Evening guys and welcome back to my blog. You may have seen this piece across on my Instagram, and it's the very sexy seventies flying jacket I picked up last weekend in London. What a beauty of a jacket it is, so much that it definitely deserved it's own post across on my blog! It was an unexpected purchase like any vintage find, but I knew as soon as I found it and threw it on that I couldn't leave it behind. There's nothing worse than buyers regret, am I right?!

So, fifty-five pound lighter - I walked out the shop in Carnaby with a jacket of legendary status. When looking in the mirror to try it on, it reminded me of something James Hunt would've worn, he'd turn up wearing a jacket like this to one of his races in an open top car in the early seventies, so with that picture in my head I couldn't not buy it. This is also the exact way I want to wear this jacket, it's the perfect vintage piece to fasten up and get comfortable in, before setting out on a cold winters morning drive in my classic car, especially with that thick collar pulled up at the back to keep me all wrapped up. 

The best part of this jacket (bar the matching fleece lined cuffs) is the three press stud clasps that secure the front. It feels quite medieval, but I can tell you now these unique fastenings do the job well.  I actually wore it around London pretty much straight away, as it was sunny yet cold when we visited so this standout jacket was the perfect thing to wear, and it also looked down right fucking cool teamed with a pair of dark aviator sunglasses.

It's an effortless piece to just throw on, and in my opinion it automatically makes you look like a seventies legend. The best thing is that this piece is vintage, so there's no way you'd be spotting someone else in the exact same piece. It has such an unusual design so I know it's going to get a lot of compliments, I've never seen a flying jacket like this and I'm super happy it's become a part of my wardrobe and an item I'm going to treasure for a very long time.

You can get a closer look at this jacket now across on my YouTube as I talk about this piece and my collection of other favourite pieces in my wardrobe tour part two. Click below to watch - 


Evening guys, here's a quick catch up on my first week of solely focusing on creating video. As I said, when I told you guys I'd left work, I have no jobs so far set in stone, but starting the day focusing on a new and exciting venture of mine is something I've always wanted to do. Trying to find people or brands I can create & collaborate with on video projects is something I'm super excited and passionate about. I'm literally going out there on a limb and finding my own work, it's pretty scary, as yet I have no paid work, but I have got somewhat of a safety blanket as all of my holidays I didn't use from work are now going to come in this month, which will keep me somewhat still in the game till the end of the month, but then I'll have to get cracking!

That in mind I'm going to spend the rest of this month advertising my video's and really putting a conscious effort into getting seen and heard by as many people as I possibly can. I've also spent this week getting on top of, and learning everything about my new camera. I wanted to get super confident in using my new camera before the big work starts (fingers crossed, pretty soon)! I've made a handful of films this week, including one of Castlefield, a favourite spot of mine in Manchester, plus a film I've just uploaded tonight across on my personal Instagram of my cowgirl pal - Starr Clare.

I'd of done a lot more shoots last week but the weather in Manchester has been so bad recently the only thing I could do was film in the flat. Thankfully Starr and I made it look as cool as we could, going for a vintage style, western inspired film you can see across on my instagram now - The Unidentified Rocker. I have a few things up my sleeve for next week, focusing a little closer to home, and another being filmed in my top late night spot in Manchester. Next week I will be in London (for a party) but  hopefully working a little too over my long weekend stay in the city.

So with my second week as a freelancer just about to begin I want to focus, refine my skills, learn new things and to get out there, inspiring myself with everything the world puts in front of me. I'm also going to come up with a comprehensive plan over the next few weeks and ride this wave of new found positivity. You'll be hearing my second weekly check in on instagram soon, possibly Tuesday, so stay tuned for that.

Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better first week to my new solo project. I've done everything I said I wanted to do, including putting myself out there, working with friends and making new connections as well as always looking for new opportunities.

I'm also looking to branch out a little online signing up to online job platforms. I'm currently not on any! I think that needs to drastically change. It's not all about the lists and online job sites however, I know some stuff still happens the old school way. Either word of mouth, friend of a friend, or happening to be in the right place at the right time, or even someone reading a blog post. So if you are reading this post and you want to work together or know someone who does, hit me up and whack me a message.

Those of you who are wanting to see the other side of my wardrobe on YouTube, I promise you it is coming soon, you will see all my jackets in the next week when I get the time to film the next half!

Thanks for reading,



This post was written on the 11th of October.

I'm writing this on the train as I travel back home for my 28th Birthday, I'm on the train a little earlier than expected as I've just made a big decision. Today also happens to be Mental Health Day, what a coincidence, I've made this particular decision on this day, it's very timely indeed. Work is a big part of anyone's life but if you're not happy where you are, you have to change it. As good as my job is, somethings weren't so good.

I wasn't happy, I'd lost my spark, my creative flare and my motivation is at an all time low. I know in my heart stepping back and having a long good think about things is the right thing to do, I won't bore you all with the in's and out's of the matter, as there's somethings that will have to stay private, but at the end of the day I need to move on, and feel like this is the right time to do so.

Last night I read my 27th Birthday blog post, this is now a tradition of mine, re-reading last years blog post to see where I was and what I wanted in my life this time last year. I love doing this, as it's a time to reflect, and consider if my goals have changed, stayed the same, or even been broken in the past 365 days. I also like to see if my outlook for the future is what similar or totally different to what it was this time last year.

I always say these pre-birthday posts are a lot more personal and this one is probably the most personal to date. To let you guys into knowing how things are going on, in the inside, behind the instagram posts, behind the facade of the hat, rings and black skinny jeans. At this very moment in time, things are about to change a lot!

Right, negatives done and over, it's time to move on to those positives, ahh! Back to where I like to be! This weekend is my birthday. This weekend is the beer festival. Endings always mean new beginnings. The route I want to pursue is video, I know this now and I know something big is going to come of it. I have a lot of self confidence (a little too much says Chloe) in my ability to create killer video's and putting my individual personality and creative input into anything I capture with a camera, this is down to support from my amazing family and friends, telling me how good I am and boosting the ol' ego, but this isn't something to be shy of, this is something to tell the world, it's great to have self confidence, because with confidence comes everything!

Setting yourself targets, wanting to be the best, pushing yourself, wanting to learn more. I want to achieve all of that with hard work, meaning I want my video's to be the best. I've ticked a lot of boxes from my previous birthday post but this next year I want to be the boss, I want to make the decisions. I want to start something new, I want to succeed.

I'm thankful to all the opportunities I've had over the last eighteen months and the friends I've made along the way, but I truly believe in my heart this is the start of an even bigger journey! I always believe everything happens for a reason and the path you follow is meant to be, there's opportunities along the way that will pass you by if you don't give them your all, but if you are lucky enough to  catch them, the possibilities are endless. Good luck positive vibes and the universe will have your back.

In this particular circumstance however, you could say the thing I'm  most thankful for, is my foresight to buy and open return on the train!

Photographs by CJ Carpenter