Hey Guys, welcome back to another Sunday night. You join me tonight for a small but perfectly formed (if I do say so myself) post. I've spent the last few days back home and in Newcastle, where I've chilled out for a day or so visiting family. However, since it is Sunday and Sunday's after all are blog day, here's a little post to see you through. Tonight, I want to feature a very cool and new T-shirt brand called Electric Eye Apparel, which gifted me this t-shirt earlier on this week.

I came across Electric Eye on Instagram where the page posts some killer vintage pictures of musical icons, film and fashion, alongside some of the coolest rock n' roll images of all time. You really get a good feel for what everything E.E.A are about and what they aspire to be just by looking on their uber cool Insta feed.

Electric Eye Apparel are a t-shirt brand which takes inspiration from the rock and roll vintage aesthetic and channels that into their new range of custom organic cotton T-shirts. They offer a range of embroidered tee's with slogans such as song titles or prominent modern day muses emblazoned in a italic hand written style font. 

E.E.A describe the T-shirt as "a simple yet essential piece of clothing" which I fully agree with, when you find the perfect tee, it makes you feel pretty bloody good and as you can see looks very cool too. They also offer a personalised customisation, meaning you can create your very own individual quote (if cool enough of course)! Is it a little too early to ask for The Unidentified Rocker?...

I've not worn a round neck t-shirt in a long time as the more relaxed necklines are more my game. Nevertheless, every so often I do like to give things a go, so I've styled my "It's only rock & roll" tee with my staple leather jacket on my (also new) retro zebra print carpet. It's from Ikea and you need one too, okay!?

E.E.A are a brand that put the environment first, which so important in the times we live in and something more brands need to prioritise. E.E.A advocate slow fashion only using organically grown cotton as well and urging customers to recycle their environmentally friendly, card packaging.

I love the vibe the brand is recreating and I adore how effortlessly cool their t-shirts look when styled into any outfit. To check Electric Eye Apparel out and bag your very own super cool tee, check below.

Visit there Instagram by clicking here & website by clicking here


Hey guys, hope you've had a good weekend. It seems like the sales have started early, with nearly every high street shop and online store offering some kind of discount or promotion. For a savvy shopper like me, its a pretty good time to pick up a sweet bargain, cue killer tiger print shirt.

Sales are always a good time to grab yourself a statement piece for a whole lot less, however, I've always thought girls get a way better deal when it comes to the sales than the guys, am I right? Womenswear always seems to be a whole lot cheaper, meaning girls can get a whole lot more for a whole lot less, when it comes to clothing. That's why this week I've picked out this shirt. It's from a womenswear brand I'm sure you've all heard of and that's now actually based here in Manchester - Nasty Gal.

I bought this shirt because of its amazing animal print motif and to highlight the fact guys can wear (certain) pieces of womenswear to achieve the same overall look and style for a lot less cash. I mean, if I were to buy a shirt similar to this from a brand such as The Kooples, it would set me back around £120, this shirt which I picked up last weekend in Nasty Gals 50% off sale, cost me 10X less - coming in at just £12!

It was an easy decision to make, I bought it straight away, I do not believe in fast fashion. I know this piece was incredibly cheap but my plan was not simply to wear it once then throw it aside. I intend to treat this shirt with the same respect and care I would an expensive designer brand. 

Buying unisex items and styling them into my own look is something I've always done and find myself doing more frequently. I think styling is key when it comes to buying items designed for women but when worn in the right way and done in a manner that looks cool and confident, no one can tell you it's wrong. My thoughts on it, if it looks good when you wear it and you feel confident doing so, then bloody go out there and rock it. After all that's fashion and the coolest people I know wear their clothing in there own individual way, gender rules broken.

To shop the shirt which is still on sale click here. I bought the shirt in a size medium, to be honest it's a tiny bit too tight, I'm 6ft and I normally go for a small. I would say whichever size you are, go two above to be safe. You can also watch my YouTube video below where I describe this shirt in more detail and check in for a much needed catch up.



Hey, welcome back! November is here and I for one can't quite believe it! Where did this year go? I feel like this year has gone so quickly, next thing you know it'll be Christmas, oh wait it actually will be! The cold weather is now well and truly here which means, both your and my outfits have all gone though a big seasonal change.

I often feel that day in and day out I wear the same old thing, summer and winter. Don't get me wrong a killer black biker jacket is good for any season, but I do agree, I do need to shake things up every now and again in the outfit department. Even my friends and family tell me I always seem to wear the same classic items again and again but after all that's my style.

The running joke is - "I wonder what your next post is going to feature? Are you going to pair it with your classic go-to black skinny jeans and leather jacket?". I get this particularly from my girlfriend Chloe. Well this weekend I did something about it!

