Adding a detail scarf is something I do a lot when it comes to accessorising my look. Either to tie an outfit together with complementing colours or to give that little extra personality. Adding a detail scarf is a really good way to make that outfit of yours look way cooler.

The scarves I choose to buy and wear aren't practical, they're not thick nor do they keep me warm. They're more of a style over a substance decision. In this post, I'm going to share with you a few of my favourites, from the ones I wear most, the scarves with the coolest prints and how I integrate them into my look.

This tiger print number is probably my favourite and is the one I wear the most. However, it didn't always look this way. The scarf started its days as a huge square piece of material which gathered up and folded around my neck. I initially bought the scarf because of its killer pattern, but soon after, found it a little too big and cumbersome to wear. Problemo!

So, with that downside in mind, I took my huge square scarf to the tailor's and asked them if they could cut a smaller thinner piece of material from one of its sides. Basically, I wanted something a lot smaller than the original scarf, a piece of material that I could wear a little like a wide tie. Yes, it would be a lot narrower than the original but it would still give the same overall impression, that being a highly patterned feature scarf to wear with my outfits.

This is what I got back. The thinner scarf is so much easier to style into outfits, plus now, I have two scarves, one small and one big. Two for the price of one! I personally feel a smaller detail scarf is the way forward, they just look cooler, they're a perfect final flourish to any look!

Next up is a scarf I rarely wear now, my Alexander McQueen. I remember a few years ago when I finally caved and bought it, it was just before you saw them EVERYWHERE. One of the only items I've crumbled and conformed to following the trend with. Still, I suppose it does have skulls on, right.

A more recent detail scarf to my collection is one you may have seen before, my horseshoe scarf. This is a blatant copy from one used in my favourite campaign of all time, the Saint Laurent 2015 collection. I found this on eBay and like my tiger print scarf this one was originally huge. I did the same with this one and cut it down to a smaller version of itself. Again I prefer this resized version to the original. I think looks pretty cool thrown over any outfit.

Another Saint Laurent dupe is my star print scarf. This again has some serious YSL vibes and this particular motif has been used in lots of their previous campaigns. This fun pattern is printed on silk, it's a simple design, black background with large white stars. I found this scarf again on eBay which is an awesome place to have a good scroll until you find a print or material you can work with and fashion into a scarf. Big tip!

This is the main reason I like wearing finer, delicate scarves, you can go out there and buy anything that catches your eye. Then, if it's not right you can get it tailored or cut to your specification. Any scarf with a killer print you can style up and add to an outfit will look very cool and individual. To either break up an everyday outfit or complement a colour too, say, your footwear or a jacket you're wearing. It's all about accessorising to achieve a more overall considered personal look.

Another MAJOR tip I just have to mention is if you're going to wear any scarves like this, make sure it's somehow anchored to your outfit. Tied to a belt strap in your jeans or looped through the hook under your jacket or shirt. I'm telling you this from past experience because sadly I've lost a scarf in this way, and not just any scarf, my Alexander McQueen!

I know! It was a very costly mistake to make and believe me I was devastated too! But surprisingly not half as devastated as I should have been, find out why by watching my YouTube video below. Cliffhanger! Wearing a scarf in windy weather without tying it to me is a mistake I will NEVER MAKE AGAIN.


Last Saturday I attended my final wedding of the year and what a day it was. The day went without a hitch but finding this suit was a little more difficult. Nevertheless, I think I just about pulled it off and put together a suit I was proud to wear. I decided to wear something a little different to my go-to suit which has had a fair few outings over the summer.

Since I needed a whole new look for the occasion and didn't have the time or money for a new suit I knew I had to work with what I already had in the wardrobe. Cue this killer suit jacket from The Kooples. I knew it was this I'd have to build my look around. Yes, I left it very last minute, but I work better under pressure. I started shopping for my suit trousers two days before the wedding. I was cutting it very fine indeed!

The suit trousers were so much easier to find than I initially thought. I literally found them as soon as I walked into the first tailors I tried. What are the chances! I picked up the first black trousers I saw and they were perfect! They matched my suit like a dream! The material, shade and fit were exactly what I was looking for. You'd think my jacket and these trousers were made for each other. After few days of worrying, it was all coming together nicely.

Since I had the main two pieces down, I could now put my own spin on things by diving back into my wardrobe and picking out some pieces that would complement the outfit. I started with a crisp white shirt, this is the classic base to any smart outfit. However, I didn't want to go all out and wear a tie neither did I want to wear the shirt fastened right to the top. I wanted to achieve a smart but effortlessly cool laid back look.

