This is a strange time for us all, however, occupying your mind is key to get us all ploughing through this monotonous regime we all find ourselves in. Jokes aside this is a little like my normal situation while trying to get myself recognised about what I do and show- casing brands and businesses what I can create. Creating something from nothing is a task and mindset I'm getting more and more accustomed to.

I've been doing it for months, its the case of thinking of idea's out of nowhere and trying to inspire myself to coming up with sketches and plans, then put them into action and start to film. A recent challenge I set myself was to create a series of short Instagram story films for the jewellery company - The Great Frog. I always pick a brand I'd love to work with, then head across to my sketch book, draw my ideas on paper rather than just imagine them in my head, sketching always helps me get my thoughts down on paper and implement the sketches and ideas into real life.

I want to be a videographer, that's what I want to do, but just endlessly messaging brands over email and getting nothing back is so depressing, getting knocked back again and again is pretty soul destroying. You've got to make yourself stand out from the crowd, you've got to be different, that's why I always make tailored video to go alongside my opening email. The most important thing is you've still got to believe, you still have to fucking stand by your talent, your work, as its easy to doubt yourself and your work after months of not being able to get work.

The longer it takes the more you doubt yourself, sell yourself cheap, don't ask for what you deserve. I often have these thoughts and always makes you doubt you're doing the right thing or following the right path. You've got to remain confident, confidence is key, you've got to remain positive! I know my videos are fucking cool, individual and I know a brand would be lucky to have me on board. To be honest the big brands I've approached have always messaged me back, I've had a reply from The Great Frog after sending the brand these tailored video's, which I'm super thankful for! I've also been lucky to hear back from brands such as Belstaff, my videos have also got me physical meeting's which is also great, I really appreciate them getting back to me with their positive comments however, at the moment, there always seems to be a 'but'.

That 'but' for the meantime doesn't bother me, that much, I've taken this time to work on myself, my positivity, my talent I fully believe on day will land me that dream job, doing exactly what I want to do, I know that day is coming. Now is the perfect time to focus on yourself, polish your skills, make connections but most importantly plan, sketch, keep busy and create!

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Stay safe & stay at home,


Hey guys, it seems like it's been ages since I last posted across on my blog and that's because, well, it has been! It's not because I haven't been inspired or creating, I have! Over the past week my creativity has come back in a big way! Thanks to a spontaneous trip to London late last week, it's truly opened my eyes, as well as my mind to all the opportunities that's out there and what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. And what you can create for yourself! It feel's like the past few months I've been a total recluse hiding in my comfort zones however, I've made a promise to myself, this is about to change!

I'm back, my creativity has returned in a big way and I know I'm back on the right path, right where I should be! I'm going to shout about what I do and put myself back out there, hopefully with a little luck on my side, I can start getting a lot more videography work! I had an awesome time in London, meeting old friends and making new ones, as well as exploring a city I love, returning home feeling massively inspired and happy!

I've recently been filming a lot behind the camera so it was nice change to get back in front of it and shoot this blog post! All Saints is a brand I have always loved since an early age, all you have to do is to read back over the pages of this blog and you'll get an idea! This season they seem to have come up with a collection of killer pieces. You can watch my YouTube where I talk about this sweet leopard print "Diffusion" Shirt and life in general.


You can check out the Diffusion Shirt  across on the All Saints website, its a killer short sleeve shirt, made from a lightweight viscose and has a perfectly cut Hawaiian style collar. Click below to watch my YouTube.

Peace, Love & Rock N' Roll,