Hey guys, hope you're all good! Tonight's post is one which should have gone up weeks ago, so apologies on that. Basically, to cut the long story short, I had a huge problem with this shirt being delivered. However, after two "attempted" deliveries I finally have my hands on it, meaning I can feature it here across on my blog. You know what they say, third time lucky right?

So here it is, as you can see it has a wild snakeskin print to it, which surprise surprise, I love! I first spotted this shirt on a friend at work, it just looked so bloody cool that I had to ask where he'd got it from! It's from womenswear brand Missguided, which is somewhere I've never thought about looking for shirting before. If you are however as addicted to animal print as I am, I'd strongly recommend checking out their range of killer patterns. 

I bought this shirt in a size eight which is an equivalent to a small in men's sizes, the fit is great, the only very small complaint I have is that the shirt is slightly tight under the arms, but that's not enough to put me off! I decided to wear the shirt open, which is a little different to how I would normally wear a shirt like this, but I think this way looks equally as cool. I styled it over a plain white t-shirt, sleeves rolled up to achieve that laid back look and all brought together with my other classic pieces.

The final fact I have about this shirt is probably the best - it's a total steal! It's only £15 and Missguided also offer a 20% student discount, so if you can get your hands on a promo code you can pick this shirt up for £12, bargain!

Overall this shirt is killer. The print, the material and the look is exactly what I normally go for. You really can't beat python print or any form of animal print on a shirt, it just looks so drop dead cool! Hopefully I've given you some inspiration and shown you all how to transform this python piece into a more summery look. Even though it is of course a woman's shirt, with the right accessories and styling, it can be worn just as good by men.

I have a short YouTube video tonight showing you the shirt in more detail, it would be awesome if you could check it out! Just click the video link below.

Check the shirt out by clicking here.


This is a jewellery brand I've been wanting to feature across on my blog for a very long time now. You all know how addicted I am to jewellery, so this is pretty much my perfect post! Today I'll be talking to you all about a brand called July Child, which so happens to be based right here in Manchester.

Jewellery is one of the best ways of expressing yourself, my mantra has always been that, jewellery can elevate any outfit and raise it to a new level of cool. Owner of July Child, Sinead Flood, shares this belief too. I know Sinead personally and I know she shares the same passion and love for jewellery as I do.

Sinead states on her website that 'jewellery is an expression of who you are. It’s a similar form of expression as a tattoo'. I've always thought of jewellery in this way too, the special way in which jewellery can be very personal and can often hold a sentimental meaning and intriguing narrative behind each piece. The memories attached to special pieces of jewellery can evoke thoughts of certain people or places, making it treasured and unique.

July Child's jewellery range can be viewed online. It's website is filled with a carefully curated group of global jewellery designers, from New York to New Zealand. If you're intrigued to discover a selection of off-the-grid cult designers, I strongly recommend you check July Child out (after reading this post, obviously).

I've been lucky enough to get my hands on a few of my favourite pieces from the brand, so with that said, lets get a closer look at some of the jewellery that caught my eye. I can tell you now, I chose all the pieces in the same colour - silver, which is one of my main rules when it comes to jewellery.

This is one of my favourite pieces I wanted to share with you all, it's called the La Luna necklace. It's a very detailed handcrafted silver crescent moon made by Molina Jewellery. It's a quality piece, as are all of the treasures stocked by July Child. This particular necklace and beaded chain are both made from sterling silver. I wore my star print Asos shirt whilst shooting this post, I really think this necklace couldn't have gone any better with my outfit.  

I was pretty lucky to be given the opportunity to feature so many pieces from July Child, but this next one is another I couldn't wait to see in real life, as it looked so good online. This tiny pinky ring is so fine and detailed, and what makes it even better is that it's adjustable. Meaning whatever size your fingers are, it'll fit great!

Last but not least we have this killer necklace which was kindly gifted by Sinead herself. I bloody love this piece, the Abuela's Lucky Coin. It's right up my street and sits perfectly with my other silver necklaces. I'm also going to take all the luck it brings my way!

You can shop all of the necklaces I've featured today, plus the awesome little "Give Yourself A Hand" ring across on Sinead's website July Child now and also check out this weeks YouTube video to find out more.

Photographs by CJ Carpenter.


Hello guys! Well what can I say, over the past two weeks I've been well and truly rubbish at blogging! It's been a mix of a few things to be honest, orders not turning up, me being super lazy and I guess me feeling like my creative spark hasn't been as bright as it usually is. The conclusion I've drawn from all this is, I blame it fully on the heat!

Manchester has been ridiculously hot over the past fortnight so I've being unusually bad at keeping my posts up on my blog and even my Instagram! I can tell you now as I am writing this (Friday night) it's dark, rainy and a lot cooler than it has been recently and I'm actually quite happy about it! I've sort of missed this classic British weather!

Thankfully, you'll be glad to know there's a post tonight! I mean, you know there is, your reading it now. So, before I start, I have to say a big thank you, to you, for coming back and checking in on my blog! So lets go, tonight's post, well, how can I put it, I've just bought a very sexy pair of boots!

I've not shopped in All Saints since I worked there all those years ago! Meaning when I do, it's normally in the sale. Buying something full price has sort of lost it's shine when a few years ago I could pick whatever I wanted for 50% off! Purchases from All Saints are now sadly getting further and further between, but as the sale has now gone to 50% with a further 20% off I could not resist!

Cue the sexy boots.

This is the All Saints Curtis boot and what a beautiful boot it is! I can't remember the last time A.S did a Chelsea boot but they've certainly done a good job with these beauties! The polished black boot has an eye catching detail of individual strips of leather stitched onto the flexible elastic ankle cuff, giving your foot an easy way in and out. I love A.S boots, they've seen me through years of my life always getting me a lot of compliments along the way. I know I'll be able to say the same about these boots in a few years time!

The sole of the boot is also made from 100% leather as pretty much all A.S boots are. I always love the sole of an All Saints boot, it just looks and feels quality, you can always tell how good a particular boot is, when you flip it over and look at its sole. this boot has a polished, smooth, well crafted sole with small nails and pins holding the very sexy boot on top of its counterpart. It's a beautifully formed, shaped and designed Chelsea boot, as soon as I locked eyes on these gorgeous boots, I knew I had to have them!

The Curtis boot has a slimline toe to it, meaning the boot narrows to a point. It's your classic ankle boot which fits like a dream. If you can't get your size online, (neither could I), I'd strongly recommend heading to your local store and checking for your size there as well as hunting through the rest of their epic sale!

Shop the boot across on All Saints by clicking here. 
I'd also love to know your favourite piece you've picked up in the sales this month on the high street or online. You can also check out this weeks YouTube, where I give you a closer look at the boots and a classic weekly catch up. Check it out now by clicking the link below.