I added my leather waistcoat underneath my blazer which gave the outfit that rock & roll edge. This gave the suit jacket another layer to sit upon and also an extra dimension to the super cool snakeskin print leather lapels on my blazer, which looked even more noticeable against the plain smooth leather of the waistcoat. I felt smart and looked smart but with a casual all thrown together look.

Worn with a selection of accessories including my trusty rings and since it was a special occasion, my Grandads wristwatch. I also found an understated classic belt with silver buckle & fastening, which tied the outfit together. The silver colour also matched the zip on my waistcoat and silver colour scheme of my jewellery.

My outfit was topped off quite literally with my signature hat, adding that flare of personality and making for a nice finishing touch. Overall, I really liked this look it also didn't look too bad considering I threw it all together in a matter of days. What do you guys think?


An aptly named title don't you think? As this particular jumper has some serious Dennis The Menace vibes. I actually really love this jumper as it's just so different to what I'd normally wear. The best feature of this jumper bar the stripes, of course, has to be the material. It's so comfortable, plus the fabric used makes for an amazing blurred effect from one stripe to the other.

The jumper is made from a synthetic material but also contains alpaca wool. This is what gives the stripes their blurred edges and fluffy appearance. I've seen a lot of people, girls & guys sporting this particular stripe, especially across on Instagram, this stripe & colour combination seems to be very popular this season, which is just my luck as it fits perfectly with my style.

It also reminds me of something similar to what Mr. Noel Fielding would wear (that's not always a bad thing) a jumper with a lot of personality is something I've been craving in my wardrobe for a long time, and this one ticks all the boxes!

The jumper has two small detail slits on each side, the back of the jumper is also slightly longer than the front. Other details include a ribbed neckline, hem and cuffs giving the jumper a nice edge and finish.

I've kept this outfit simple and stuck to the black and the red colours found in the jumper. A black suede biker thrown on top gives the jumper that extra rocker edge, plus I've purposely pulled the sleeves down a little (like I did with the yellow knit jumper) to expose the red and the black edge under the cuffs of my jacket.

Worn with jet black jeans with kneehole detailing and black suede boots to complement the jacket completes the outfit, making, in my opinion, for a killer look. I bought this jumper true to size, in small. However, it's once again an oversized knit. Whatever size you decide on buying this jumper in, it's going to look cool. This jumper was an utter steal at only £29.99 and also comes in a black/grey stripe, but the red is definitely my favourite.

I've left the link below if you want to view the jumper in more detail.

Click here to view the jumper at H&M.


Jumper season is well and truly upon us, that's why I've picked up my first piece of knitwear. This jumper is a little different for me. Why might you ask, well it's because it's a bright colour! You'll all know by now my wardrobe has a very monotone colour scheme. However, when it comes to the winter months, I like to inject some colour in there, to mix it up a little.

This happy yellow roll neck does just that. I mentioned this across on today's YouTube video too, which coincidentally you can all watch now, (nicely placed segway there). I was talking about how in the winter time, I wear more coloured pieces than any other time of the year. It's the time of year when everything is cold and grey, so it's nice to wear a vibrant colour to brighten up your surroundings, not to mention improving your mood.

The attention to detail in the knit is top notch, especially around the hem and the bottom of the sleeves, this is where the purl knit goes from being horizontal to vertical, nice touch Zara!

This particular style of jumper can only be bought in medium and above, the jumper wasn't made available in smaller sizes. I rooted for a medium, which as you can see is a great fit. This jumper was designed to be worn a little over sized which makes it even more comfortable for the inevitable long winter ahead. You can take this jumper off me in March!

I've styled this outfit with my favourite leather biker. I feel like this is the best way to rock a thick knit jumper. The clash of colours and material between the bright yellow knit and the jet black leather looks bloody awesome. I also love exposing a little of the jumpers sleeves out of either side of the leather to give that finishing touch.

Paired with my staple black skinny jeans, black pointed boots and finishing the outfit with a pair of sunglasses, makes for a killer AW look anyone can pull off.

The jumper costs £49.99 and comes in a range of colours to suit anyones taste, you can check these jumpers out now by clicking below.

Shop the Zara knit here.

You can also head across to my YouTube channel and watch my new video. This week I'm talking about this jumper from Zara and one more knit I'm featuring on my blog this coming Sunday.

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