You may have caught my Phix Clothing post a few weeks ago, where I let you into what happened behind the scenes of one of their shoots in Manchester's Northern Quarter. We were shooting the brands recent shirt collection, which feauted a range of their exclusive wild printed velvet shirts. I recieved the final photographs from the shoot last week, and just had to share them with you all on my blog.

The new collection of shirts are amazing, especially their velvet kaftans! I've told you all so many times, how much of a huge fan I am of an animal print. So these two shirts in particular are right up my street! If you want to see more of them in detail, they feature across on my YouTube channel this week. (There's a link at the bottom of this blog)

We styled the new shirts with our leather biker jackets which is a classic pairing, that always looks great together. Biker jackets just go hand in hand with animal print shirts, they make for the ultimate pairing, creating a rock and roll inspired outfit. I wore my gold rounded sunglasses on the shoot as a finishing touch, which I feel really give the photographs the essence of the 70's and captures the spirit of the era.

You'll have seen this shirt across on my Instagram, it's my favourite of the bunch, and it's the one I model across on Phix's website. Yes, I made it onto their web page, how cool is that! This shirt costs £80 and has a mixture of both leopard and zebra print. I've never seen a shirt quite like this, as you conventionally you either get one or the other. However, this shirt encompasses two of the strong, instantly recognisable prints, in one and as you can see, it really works!

This polka dot shirt is another one of my favourites, I just love the oversized spotted design. Most of the new shirts are velvet, in my personal opinion this material gives outfits that little extra shine, you just don't get with a standard flat cotton shirt, ideal for winter. They look way cooler. The velvet shirts have a texture and depth to them, not to mention they're super smooth to the touch.

I love how these photographs have turned out, particularly in the bar, they look super cool! We all wore the shirts in our own individual way. I always tend to go for the more relaxed and laid back look, with buttons undone and with a sleeve rolled up on one side. 

This kaftan shirt from the new collection is yet another design which totally stood out to me, it's made from 100% cotton, with one amazing pattern. The asymmetric print of the Harrison kaftan is such an amazing motif inspired by the 60's psychedelic patterns that George Harrison wore in the Beatles.

I hope you like the edited photographs, I really wanted to share them with you all, to give you a taste of the brand. To see me modelling the leopard print zebra shirt, and to check out the rest of this killer collection, head across to Phix's website click here.

Photographs by Deniss Gembikis


I'm writing this on a cold Monday morning, and I'm stuck for inspiration. Some weeks it comes naturally and others its something I just can't muster. As much as I love writing my blog, there are days where I struggle to come up with quality content because I'm stuck in an inspiration rut! However, I always persist and give it a bloody good shot, making sure there's something new out there for all you to read on my blog or watch on my YouTube channel.

My Monday mornings like pretty much everyone are sometimes an up hill struggle. It's hard to kick off the week when feeling uninspired, especially in the blogging game! I'm sitting here now typing away at my dining room table and if I tell you the truth, I'm stuck!

So, what do I do? How do I get myself out that rut? First things first, music. Music is a game changer as well as being a mood changer, it wakes you up, gets you back where you need to be, it can change your outlook in the click of a finger. If you choose a song or playlist you love, you're sure to get your much need mojo back on track. By simply pressing play you've made it over the first hurdle! 'Lock All The Doors' by Noel Gallagher now plays in the background. Getting things done, seems that little easier and obtainable now.

Next up is Pinterest, believe it or not, this gives me a lot of inspiration. However, I do have to set a strict time limit, as I can't spend my full morning looking through endless images of 70's rockstars and Carnaby Street fashions. Trust me, time can really run away with you when you're sat on Pinterest.

Rock and roll printed shirts worn by Kieth Richards are now engraved into my retina. With that look in the forefront of my mind, I move on to searching for some of my very own by having a good look through my favourite high street and designer websites. Looking through their 'New In' sections keeps me up-to-date with everything that's come out since the last time I looked. This always gives me a lot of ideas on what to feature across on my blog. Not to mention I get to do a spot of shopping, which always seems to cure those Monday morning blues.

So, the music is on, I have the photographs of my icons still fresh in my mind and hopefully, by now I've spotted something to talk to you all about. Another HUGE source of inspiration of mine are fellow bloggers and my Instagram pals. I love nothing more than catching up on all my favourite blogs Monday morning as well as having a good ol' scroll through Instagram, with a strong dark coffee by myside.

I get so many ideas from the people I choose to follow, they inspire me every day, giving me new and fresh ways to wear items or giving me the push to try something I've never worn before. Instagram gets a lot of negativity thrown towards it sometimes, but for inspiring people with pictures, you've got to admit, nothing comes close.

