket detail, with classic belt loops and a silver button fastening.

The most important tip to remember, when wearing a statement Chelsea boot, is to match the colours of your outfit together, from your shoes up. As you can see, I’m wearing a suede tan jacket, which mirrors the tan shade of my shoes, styled with my black jeans, and complimented with my black scarf. I’ve chosen to wear a basic grey T-shirt, just to tone the overall look down a little.

I’ve gone for a more vintage inspired look with this outfit, I discovered this awesome suede jacket at my local vintage store in Newcastle. I think the tan shade of the jacket compliments the boots so well. I’m wearing my Saint Laurent dupe printed scarf. The scarf features a horse shoe pattern, this small detail really ties the outfit together, along with a few staple pieces of jewellery and, of course, my trusty Fedora hat. I think I'm channelling some serious Western vibes with this look, and I like it!

To shop the tanned brown Chelsea boots click here.

To shop the Cavern 59 drainpipe jean click here.


The weather hasn't been playing ball recently, forcing me to layer up, yes in August! It's certainly not T-shirt weather out there. This weather has made me turn to my wardrobe for something I don't own, but really need. A bomber jacket. This is the perfect piece to own when the typical British summer is living up to its name. That being cold, warm, wet, sunny, windy, lightning- all in the space of a week.

A bomber jacket also seems to be this seasons hottest piece, with the likes of Gucci & Saint Laurent stocking an endless selection of bomber jackets online in their AW17 collections. However, if you haven't got a spare £2,500, you can always pick a bomber up for as little as £30 on the high street. A bomber jacket is the perfect piece to suit the bipolar weather we're all experiencing at the moment. As you can see, the one I've just bought looks pretty bloody cool. It's a navy blue jacket, with silver zip & feature arm pocket.

Every brand does their own take on the bomber, that originates from the classic design first worn as a military uniform. Worn back in the 50's for its functionality as a lightweight jacket, the classic bomber kept soldiers warm, and allowed them to move freely. The military bomber jacket was made to be a very versatile piece for everyone to wear and still to this day, nothing has changed. It's a timeless piece! I'm sure everyone will recognise the classic khaki green shell and bright orange lining, of one of the most famous bomber jacket in history, think Tom Cruise in Topgun!

The bomber jacket I chose is navy blue and is made from 100% cotton. The jacket also comes in khaki. It features a zip pocket detail on one arm, and two front hand warming pockets. It's a simple yet functional piece with your classic zip up front. I bought the jacket in a size small, which I think looks sweet and does the job as a lighter moveable layer.

I found the range of bomber jackets online to be truly huge! You can pick a bomber jacket up for quite a reasonable price, my bomber jacket was only £29.99. I've featured five additional favourites of mine, from various online sites ranging from a similar £30 jacket up to £114. Check my list of bombers out below.

Asos bomber: Black classic bomber.
Topman bomber: Red twist.
Asos padded bomber: Black padded.
River Island: Toggle bomber.
All Saints bomber: Burgundy twist.

Shop the New Look jacket I wore here.


Finally, it's happened, the 'boys' are going international. This weekend might be a little different to the rest, as I'll most likely be drunk for 72 hours. (I'll take this opportunity to pre-apologise for the drunken Instagram live videos which are imminent.) Going away with the boys throws up the question of what to pack for the heat, clubbing and looming hangovers from hell!

We've never been away as friends before, which is quite surprising as we've all known each other since a very early age. As Olly is the first person in the group getting married, we knew it called for something special! So we're all jetting off to Portugal for his stag!

So, what to pack? Well, I can assure you hangover cures are top of the list! Nevertheless, you've got to look cool while abroad, so in this post, I'll be talking through my suitcase essentials. Fact one, we didn't actually pay for suitcases on the flight, meaning I've got to fit all my clothes into my hand luggage! That's everything you need on holiday into my 56 cm by 45 cm case! Quite a task, thankfully we're only going for a long weekend!

I'm currently staring at my TINY suitcase, packed to the brim with all my essentials. The first of my must take products are for the hair. After all, it's my biggest accessory! Maintaining my mane is top of any holiday list. Here are some of my favourite products I always have to take with me. A good shampoo & conditioner are a must, after a long day in the sun & constantly getting my hair wet with every dip in the pool. I also find a salt spray a valuable life line if you're going to let your hair dry naturally throughout the day.

My biggest must have has to be my hairspray, I couldn't live without this product, it's been the solid favourite of mine for years! I've never found another that even gets close to Got2b! A finishing touch in the evening is my go to Oil Licious serum with argan oil. This bottle of magic helps tame fly aways, plus gives your hair much-needed minerals, leaving it shiny & glossy.

