Hey guys, I can't believe we've got just over a week till Christmas! That's pretty mad isn't it, considering we all seem to have gone from March 329th to now, without really anything exciting in-between. My last post was my birthday post, that's not really hit me until now, I really have let my blog slide over the last few months haven't I! That can be my first in my long list of New Years resolutions, get back to being consistent, but like everyone, I've found it pretty hard to talk about any topics, new purchases or in-fact anything remotely exciting or interesting has sadly been few and far between. Cheers Lockdown!

Luckily tonight I do have something to share with you all - here's three looks from Tigha's new SS21 campaign, finally something new hits the blog! So we'll kick it off with my favourite item from the new collection the Nevan Leather Biker. It's made from sheep leather and comes in an awesome dusty black. It has some killer shoulder epaulettes as well as lots of detail on the jacket, for instance those killer leather elbow patches, which I absolutely adore! The styling of this biker is perfect, it looks aged, it looks worn, it looks like it's been around a while, it's all about the details, the pockets, zippers, ties and metal studding, plus the chunky belt. This biker certainly has a personality of its own, I love everything about it!

The second look I want to chat about is this sweet shirt, so good I had to have it in both colour options, the Black and Vintage Grey. The Senyo shirt is effortless, you can throw it over a tee or wear it underneath your biker, its going to look equally cool in any situation. The metal branded studded buttons are heavy and cold to the touch, always a good sign in my book as this always means quality, like all Tigha's clothing, the quality shines through. I teamed this look with the black Pablo Chelsea Boots and a simple long sleeved tee also from Tigha makes for a killer laid back outfit.

Look me in BLUE jeans, well, why the hell not, I mean you've got to mix things up a little especially when stuck in Tier three, cheers Boris, I mean there's not much excitement coming from anywhere else, hence the colour change. I do think the colour of these blue jeans are perfect though, very light, the washed out denim looks super cool, I know they'll look perfect next spring summer, plus it will be a total change to my normal go-to black especially when the weather gets a little warmer. It's a long while off, but we can all dream right?!

My final outfit choice I want to bring your attention to is this super cosy, warm, thick jumper, yeah, you can tell I like it right? This jumper is probably the most substantial piece in my wardrobe, I've been wearing it a lot recently especially with the weather being colder, there's no better feeling than been wrapped in this jumper, kicking back and relaxing. I'm not normally a huge fan of knitwear but this alpaca/wool mix is well worth it. If you guys want to see a little more of the outfits you can check my instagram @theunidentifiedrocker where you can catch my latest video of all the outfits styled up.

You can find all my looks across on Tigha's website, by clicking here to shop. As always stay safe, and if I don't get to check back in with you before Christmas, I hope you all have an amazing time, drink, eat and be merry with the one's you love!

Photographs by Dan Graham 

Catch you all soon x