As the weather is now changing, I have to update my skin care routine. I thought I'd run you through some of my go-to products and remedies for the cold months ahead. Thinking back to last A/W my skin, especially on my face felt incredibly dry. This is something I don't want to happen this year.

It's becoming more & more acceptable being male to actually look after the skin you're in, so why not, modern man and all that! The male grooming market last year was worth a staggering £14.8bn so a lot of you guys are way ahead of the curve than I am!

I’ve never used anything on my skin before, bar the seasonal suntan lotion regime whilst on holiday but now that's beginning to change. I'm still pretty rusty on knowing everything about the whole male grooming movement but here is my small list of very basic products in my bathroom cabinet.

I’ve recently bought a facial moisturiser for the first time. I didn’t know where to start or what look for. There's a lot of men's grooming products out there, so it took a little time to narrow down the one best for me.

After a quick search on google before shopping and a lot of guess work I had a rough idea of what to look for in a moisturiser. The main ingredient to any good moisturiser is glycolic acid. This gently exfoliates the skin, helping your skin loose any layers of dirt.

Choosing a moisturiser with an SPF is also beneficial, this covers the face like suntan lotion, protecting the face against harmful rays from the sun, which is the number one reason for prematurely ageing skin. Another two ingredients to keep an eye out for in whichever moisturiser you choose are; antioxidants & peptides, which both help to stimulate collagen production which basically make your skin look plumper (fuller looking skin.)

After around fifteen minutes of standing in aisle seven in Boot I opted for this No7 moisturiser for men. I have very sensitive skin on my face, so this product is perfect for me. It has 0% alcohol and it is fragrance-free and also has an SPF15. It's a 24-hour moisturising cream which I’ve now been using daily for around a week. I would really recommend this great moisturiser for you newbies out there.

There's also one more product I've been using recently after returning from Greece. I did mention the geography of the island I was staying on in one of my posts, but if you missed it I'll give you another brief description. This particular rock was everywhere, the whole island was built upon it. The locals used this natural grey rock (which is actually a hard clay) as a face mask and body scrub. They mix it with water to form a grey paste which they rub all over their skin. After smuggling a huge piece back home in my suitcase, I've also been using this every other week.

Another simple but crucial product for me is a lip balm, this Nivea chapstick is great as it protects your lips from getting chapped and prevents them drying out in the wind. Alongside the odd pamper session here and there, here are some more general tips for better skin.

Drink more, keeping yourself hydrated with at least two litres of water per day is a must if you want good skin. There's nothing worse for your skin than being dehydrated, it can cause your skin to overproduce oil to compensate for the lack of moisture, so water is key to keeping your skin looking at its best!

Your diet also has a massive effect on your skin, what you eat will either help or hinder you. Cutting down on fatty foods and replacing them with fresh fruit & vegetables is a much better option. Towels and bedsheets also play a big part in the health and appearance of your skin. Using the same bathroom towel or sleeping on the same pillow without changing regularly, will also impact on your skin. These are the main two items which absorb your skin's oils and dust, changing these on a regular basis is a must. If you keep my basic skin tips in mind I'm sure you'll see an improvement in your skin immediately.

I'd love to know some of the products you use to get you through the winter. As I'm still quite the novice to all this and I need as much help as I can get!


This jacket, in my opinion, is the only jacket you'll need this Autumn & Winter. Since it's already mid-September (where did the summer go?) I've decided now is the time to invest in my first winter piece. This jacket is from Zara (AGAIN) I can't get enough of their new season's styles, although, this biker is a little different from the rest.

So, where shall I start? It looks bloody cool, doesn't it? Yes, I realise it's yet another biker jacket I have to add to my already extensive collection, but who cares? I'm not passing on a biker when it looks this good!

This double-faced, biker-style jacket with zip fastening and adjustable strap collar is killer! I love the whole look of the jacket, with its diagonally placed pockets, and raw cut edges. It's a true standout piece. The only confession I do have is that this jacket isn't leather. *Music stops in background*.

I'm never a 'pleather' type of guy, I always go for a genuine 100% leather, but as this jacket looked so damn good, I let that rule slide! The main reason this jacket caught my eye in the first place, was all down to its fleece lining and collar. It's like the love child of a biker and aviator coat. It's a fully lined dream!

Every detail on the jacket is perfect but the most striking aspect has to be that feature fleece collar which incorporates a chunky buckle & strap design. Sadly with my long hair, this characteristic is unfortunately covered, but I guess you guys with shorter hair could wear the jacket to its full potential. It's leather look outer shell, and soft fleece lining are all you'll need to keep you warm & dry this winter.

Another design feature I noticed immediately was the raw unfinished edge it has. The fleece and outer shell abruptly stop, there's no tailored edge to the jacket, which is unusual and right up my street.

