Evening guys, the first real week of 2021 is done, what a fucker it turned out to be! However, let's not let the news bring us down and start how we mean to go on, with a little more positivity! My main focus for the first few months of this new year is to keep these posts coming thick & fast, so tonight I'm back with another killer outfit I want to talk about. I sort of lost my mojo with my blog at the end of last year, so this year I'm setting out to do my best and get it back on track! You may recognise this jumper as I posted a photograph wearing it on Christmas Day, cooking up an absolute storm in the kitchen. However, this jumper definitely deserves more than just one photograph on Instagram - am I right? That's why I wanted to write a small post about it too. It's probably the coolest jumper I own, it definitely tops the Bella Freud already in the wardrobe, so let's find out why!

This is a jumper I've had my eye on for a long time now, I didn't realise how much I'd talked about it, but I obviously had (a lot) as I was super lucky to receive it as a present from my parents, legends! It's the first piece of Zadig&Voltaire I own and I'm very happy with it, I mean, it's a very sexy jumper. I've followed the brand for years, lusting after season after season of clothing, styles for both the guys and girls collections. I think of the brand being like a high end, expensive, exclusive version of The Kooples. Also based in the centre of Paris, oozing that continental feel plus a huge dose of rock & roll magic. ZadigVoltaire in the past have even had the likes of Kate Moss modelling their clothing, this really is a brand you need to see, if you've never checked it already!

My whole black outfit looks legendary in my opinion and is one of the coolest outfits I feel like I've worn in a while. I paired this jumper with my new sexy flares I also got as a Christmas present (thanks Louisa) which complemented the jumper so well, especially as they're equally as black as the woollen jumper itself, it's always hard getting jet black denim, but these babies are perfect! They show an angled silhouette to the leg, their straight lines mirror the jumper on top with its cuts, incisions & oversized boxiness. 

The jumper is super warm made from 100% Woolmark Merino Wool it's very cosy with its large, snug turtleneck and for the keen eyes amongst you, you'll might have also spotted the small thumb holes on either side of the cuffs along with the rib detailing that circles both, as well as the hem of the jumper itself. This ribbing in the fabric stretches up to the middle of the arm, making the jumper fit snuggly in all the right places, the jumper also has ZV knitted into the side panel, a very subtle logo which I only noticed when I filmed my YouTube video! All quite small, subtle details, but I bloody love them!

You can check the jumper out here, I think it came in a handful of colour options but sadly though, they're out of stock. Apologies for teasing you all! However, Zadig&Voltaire have a lot more killer items online which are well worth checking out as well as keeping an eye on for the future! You can check my YouTube video out by clicking below, where you can see the jumper in a little closer detail plus have a catch up with your's truly.

Cheers for reading,


Hey guys, welcome back, and let's all say hello to 2021! Tonight I'm kicking off the new year with a vintage jacket I found a few weeks back. The post isn't just about this particular jacket though, it also has inspired me with a lot of fresh ideas and given me much needed motivation to start the new year - pretty good going for just a jacket!

So what's my idea, well, I sort of touched on it this time last year, buying and selling a handful of vintage pieces via my Instagram. However, this year is a whole lot different, I desperately wanted to start the year with a project & since we find ourselves in fucking lockdown again I decided I'd kick the year off on my terms and give myself a personal project. It'll be something I can channel my creative energy and focus into, as we find ourselves in tier four. So with all those idea's in my head he's decided to join Depop. Hopefully this will make it a lot easier for you guys to check out my vintage gems - keep an eye on my brand new account for some epic vintage jackets coming your way very soon - click the link and follow me be the first to see them across on - Depop

I've put a lot of work into sourcing these latest pieces (which I'll show you over the next few weeks). The plan being - to shoot the items in a very individual & creative way, making a small, mini campaign with the collection of pieces I've curated. Vintage is so individual, and damn right cool, not to mention environmentally friendly, reusing clothing rather than buying brand new or throwing away, I've got my hands on everything from leather jackets to suede bikers and everything in-between and all pieces are 10/10, lets hope I'll be able to part with them. For me the best way to start 2021 is by styling, wearing and loving these pieces from the past, so buckle up for a killer year of vintage!

