Evening guys, tonight, I want to start off with some new killer shades! I've been lucky enough to find a handful of super cool sunglasses over the past few months plus a brand that have kindly just gifted me a pair of their epic tinted glasses! It's being a while since I've sat down and posted something across on my blog so I thought I'd put together something small and I'd show you some of my sexy new additions to the eye wear drawer.

I love a pair of sunglasses, I mean when do they not come in handy? Either to hide a raging hangover or to remain, well . . unidentified. The bigger the better in my book and if they cover pretty much all my face, I've found a pair for me! I've built up quite the collection over the years, some designer, some cheap but all fucking oozing that rock n' roll chic! I'll start with my most recent pair I was kindly gifted by a Scottish brand - Tens which I'm wearing in these shots.

First off let's chat about the look of the website as well as their range of sunglasses - its a must see, after reading this of course! All the visuals as well as the films showcasing their ranges of super cool shades are perfectly shot. I'm not normally one to comment on films as I always think I can do way better (yeah, my head really is that big) but when it comes to what Tens have created, I can well and truly say they've really smashed it out the park, what a vibe!

I guess that's the visuals you get when the brand is owned and ran by two photographers. However, I've not even got to the best part of the brand - whatever sexy frame you decide on, you then have the option to choose the colour of the lenses which you can choose from a huge range of filters & tints, anything from a desert orange sun to a deep forrest green, it's really like walking around with an instagram preset! I rooted for the Tropic High Sunnies which have the most amazing tint I've ever experienced in glasses and look down right cool!

Next up, I have two other pairs which you can take a look at across on my YouTube. I recently picked them up in Edinburgh, these guys just show that you can still pick up a pair of super cool shades for a small budget. I spent six pounds each on these sunglasses and I think they're worth every penny! I found both pairs on the same day, from two different Armstrongs stores in the city. Armstrongs, if you don't already know are a series of vintage stores scattered through the city and well worth heading to if you're ever in Edinburgh.

The first pair I came across were these jet black wide lens shades, which give you all the anonymity you need by basically covering half your face - just the way I like it! The others I found are the exact same shape (how lucky is that) but these particular sunglasses are in a tortoise shell. I'm all about the tan, brown, earthy tones right now. The perfect addition to accessorise that outfit!

Check both my vintage pairs out below on my YouTube channel -

Check out Tens here

Cheers for reading,
Enjoy the sunshine!