I received these jeans from Tigha a few weeks back, these beauties are still on sale from last season, with only a few sizes left in stock and now have 30% off! These killer seventies style lace up jeans are well worth a chat feature across on my blog, as I know a lot of you will absolutely love them! I've been looking for a pair of jeans like this for years, so I was super lucky to grab one of the last pairs in my size from their website, when I collaborated with the brand a few weeks back.

I just love how these jeans look on, they really do make for a killer rock and roll look, the side lace up section is so damn cool and screams seventies rocker style. The metal ring eyelet's are such a sick detail, with the woven leather cord that runs through each one, in a criss-cross manner. These jeans also have the perfect silhouette, giving a sweet fit and super comfortable feel.

The jeans are pretty weighty, a little heavier to wear than your normal skinnies, all that metal & cord really adds up, however once you get them on, you wouldn't know the difference. The denim is also pretty thick, this added extra weight confirms the quality of this pair of killer lace ups, and they feel like the real deal. I'm also a big fan of this more urban location I decided to shoot the jeans at, this isn't my normal go to shoot backdrop, but I think it's worked pretty well!

I actually got up at 6AM to shoot this, firstly because heading out so early, you don't come into contact or see anyone at all - lockdown problems! Secondly, it's now super light so early in the morning, meaning once again my sleeping pattern has changed, another lockdown problem, but we're all trying to make the best of it right? So with that in mind, I thought why not get out there and shoot at this location, as I've been wanting to feature it for months!

Now let's talk a little about the top part of this outfit, I actually totally forgot I had this black leather waistcoat, it was a nice surprise to find it again and something I thought looked pretty sweet paired with this outfit. I also threw on a white deep V-neck underneath with the usual, classic accessories, plus a tiger print scarf for a hit of animal print!

I said across on my YouTube last week that I was going to feature my painted leather this week, but sadly I haven't gotten around to  taking the photographs just yet, but believe me, it will be on here very soon. I hope you guys are keeping busy and I super appreciate you checking in, as always, stay safe, stay sweet x.

Check these jeans out now by clicking the link - Tigha Morten Jeans



Evening guys, hope everyone is doing well! I've spent this week taking a little timeout of my usual creative outputs to pick up a brush and starting to paint again. Something I've not done in a very long time, I can tell you that! The new Rolling Stones track - 'Living In A Ghost Town' gave me inspiration to paint this canvas and the portraits of Mick, Ronnie, Charlie & Keith. Everyone is creating at the moment, so I thought I'd try my hand at it too! This really is the perfect time to channel your creativity into a project or a medium you've wanted to-do for years but never had the chance, preciously what I did with my canvas.

I really enjoyed painting, I can tell you it's as therapeutic as they say and has really taken my mind off things this week! I've felt genuinely fine throughout lockdown, keeping myself busy with setting myself personal tasks and of course, keeping in touch with friends.

Mental health wise, I've had my fair dose of down days like anyone at this time, but thankfully the good days have out-weighed the bad. I'm currently in a very lucky position, as at the moment I'm back living back at my parents house, this has its silver linings as I'm very grateful for the outdoor space, which has been especially nice in the warm, sunny weather of late, kicking back with a beer in the garden is something everyone needs right now!

I didn't put much planning into my painting, only by sketching out the text and the general positions of where I wanted the faces, everything else was free hand. I've not painted in years, but I am pretty happy with the end result. Believe me, I made a lot of mistakes, but the beauty of acrylic is I just let it dry and paint over them! My main goal with this painting was, to capture who the characters are and make it clear who is who! Standards were set pretty low! Jokes aside, I wanted to create my painting to remember this time in lockdown, what I achieved, what I didn't achieve and most importantly - what I've learnt in this time of self reflection and isolation.

I wanted to create something real, something I can actually physically see and to touch, rather than my usual digital film content. I plan to hang up this painting when I move out again, this painting will always remind me of lockdown and I hope it to be a good conversation starter, when we're all back living the dream!

Check tonight's YouTube out where you can catch up with me and where I show you guys what else I've created lately, as well as giving you my tips and tricks on staying positive during this time we all find ourselves in.

Cheers & stay safe,


Evening guys, hope you're all good! Tonight, I have a killer brand I want to share with you all, I've partnered up with Tigha to give you a little insight into the style and outfits you can find across on their website. I'll be showing you three new outfits from their SS20 range in this post, for you all to get a feel of their aesthetic and what the German brand Tigha is all about. I've known of the brand for around a year now but this is the first time I've been lucky enough to see their pieces up close and personal and to actually wear their garments.

The first item I chose was this awesome Nikias suede jacket, which I teamed with their Robin Stone Wash skinny jeans, finally I have another brand of skinnies I've fallen in love with. These jeans are perfect, they have just the right amount go stretch and form to the leg giving an awesome silhouette, like any good skinny black jean should! It's so hard finding a good skinny jean but I can safely say these are as good as any I have in my wardrobe!

I wore one of their super comfortable Milo tee's which come in a range of colours underneath the jacket and I'm carrying their black suede and leather Joshua weekend bag. Tigha have a killer range of pieces for the summer season which range from leather and suede, to patterned flannel shirting, denim and even a little tye-dye thrown in there for good measure! I can tell you now the collection is pretty sick and there is certainly something for everyone!

The second outfit is a little more summery, as I chose one of their short sleeve shirts. This is the Sveni SS shirt, it's super easy to wear and can be easily styled up to suit anyone, I wore it pretty open as per and tucked out for a more casual look. The wave print shirt comes in blue and orange with the Billy The Kid Destroyed Slim Fit Jeans which again, are a real good fit and when paired together make for a pretty sick outfit!

Postage was super quick even in the current climate, I was super impressed with how fast my delivery arrived, especially as the brand is based in Germany.

The final look is the Sami Leather jacket, which I chose in military green but also comes in a black. I wore the same tee and jeans with this look as I did in my first. I love the attention to detail in all of their pieces, the small metal logo tags which are attached to the denim and branded buttons on their collections. You can tell straight away that time and care has been taken in designing and manufacturing of all their clothing.

To visit their website click here - Tigha Website
Check my YouTube by clicking below, I'll give you the further lowdown on the pieces I've shown you tonight, plus a very cool pair of seventies styled denim jeans from the brand too!

Cheers for reading, stay safe.