To prove her and any doubters out there wrong, I gave Chloe the challenge of styling me using clothes she's really wanted to see wearing. My wardrobe doors were flung open and she was given full control. SCARY, I must say!

Chloe decided to style me in my old Kooples suit along with my Bella Freud jumper, which she had yet to see me in. She decided to pair it with a vintage shirt which boasts an elongated collar line. I picked this shirt up not so long ago in COW Vintage. It's black and white striped pattern clashed with the dark houndstooth of the suit to make for a statement look, paired with Chloe's vintage shades for that extra touch of rock'n roll.

This was a combination I'd never have worn myself. I guess it was a little out of my comfort zone, even though I was wearing all my own clothing, it's just not an outfit I'd normally put together myself. This was the point though, it was to wear  an outfit combination that I normally imagine wearing. This was the push I needed to sometimes mix it up a little.

Since the seasons have changed I'm going to make a conscious effort (every once in a while) to change from the norm, however, never forgetting my signature underlying style. That's the most important tip I have, if you want to dress a little differently, either a more casual outfit or just want a change, never forget your original style.

Boots: All Saints, Sunglasses Vintage

Shop the jumper at Bella Freud
Shop a similar suit at The Kooples


This time last year I wrote a post titled 26, this was partly a list of things I wanted to achieve in my 26th year and what I'd already accomplished/not accomplished in my life so far. It was basically something a little more personal across on my blog. I guess it was a nice way for me to share a few details about myself rather than just feature another outfit of mine.

One of my favourite things about this particular post was that last weekend (my 27th birthday), I looked back and reread what I'd written this time last year. This was pretty eye opening as I've never been able to do that before, but now as my blog is over one year old it was great getting to look back to what I'd written and what was important to me 365 days previous!

Since I love to reminisce, I'm back this year with a list of targets and plans for my 27th year on earth, and sharing whether or not I'd achieved last years goals. The main target I wanted to hit last year (at the ripe age of 26) was to move out. In my post I said I'd love to move to either Leeds or Manchester, and as you probably all know by now I did in-fact make the big move to Manchester, a city that I'd fallen in love with ever since my first visit. Another to-do was to make more friends and I can tell you now, thanks to all of the friendly Mancunians here in the city I've managed to tick that off my list too! I feel like over the past year I've changed and grown up a lot, and I'm very happy where I am right now.

Spontaneity was again something I wanted to focus on and is always at the top of the list, this year it's no different, I want to carry on being spontaneous as I'd say it's the best thing you could ever do. Saying yes to pretty much anything can get you a lot of places and yeah, I guess it can also teach you many life lessons. If it means trying something new or going to new places then I'm always up for taking the chance and being ready for the next adventure.

This time last year I was working odd jobs and trying my best to post twice a week to build my blog. I did this by spending everyday (Monday - Friday) 9-5 in my dining room, for no money, no real plan of where it would take me and no idea if it would be beneficial to where I am today. However, deep down I knew I was on the right path with every post I wrote I knew something was going to come of it and I still feel like that today. Taking a year out of working and worrying, by concentrating on something I wanted to do, something solely for me is the best decision I've EVER MADE.

I was hoping to make connections through blogging and creating video's, concentrating on my own photography and making content I was proud of. My dream was to show people what I could do and to finally tick off my last and final box of last years objective - getting a proper job and a job I love. I can tell you now that I've also managed that, landing my dream job creating content at a rock 'n roll brand here in Manchester.

It's really strange, everything I wrote on my blog post last year came true. I mean, it was partly down to luck, being in the right place at the right time, and I guess it was partly down to hard work too. Since everything came true with my previous post, maybe this year I'll have to quote Del Boy and say "This time next year I'll be a millionaire". Worth a try with this track record, right?!

The only other thing to have changed since last year (other than the slightly shorter hair cut) is that I've met a girl who continues to make me the happiest person in the world. I'd not been in Manchester long till I met Chloe, we met through taking photographs for one another blogs and as soon as we met for the first time I knew she was the one for me. I hope this next year and many more to come will be spent getting to know this person, who I love so much and becoming closer to more and more each day.

My blog will always continue to be my special place where I talk about my hobby, passions and experiences in my life. It really has given me great things so far. It surprises me everyday and I couldn't of believed it would of ever happen when I started this adventure. This is my promise to you and to myself that I will keep on going with this blog that I love so much. This year I want to continue with my blog, meeting cool people, making new friends and posting & featuring what excites me and hopefully you!

I'll leave you with a quote from last year - "I'm a firm believer of everything happening for a reason, I know I'm on a path to something good"...

I firmly believe after my amazing 26th year even bigger and better things are just around the corner. Bring it on!