I hate packing! I normally leave this job until the very last minute, but since I'm blogging about it, I've had to sort my luggage out WAY before I usually do! I need the added pressure while packing a case, it's the only thing that actually makes me do it! Family members shouting in my face telling me to hurry up, because the taxi is outside, also does the trick! So I guess having to post this today actually is a blessing in disguise! 

(I realise I have to empty some of these products into 100ml bottles, as hand luggage has some strict rules to follow.) I've never travelled with only hand luggage, so this was quite a challenge for me! I, however, this time have my bag packed and ready to go, even my cosmetics are put into a transparent plastic bag, sorted for those airport security checks.

Next up, the clothes I'm taking with me. I have four shirts all abiding by that cool holiday look, including my Zara shirt I picked up a few weeks ago, which I featured on my blog. Two t-shirts, two vest tops & two pairs of jeans. Along with the other accessories including sunglasses, bandannas and light dress scarfs. A suitcase that will last well over a week. (For my three-day stay!) I'm sorry, I just can't travel light!

Thankfully I'm only taking one pair of boots, this isn't a personal decision, it's because I physically couldn't fit anything else in my very small case! My trusty All Saints sandals have also made the cut for the beach. Suntan lotion is one of the most important things as protecting your skin while in the sun is a must! I always go for SPF 30 but mistakenly bought a 50, so there's literally no way I'm getting even the slightest of tans. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

I picked up the August edition of GQ which should keep me entertained on the flight, after all, it does have The Chief on the cover. Head across to my YouTube channel to catch my new video of me having a general chat about everything I'm taking with me!

P.S Send your hangover cures my way, I'll definitely need them!


A few weeks ago I travelled down to Manchester to shoot with a company I've mentioned on my blog before, Phix Clothing. Being invited down to Manchester to shoot their new collection was an awesome expereince. I caught a train and arrived around lunchtime, I headed straight to Jimmy's bar where the shoot was taking place.

Joey's huge collection of killer sunglasses.

Jimmy's has the ultimate rock 'n' roll backdrop. It was the perfect place to start the shoot, with its fluorescent neon lights, old chesterfield sofas, and killer leopard print walls. It has the all around cool vibe. It's becoming quite a favourite of mine, everytime I visit the city I always make sure to stop by for at least one . . . or several.

When I arrived the gang from Phix were already there, along with their in-house model Tom. We got the beers in (positive of shooting in a bar) and started getting ready. All of the clothes that Phix design are extremly cool, they just nail that 70's rockstar vibe! It was the first time I've seen the collection in real life, rather than just online and I can tell you now I want to own it all! It certainly lives up to expectations.

After meeting the guys I was up to shoot next, I was given a red velvet 1962 jacket first, it looked killer, I already own the black paisley jacket, but this is my new favourite! The jacket is made from a premium velvet material, which is soft to the touch. The colour is also top notch, it's a deep, rich burgundy. It has two chest pockets & epaulets, held in place by complimenting tortoise shell buttons. The red velvet 1962 has the same interior to my black jacket, featuring a knock out red paisley pattern. 

However, my favourite jacket of the day has to be this one, it's a part of their new capsule collection. It's this sweet blue cord jacket with a rounded vintage collar. This jacket actually makes you feel cool as you put it on, paired with owner Adam's Ray Ban sunglasses, I felt a little like a Las Vegas gambler from the 70's. The front of the jacket has three classic silver YKK zips, one down the middle and the other two on the statement front pockets. This makes the jacket look really unique and very bloody cool. 

The fit of the 1969 jacket was perfect for me, I was given a small, and it was like it had been specially tailored to suit my shape! It's a very cool jacket with a deep 100% cotton shell. It's tulip rounded collar looks awsome worn either open, or zipped to the top. It wouldn't be a Phix jacket without a 70's inspired lining, and this one doesn't dissapoint. The jacket features a sweet beige and navy lining which adds a distinct finishing touch.

I love this jacket so much. Everything from the cordoroy material, to the pattern of it's linining, it's absolutley awesome. This was also my favourite shoot of the day, as you can see the photographs turned out well and I'd say we're both looking pretty bloody cool! This jacket is a real stand out piece and can be worn all year round, it's certainly top of my shopping list! After shooting in Jimmy's we hit the streets of Manchester, all rocking our clothing from Phix.

It felt like we were in the newest indie rock band, searching for that perfect debut album cover! Saying that- I think we got it! The Northern Quarter has that cool industrial vibe, any photographs took in the area look effortlessly cool. After an awesome day shooting in Manchester's Northern Quarter, we finished the shoot by all having a pint together. 

To see all the rock & roll garments Phix Clothing stock, click here.