I've always loved vintage and it's always been a big part of my wardrobe, interchanging it with my looks always gives me an edge no one can replicate, giving my outfits a cool & individual look. This year I'm making even more of a conscious effort to buy, wear and sell a lot more killer vintage. I mean take this 70's suede, I couldn't just go out and buy something similar, it's not that easy. This jacket is so unique, cool and it fits me like a dream. Paired with a monotone polka dot shirt and my killer lace up styled jeans from Tigha, this outfit screams seventies rock and roll.

Its belt wrap and awesome western detailing make this jacket quite a statement, it looks sweet worn open and even pretty sexy tied and held shut with the metal buckle. The collar line and opening of this seventies beauty is to die for, over exaggerated and pointed, the cut and lines to this jacket are all perfect. I'll keep you guys in the loop of when I'll be selling some sexy vintage, but for now Happy New Year

Peace & Love,
Let's make 2021 a year where we all ace it!


Hey guys, I can't believe we've got just over a week till Christmas! That's pretty mad isn't it, considering we all seem to have gone from March 329th to now, without really anything exciting in-between. My last post was my birthday post, that's not really hit me until now, I really have let my blog slide over the last few months haven't I! That can be my first in my long list of New Years resolutions, get back to being consistent, but like everyone, I've found it pretty hard to talk about any topics, new purchases or in-fact anything remotely exciting or interesting has sadly been few and far between. Cheers Lockdown!

Luckily tonight I do have something to share with you all - here's three looks from Tigha's new SS21 campaign, finally something new hits the blog! So we'll kick it off with my favourite item from the new collection the Nevan Leather Biker. It's made from sheep leather and comes in an awesome dusty black. It has some killer shoulder epaulettes as well as lots of detail on the jacket, for instance those killer leather elbow patches, which I absolutely adore! The styling of this biker is perfect, it looks aged, it looks worn, it looks like it's been around a while, it's all about the details, the pockets, zippers, ties and metal studding, plus the chunky belt. This biker certainly has a personality of its own, I love everything about it!

The second look I want to chat about is this sweet shirt, so good I had to have it in both colour options, the Black and Vintage Grey. The Senyo shirt is effortless, you can throw it over a tee or wear it underneath your biker, its going to look equally cool in any situation. The metal branded studded buttons are heavy and cold to the touch, always a good sign in my book as this always means quality, like all Tigha's clothing, the quality shines through. I teamed this look with the black Pablo Chelsea Boots and a simple long sleeved tee also from Tigha makes for a killer laid back outfit.

Look me in BLUE jeans, well, why the hell not, I mean you've got to mix things up a little especially when stuck in Tier three, cheers Boris, I mean there's not much excitement coming from anywhere else, hence the colour change. I do think the colour of these blue jeans are perfect though, very light, the washed out denim looks super cool, I know they'll look perfect next spring summer, plus it will be a total change to my normal go-to black especially when the weather gets a little warmer. It's a long while off, but we can all dream right?!

My final outfit choice I want to bring your attention to is this super cosy, warm, thick jumper, yeah, you can tell I like it right? This jumper is probably the most substantial piece in my wardrobe, I've been wearing it a lot recently especially with the weather being colder, there's no better feeling than been wrapped in this jumper, kicking back and relaxing. I'm not normally a huge fan of knitwear but this alpaca/wool mix is well worth it. If you guys want to see a little more of the outfits you can check my instagram @theunidentifiedrocker where you can catch my latest video of all the outfits styled up.

You can find all my looks across on Tigha's website, by clicking here to shop. As always stay safe, and if I don't get to check back in with you before Christmas, I hope you all have an amazing time, drink, eat and be merry with the one's you love!

Photographs by Dan Graham 

Catch you all soon x