Evening guys, we have ourselves a Wednesday night post, we've not had one of them in a while! It also feels like we need a catch up! I've been busy, actually busy! Yeah, I took six weeks off to spice up another boring, depressing, monotonous lockdown but I'm now back and feeling great! I also feel super lucky and grateful to have took that time away, so big shout to everyone and the universe for lining that up for me. New surroundings, a fresh, clear mind, the best company, plus lots of country walks, cooking . . and a little bit too much alcohol is just what the doctor ordered and exactly what I needed!

Basically the past few months have been a blast, when you're in a better mood you really do manifest more and more, when you raise your vibration you attract bigger and better opportunities and forces into your life, I fully believe that! You become magnetic to positive vibrations and that's the way I'm keeping it from here on out! After been in Hexham only a few weeks I found myself getting a handful of  projects come in, as well as keeping myself entertained by selling my vintage items and a lot of boots!

I can't wait to share some of the projects I've been lucky enough to plan, and execute over the last few months, especially the film and series of photographs I have shot in London for jewellery brand Clocks & Colours, it's fucking cool one, so keep your eyes peeled for that one, they'll be a blog post all about it I'm sure! What's also been amazing is seeing you guys wearing my vintage picks, I've seen how you guys have rocked and styled all the pieces I've sold, you guys look super cool! I just can't wait to get back out there to buy more vintage, I've missed shopping and thrifting so much! I'm planning on curating another collection, full of killer looks for that summer sunshine, ready to rock n' roll!

Cheers for reading,
Sending those positive vibrations and energy your way