I don't normally give the items I choose to return the time of day across on my blog. I mean why would I? If I don't like something why would I tell all you about it? Well, this velvet shirt makes the exception, read a little more and find out why . . .

I shop online a lot and that's a risk in itself, as you don't entirely get to see what the garment looks like in the flesh until it's been delivered to your door. I rarely return items as I invest a lot of time in making the decision before the purchase, to spare myself from the hassle of the returns process.

This shirt however, sadly didn't make the cut. I returned this shirt as I felt it was a little different to what it appeared like online. It's a shame, as when I first saw this shirt I really liked it.

I've hit two duds in two weeks, which is unlike me! If you watched my Youtube last week, you'll remember me saying I'd bought a shirt from Topman's Voodoo Lounge campaign. I can tell you now that particular shirt isn't worth purchasing either. I didn't even try it on, not to mention write a post about it. I was so disappointed!

This shirt was a little different to the Topman item. I didn't have the instant 'what have I done?' moment. This shirt took a little more time for me to recognise my mistake. As you can see I still liked it enough to shoot a post, but on returning home to edit the photographs, I started looking at them thinking to myself, this didn't suit me at all! It just didn't work.

Thankfully this shirt didn't arrive with any tags, strange I know! Luckily for me, it was just the matter of sliding it back into the plastic bag it and sending it back to Asos. Sorry Asos but this shirt really wasn't for me!

I didn't know what it was. The material? The colour? I've never owned a velvet shirt before, so initially, I thought, I'd just had to adjust to it. But after more deliberation, I settled on the colour being the problem. It just looked so different to what it was like online. It's so much lighter than I anticipated, it's more of a light pink in real life which isn't my style at all. 

I just couldn't figure it out, it looked so good online, Asos had done such a great job in accessorising the shirt across on their website, adding a super cool polka dot scarf and dressing it up a little. However, when I wore it, it just didn't look right. That's something I always forget, items look different online!

Going back online and visiting Asos, I did come by a way cooler black velvet shirt, that one, was cheaper, and two looked so much better than the red shirt I'd bought. To be honest, as soon as I spotted this red shirt I didn't hesitate, it was straight in the basket. I'd bought it. Which as I've just touched on, goes against my normal method of researching and shopping around for alternatives. In my haste, I'd missed the cooler velvet shirt for a cheaper price the first time around. (Lesson Learnt!)

I'd been after a crushed velvet shirt for a while now and after returning this one, I'm still in the same position. However, I've learnt my lesson and have found an even better one I want to share with you all. 

I think a crushed velvet shirt is a really cool piece to add to your wardrobe, agreed, maybe not every velvet shirt, I realise that now. However, this new black shirt from Asos is a lot more subtle, yet you still get that unusual texture to mix up with your outfit.

In my opinion, a black velvet shirt will look more toned down and less in your face. It will look cooler as it's not shouting out for attention, being first of all, bright, and secondly made of velvet. That's the mistake I made, you can either have one or the other. A brightly coloured shirt, fine, or a velvet shirt, fine. You certainly can't have both, it just looks too out there, too over the top. Lesson learnt. 

If you want to have a closer look at the black velvet shirt I've left a link below so you can have a closer look. I'd also love to know your opinions of this velvet shirt. Is it too far or can the material be tamed? What are your thoughts?

Click here to view the Asos Velvet shirt.

You can also go across and watch my YouTube video on this shirt, plus two more shirts (I actually really like) across on my channel now. The two other shirts will feature on my blog this Wednesday.


You may have noticed over the countless months of blog posts and Instagram photos that I don't wear blue jeans. I mean, I own them but I just tend not to wear them. I've looked back over my posts and I'm actually struggling to find even one occasion when they're featured in any outfit of mine! No wait, there are four photographs of me wearing a blue rinse denim, way, way back in my Keeping It Casual post.

Since this wearing blue jean statistic has to be improved, I've decided to show you how I actually rock them. Don't get me wrong, blue denim will never be close to my heart as my trusty black skinnies, but sometimes its nice to mix things up a little.

I don't wear blue jeans as I struggle finding footwear to match. People always say that black boots go with blue jeans, but I just can't see it myself. Yes, I've paired my blue jeans with some black shoes in this outfit, but there's something telling me, black jeans would look way better!

I love nothing more than a killer pair of boots, I have such a huge range to choose from, everything from a Chelsea boot, to a Cuban heel. However, none of these seem to work when styled with a pair of blue jeans. That's why my light coloured jeans spend more time inside my wardrobe, than on me. I never feel as cool wearing blue jeans, than I do when I slip into my signature black skinnies. I always strive to look and feel as good as I can, maybe this is the reasoning behind my black denim addiction.

Blue Denim jeans are a staple in everyones wardrobe, yet they're something I wear very little of. My personal opinion is that blue jeans don't ooze that cool front man persona as well as a pair of black skinnies would. I secretly liked how many of you agreed with me on this decision yesterday, voting on my Instagram story that you too prefer black denim to blue. The final stats were 81% for black denim and only 19% for blue, sorry blue, but by the looks of things most people agree with me.