The jacket is very thick and bulky, reminiscent of vintage motorbike jackets from the 70's. I don't normally like wearing heavy set jackets, but this is an exception. It's just very cool! The jacket is coated in a weather resistant finish, I imagine rain, sleet or snow would just run straight off, keeping you warm & dry underneath.

The colour is jet black inside, and out, with only the zips and buckle fastening in a contrasting silver metal. This is much more than your everyday biker. I love the touch of aviator this jacket has been given. The final detail that stands out to me, is the rounded piping over the seams, you especially notice this around the shoulders and back of the jacket. Overall it's an awesome piece costing £89.99.

I purchased this biker jacket a few weeks ago but have just noticed that unfortunately, at this moment in time, the jacket is out of stock. Apologies, I hate featuring clothes on my blog that are hard to get your hands on. However, I'm pretty certain this jacket will be restocked online, if not you might be lucky enough to find it in store. I've left the link to the lined biker below to get more details on the jacket click here.

Fingers crossed you'll be able to hunt one down!


A few years ago waistcoats were all the rage, now however, they've seem to have died the death. I'm hoping this blog post will inspire some of you to give the waistcoat another go. I loved the craze back in the day, and I have always been a firm supporter of the look.

Once again my passion has been reignited, after picking this leather waistcoat up in the sale from The Kooples. This waistcoat is from the SS15 campaign and reappeared a few weeks ago in their bi-annual clear out online. I pined for this item a few years back, but unfortunately couldn't get my hands on it, so when I saw it at a discounted price, my luck was in!

This is a full leather waistcoat, so it's more of an investment piece, compared to something you could pick up on the high street. It oozes a cool western style, unmistakably designed by The Kooples. It's made of a thick quality leather, and has a chunky statement zip, rather than your everyday buttons, giving it both that 70's rocker attitude and contemporary edge.

I still have the campaign magazine from 2015, as it's one of my favourites! The guy looked effortlessly cool perched upon the window sill, holding a guitar in his hand with a killer fedora hat, I tried my best in emulating this in my outfit. The only things missing from my photographs are sadly the hot girlfriend & musical talent.

The waistcoat's detailing is the feature I fell in love with. Take the front pockets for example, the shape and cut have been cleverly pointed to mirror the angle of the bottom of the waistcoat. The front of the waistcoat is also slightly longer than the back, making the shape a little more unusual and unique.

A white shirt goes hand in hand with any waistcoat, styled to my taste with black skinny jeans, a cool belt and a killer pair of tinted sunglasses from Asos, for that individual finishing touch. This in my opinion, creates that ultimate frontman look.

I'm a huge fan of this outfit and have hopefully inspired you to give that overlooked waistcoat that you keep in the back of your wardrobe a second chance, rather than just digging it out for more formal occasions.

What are your opinions on styling the waistcoat in a more casual way? Lets start the revival here! Leave a comment below, I'd love to know what you think.


Why can't I resist Zara this season? Answer: because they're designing coats like this! I'm a massive fan of any sort of animal print, but this monotone mid length coat is the ultimate rocker piece! It looks and feels drop dead cool. As soon as I spotted this coat online, I knew it was the coat for me this Autumn!

I love everything about it! From its wild print and fur like texture to its sharp and simple lines. I'm going to say it, it's the coolest coat I've ever bought! This coat is brand new and can be found in Zara's Neopunk collection.

It has three large round buttons down the centre of the coat, with two deep pockets either side, perfect for adopting that cool edge whilst walking. The coat has a classic lapel collar, which will look equally cool pointed up for that ultimate rock 'n' roll vibe.

There are four detail buttons down each sleeve, which gives the coat that formal touch whilst also adding detail. I love the coats simplistic lines, especially when the coat is unbuttoned, it just lies flat and looks like the leopard print has been poured over me. The coat fits like a dream!

The coat looks and feels like it has been made to measure, I bought the coat in a size small and it's perfect, I particularly like the square fitted cut on the shoulders. The length of the coat is longer to what I'd normally go for, stretching down to the centre of my thigh. However, the length of the coat has grown on me and shows off the wild pattern even more. Worn buttoned up or open, this coat is instantly noticeable and is a killer standout piece in any wardrobe.

It was styled online with a white shirt, as you can see I've stuck to the same example with one of my own crisp white shirts, which I think looks awesome. I also teamed the coat up with an understated black roll neck, which in my opinion looks equally killer as this simple piece shows off the coat in all of its glory!

I can't describe the feeling this coat gives you when you wear it, but I found myself swaggering down the street like a Liam Gallagher wannabe, whilst singing 'Rock 'n' Roll Star' in my head, which can only be a good thing!

I can't wait to wear this coat when the weather turns noticeably cooler, plus I've got one place in particular where I just know I have to rock this look, but that isn't until the end of the month. I'd love to know what you think of the coat or if you've spotted any other killer coats for AW17.

To shop the coat click here.