Evening guys.

So the blog has turned one, I'm now a year in, a year more experienced, a year wiser (I think) and I guess I could say a year more knowledgeable. Safe to say I've learnt a lot over the past 12 months! This time last year was the polar opposite of how I'm feeling right now. Last January was a time I was feeling pretty low, Christmas had come and gone and the new year had started, however, I'd not achieved anything! I didn't really have a job, work prospects were low, the jobs I was hearing back from, I thought anyone could get, yet I was still getting knocked back. That part was especially demotivating!

With my quarter life crisis well and truly starting to engulf my whole life & mind, I decided to do something about it. I remember mid-January scribbling everything I was interested in and loved doing, down on paper. When I glanced at the list in front of me it was pretty easy to see it was all creative. This included photography, fashion, style & writing to name just a few. I remember sitting there and thinking to myself, how can I make this list of passions work for me? I then stumbled upon blogging.

A blog was the perfect answer, something I could pour everything I think I'm good at, into. An output for my creativity, and hopefully something that in the long run, I could get a job doing. It was a risk, I knew it was, but the mindset is, and is now, I'd rather try and fail at something, than never to try at all!

I can now say, even a year in, I'm bloody thankful I did put myself out there! I wouldn't be sitting here in Manchester now if it wasn't for my blog! What has happened over the past year has opened up so many doors and I've already met so many amazing people! The crazy thing is, it's only been one year! I'm super excited about what's to come, as I continue to pursue and push myself on my online journey!

So, since you all now know where it began and now with that year's worth of work and knowledge under my belt, I have some know-how I want to share with you all. Along with of course, what I personally feel makes you stand out from the crowd in a very fast-paced, ever-changing world of blogging. I've far from made it, but I have a years worth of experience, that's better than I had last year! With that in mind, I thought I'd share some of my most valuable tips that I still use, perfect if you want to start a blog of your own!

Personality is key, if you search on Instagram, YouTube, or any social media platform. Photography is a great way to project your personality to your readers.

Be consistent and organised, consistency is something you need to plan. Organise yourself, plan your posts, plan the shoots, make sure you've got the content you promised your readers, and importantly make sure the content you are creating is something you're proud of. Also, don't forget to proofread!

Photography, make sure all of your photographs look professional, good quality images are a must!

Community is another very helpful thing, all social networks have such a huge community behind each one. If someone takes the time out of there day to comment, comment back, say thanks, share the love! This brings me on to my next point, collaboration. Collaborating with a fellow blogger, Youtuber or photographer is such a good idea, you share a passion with someone else, build upon it, think of new ideas, create something together, and most of all, reach out and become friends.

I'll describe all of these points in more detail this Sunday across on my YouTube channel, tune in then to catch my video. I'll end this post with a quote I found this time last year, which still resonates with me now.

Start where you are,
use what you have,
do what you can.

A big shoutout to Izzy for taking some amazing photograhs, find her on Instagram @izebelsdesign or check out her personal account out @izbels.


Happy 1st brithday to my blog! Its been a year! How did that happen?

To celebrate my year, I'll be posting something a little different. A first for my blog, as I'll be featuring a guest, and what a guest I have lined up for you all! I thought about many ways to celebrate my one year in the blogging game, but nothing really jumped out at me, until this. I thought, how good would it be to feature someone who is a style inspiration of mine? Someone who for years, I've recognised for their individualised way of dressing, not to mention their super cool unique style.

I follow a lot of cool people on Instagram, I mean who doesn't? However, one individual has always stood out from the rest, projecting his own look and going against the grain, by forging his distinctive style and photography work through Instagram. I've always thought of this guy as the manifestation of cool, and that guy is Chris John Millington.

He's the main man. I was lucky enough to meet up with him last weekend in Glasgow, therefore Chris is the focus of my one-year blog post! 

Me, Chris and his brother, John (who by the way, is one super talented photographer). Check out his website here, all spent last Saturday in Glasgow city centre, checking out what the vintage stores had to offer, and sampling Glasgow's best coffee shops. We then ended our day, surprise surprise, in the pub, where I sat down with Chris, beers in-hand and asked him a few burning questions.

By this time I forgot all about this blog post and why I actually travelled up to Scotland to meet Chris. So forgive me for the lack of photographs! It felt like I was out with a mate, not with someone I wanted to feature across on my blog for a good while now! Safe to say, we got on pretty well! Thankfully I didn't forget to fit a low key interview in, over a few pints in BrewDog of course. I did begin to type his answers up, however, when I listened to the interview back, I felt it would be cooler to let you all listen into our chat yourselves, so I've uploaded the audio into a video!

We talked about our own personal styles & looks, fashion shoots Chris has featured in, favourite places he'd visited around the world, plus the odd story too. Along with his thoughts on having to constantly adapt with the ever-changing blogging and social media world! Listening back to my recording, I'm finding it as interesting as when I was in the pub sitting oppasate him. Like I mentioned, instead of writing the interview out (which I was planning to do) I thought hearing our voices would be much more interesting and personal, than simply reading. I hope you agree! It really is worth a listen, if you're a fan of Chris, or want to find out what it's like being a social media creative, then listen at the link below! 

Click the link below to listen to my interview with Chris.