As you can see I've still tried my best to make blue denim look as cool as I can, going for more of a winter look. This week I've had to pull my two thicker coats out of the back of the wardrobe, it really is getting chilly out there! This is one of my trusty All Saints coats which I've owned for years now. I love this coat as much I did the day I bought it. I mean it still looks as good as it did when I put it away last year, I can always rely on it for that statement look.

The blue denim jeans I'm wearing are also from All Saints, these particular jeans are super comfortable. They have elastic sewn through the weave of the denim making these jeans a dream to wear, as they fit in all the right places. Even being blue, I've got to say these jeans are spot on! This shade of blue denim works well with the subtle inkiness of the coat and makes for a different but cool look, I nevertheless still like.

Overall, I think blue jeans are okay, but nothing will ever make me change from my trusty pair of black skinnies, I mean, I couldn't live without them, they're as integral to me than a sexy hat! Black skinny jeans really are an item of clothing that I rely on so much, I didn't realise the respect I had for them until I wore blue jeans (for a day!) As without them I'd certainly not feel the same.

This post has made me appreciate black denim a lot more, it's been fun blue, but for the foreseeable future I'll stick to wearing black. If you're still a fan of my blue jeans you can check some similar ones to mine out below. 

Click here to view All Saints denim.


This shirt was quite the surprise to find! As you know, my favourite brand is The Kooples, however, finding a piece of theirs in amongst the packed rails of a high street discount store, was the last thing I thought I'd come by!

Walking down the aisle, to stumble upon a Kooples shirt with the attractive price tag of just £29.99, was a pretty good way to start my weekend. When this shirt was first released it retailed at £120, I couldn't believe I'd found it for under thirty pounds. Obviously, I had to purchase it right away, EASIEST DECISION EVER.

A £90 saving! Crazy I know! I just had to feature this shirt across on my blog, plus let you in on the secret of where I found it! As soon as I spotted it I couldn't believe my luck, I love it. It's such a cool shirt, I can't even remember seeing it in past campaigns, this one really slipped through the net! It may be an old style, but hey, when it looks this good and since it was such a steal, why not!

This shirt has a red star motif, which I bloody love. I'm a massive fan of star print anything, yet this looks like a polka dot too. The print resembles fine polka dots from afar, but once you see the shirt up close, you then realise those dots are in fact, little stars. It's your classic Kooples shirt, a cool print, check. Button up front, check. Detail metal fastening on either cuff, check, and smart fitted cut, check. It ticks all the boxes!

I wore this shirt with a jacket you may have seen before, this again is from The Kooples but I had to feature these two pieces together. This is because this jacket is from the same place I found my discounted shirt. It was the first item I found last year in T.K Maxx. Since I've now been lucky enough to find a second super cool garment in there, I may have to make the trip a little more often!

I've even spotted a fair few things online at unbelievable prices, for girls and guys, it's definitely worth checking out. I'll leave a link to the page at the bottom of this post. However, the sizing is the only problem, you'll find this the same in-store, I'd count yourself very lucky if they have the item you want, in the size you need. If luck is on your side, however, you'll be able to pick up a sweet bargain! I'll have my fingers crossed for you!

Check out what T.K Maxx has to offer, let's hope luck is on your side. Click here to shop. 

I also have a new YouTube video across on my channel too. This time unrelated to the blog post. Shock! However, it does feature a chatty walk-through of two new high street rock 'n' roll campaigns, one from Zara and the other from Topman.


It's happened again, this time it's in jumper form. In the space of this past month, I've featured shirts, coats and jackets all with the same killer print on my blog.

I remember saying earlier this year that AW's hottest print would be leopard and here we are, well into the season and it's everywhere! There's more and more killer leopard print pieces appearing with every week that passes. Every garment I see with this animal print pattern I just can't help myself from buying. I really must be addicted to this rock & roll print.

Here's a piece I picked up last week in H&M. This jumper is super soft, a little like my 'Dennis the Menace jumper' as again this knit contains alpaca wool. It's only a small percentage but nevertheless, it still feels amazing! This jumper is so soft and cosy to wear and also looks very cool on! H&M have nailed the print of this jumper, I'm a huge fan of the size of the animal print and the length of the jumper plus with its low slung neck, it ticks all the boxes.

This jumper is reasonably inexpensive coming in at only £34.99 making it one of my must-have AW staples. Worn alone or underneath your favourite jacket, this jumper is always going to look super cool. I decided to style my jumper up with my dark grey suede Kooples snakeskin biker, that complemented the jumper perfectly.

I love the colour (or lack of it) in this knit, it's monotone palette gives this jumper the ease to slip into pretty much all of my outfits and always makes for a sweet look. I bought this jumper in a small which is a really snug fit, the sleeves as you can see are slightly longer but I like this as they come over the wrists, making the jumper seem even more comfortable.

I featured this jumper alongside my Panther print shirt in my latest YouTube video last week, if you missed it you can view it now by heading across to my channel, just search The Unidentified Rocker on YouTube.

To shop the H&M knit click here.