If my inspiration is at an all-time low and sometimes it is, I have my 'break glass for positivity book'. Ever since I started my blog I've been recording all the good things, comments, messages and the like. No matter how small that positive thing is, it gets written in the book. I've kept this little space in the back of my diary open for every positive thing that's ever happened to me and my blog.

From the smallest things to the biggest, they're all listed and dated with a small sentence written opposite, of what occurred. Every kind word, nod in my direction, to even the things I've managed to achieve myself, is all written in the back of my diary. (Monday 11th of December - Arse not frozen by sitting on a wall of ice.)

This is a huge help every so often when things are really not going my way and it's now quite sizable! I look back and see the things I've accomplished in the ten months of having my blog and think, "You know what, I will carry on!" Plus the odd DM of support which does happen to slide into my inbox, doesn't go amiss either ha! They really mean a lot, it gives me the confidence and drive to carry on!

What I'm trying to say is we all get inspiration from each other. Ideas, motivation, encouragement, enthusiasm and vision are things we all need to share a little more often with one another. We all need to be more vocal about it. If you like something someone is making or creating tell them about it! If you don't they'll never know, and if you do, you'll make their day! It might even make it into their 'break glass for positivity book', you never know do you?

Keep sharing, keep creating, spread the love and tell someone about it!


How cold is the weather right now? I'll answer that for you, IT'S BLOODY FREEZING! I mean it really is, as I was writing this post this morning I glanced over at my iPhone noticing it was still zero degree's outside and that was at 11am! By the looks of things, the cold weather is now here to stay! So with that in mind, I've decided to go all out and buy myself a very thick, very chunky faux fur coat.

I can tell you now that this coat is by far the warmest and most comfortable coat I've ever owned. It's ridiculous, it's like someone's fashioned the coat out of a large duvet or fluffy blanket! I shot this very early Friday morning in the park, it was a super cold and frosty however, this coat kept me very toasty indeed.

Worn open or buttoned up this faux fur looks so bloody cool! The large collar of the coat wraps itself around your neck and looks equally cool pointed up or folded down, it has such a nice shape to it. The coat has three large buttons which fasten at the front keeping all that valuable warmth safely locked inside.

I wore this coat with a simple white V-neck T-shirt, which is all I needed as the coat is so thick and warm to wear. The coats fabric is a synthetic fur, which has an awesome shine to it, you particularly notice this as the colour of the fur is jet black. The smooth glossy fur runs in the same direction making stroking the coat pretty hard to resist when you have it on.

I styled this coat up with some of my trademark rings and my pair of sunglasses to achieve that total 70's frontman look. I think this coat is absolutely epic! As soon as you throw this weighty faux fur over your shoulders, you feel very cool indeed. I've filmed a small look video for this coat which you can check out now by heading to my YouTube channel. This will hopefully give you a little inspiration on how to rock a faux fur yourself this winter.

I've always wanted a faux fur, its the ultimate winter rock 'n' roll piece but I have never been lucky enough to find one that I like, that's until I found this killer coat!

It's an integral item to any frontman's wardrobe, but nobody wears it better than this man. Mr Serge Pizzorno. This photograph of Serge has always stuck in the back of my mind, as he looks so bloody good in it. The sheer size of his jet black coat and the bulkiness of it just looks so unusual and cool! You can't tell where he stops and the coat begins. It's just one huge hairy thing resting on his shoulders, it looks amazing!

Following in Serge's footsteps, I decided to buy this coat and I don't regret my decision. This coat is from Zara and costs £159. I bought this coat in a medium as I thought the small may have been a little too short on the arms. Going for the size medium turned out to be a good call as the coat fitted me like a dream!

I've just checked Zara for sizes and they all seem to have sold out. Nightmare, I know! I have my fingers crossed that Zara will be on it and replenish the stock quickly, so you can also get your hands on this sweet faux fur coat. I'll leave the link below so you can keep an eye out for sizes.

To shop the faux fur coat click here.

I have, however, spotted an equally cool coat across on Asos. This coat is a touch cheaper than the Zara coat I went for, but still, in my opinion, looks just as cool. The only negative I can see is the length. It just looks a little too long for me. Still, I've added it to this post as it's well worth checking out!

Click here to view the Asos faux fur coat.

If you want to see the coat in more detail head across to my YouTube channel, where you can catch me having a chat about this killer faux fur plus the snakeskin print shirt I featured on my blog on Wednesday. Click below to watch and if you could subscribe to my channel, that would be awesome too!