I also want to say a huge thank you all for reading my blog over the past year, it means a lot!

Here's to the future,


So, I've finally moved out!
I'm writing this post in my local coffee shop with a green tea by my side while I think back to everything I've achieved over the past few days. It's been a pretty hectic weekend I can tell you that! This is the first time I've actually sat down and relaxed! I was in Manchester pretty much all of Friday, checking over and finalising the last few things on my to-do list before the big move.

Saturday was very cool indeed! I travelled up to Scotland, Glasgow to be precise to meet one of my biggest style and fashion inspirations, Chris John Millington. This, as you can imagine was a pretty big deal for me and my blog, which I'll share with you all this coming Sunday. I couldn't of wished for a cooler guest to write about and feature across on my blog to celebrate The Unidentified Rocker turning one year old! I'm going to keep very secretive about it for now. I guess you'll have to come back Sunday to find out what happened when I met MR. Millington last weekend.

The whole moving process would have been a lot easier if I'd actually not been so bloody hungover Monday! That wasn't the plan, yet it happened and it was bad! My last night out in Newcastle before the move was scheduled Sunday, this turns out, this wasn't the best idea! Everything I was meant to get done, packed, sorted out, had to be done pre-move, yes, I always leave things to the very last minute! Did this happen you ask? Ha! Well I was still in bed at 3PM Monday afternoon after being unable to open my eyes because of the beast of a hangover! All self-infliction of course! Ikea happened, I think? But that was more comparable to the seven circles of hell! Avoid Ikea at all costs with a hangover, I speak wise words! Saying all that, I don't think I'd change it, I'd still go out and get as drunk now if I was to do it all again. It was just so good catching up with a few pals before leaving for Manchester!

So with none of my tasks completed, was moving out even going to happen? Well, the thought had crossed my mind the night before. However, somehow after hours of packing up all of my possessions the same day as the move, I managed it! My dad and I drove down to Manchester in a huge van yesterday and sorted everything. It all eventually worked out! I threw all my stuff in my bedroom, made my bed (which turned out, I'd bought sheets two sizes too small.) I thought I had a double, turns out it's a king size and it's huge! I spend my night last night wrapped ina bundle of material as nothing fit anywhere, but after my a celebratory drink at Jimmy's bar, it didn't seem so bad.

All that aside, I'm here, I've moved! I'm now in the hustle and bustle of Manchester and I'm loving it! I am trying my best to make things as homely as possible. I'll think you agree my rooms looks pretty good, doesn't? I'm pretty proud of what I've managed to do this morning alone. As well as buying larger bed covers! I think I've nailed the cosy vibe. It's not looking that rock 'n' roll in my opinion (yet) but I'm sure I can work the ol' magic. I've yet to connect the vinyl turntable, tuner and CD tower, so once that's all working and together I think I'll be set!

I'll make sure I give you a full tour next week. Plus I have stuck to my promise and made a short YouTube video for you all tonight, my apologies again for missing Sunday, but I now know why people say moving is stressful!

Click the link below to watch my YouTube video and keep an eye out for Sunday's 1-year special!


Hey guys, happy Sunday! This Sunday is happier than most, as this week I received some AMAZING news! You may have already seen (as I've posted quite a lot) about it on Instagram, that after a week of searching I have finally managed to secure a flat in Manchester!

As of this Tuesday evening, I'll be officially all moved in! I am beyond excited! It's not just any flat either, this particular space was top of my wishlist. I'm living above a quirky coffee shop, it's like a scene from a movie set! I still cannot believe I'm writing this post, I've extremely lucky to find a flat exactly where I wanted, right in the centre of Manchester's bustling Northern Quarter. Thank you, universe.

It's a dream come true, now I just need everything else to fall into place, which I can tell you, I'm working hard on too! I'm moving to Manchester to work a lot closer with a brand called Phix Clothing, which you're bound to recognise from my blog. I featured a variety of their amazing patterned shirts and super cool jackets, alongside a behind the scenes video which featured on my blog over the past year, so I know you'll what I'm talking about.

The rock 'n' roll, musically inspired sense of Phix, with its 70's look, is everything I love in a brand. Working with the guys there will be the best, I just know it! I'm so thankful for this opportunity, and I can't wait to show them what I can do, putting my own individual stamp on things and creating, developing and investing in things I'm proud of!

It's funny because, if it wasn't for this blog (which just under a year ago I set up) none of this would have been possible. Phix noticed me because of my blog, proving hard work doesn't go unnoticed! 

So this is my new city, the city I will have to get used to, learn about and fingers crossed, meet some amazing people in! I can count the people I know in town on one hand! However, many of you have already reached out and got in contact with me to meet for a beer or a quick coffee, which believe me, I am so happy and thankful for! At the end of the day, it's hard being the new guy!

I know I'll make some life-long friends with this huge and first big move, I just can't wait to see what happens in the future! I'll be kind to you Manchester, but please be kind to me back, saying that, I know we'll get on pretty well together.

I'll make sure I post a lot about my first few weeks in Manchester, plus you might even get a sneak peek the flat. If you see me out and about please give me a sexy wink!

Here's to new beginnings!

Photographs by Emmanuel, check out his amazing work across on his website by clicking here.