Evening guys. Tonight we're back with a Mr Wood London shirt, my third shirt from their collections over the past few years. If you want to see the others plus check the story out of how the brand came about, check out my previous posts here - 'Lip Print Shirt' - and the 'Good Times Mexican Shirt' which are two epic bangers from past collections!

Every single collection has been top draw, consisting a range of amazing limited edition printed shirts (runs of 150 each) which you'll never find anywhere else on the market! Creating the coolest patterns and motifs, from vibrant lip prints with cigarettes in mouth to Mexican skeletons having a few beers and partying on. Only naming a few of my favourites but I mean, what more do you want on a shirt! All of Mr Wood's designs come in long and short sleeves so you can pick what style works for you. I always go for the long sleeves, as I feel this suits me best. 

This is the first collection drop where Mr Wood have included small in their size range so now sizes run up from S to XXL, there's really no excuses now. MW shirting range are the ultimate statement piece to wear here in the U.K. or for a laid back look somewhere hot on that holiday you've got planned in a few months time. As soon as you throw on one of these 100% smooth viscose shirts, you imagine yourself holding an ice cold one under the sun. Also the perfect addition is their range of killer swim shorts to get the whole 'co-ord around the pool' going on.

Let's talk about my latest edition, the matchstick shirt - how fucking cool man. I adore the print on this shirt, the details are everything. I hadn't even noticed online that all of the matchsticks are different - some un-struck, some burnt out, some only half used, love it! I wore this with a red vintage jacket of mine, classic black skinnies and a pair of sunglasses, why? Because for five whole minutes the sun came out in Scotland... unheard of mate!

The likes of rock n' roll royalty Ronnie Wood is also a huge fan of the brand now, occasionally sporting some of Mr Wood's shirting himself. Basically, if its cool enough for Ronnie, I'll take one too! Check out my YouTube this week where I talk about the shirt in a little more detail and fill you in on my fashion disaster! My fingers are crossed you can't see it already!

Shop Mr Wood London here - Mr Wood

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Evening guys, hello and welcome to the New Year! January has been a cold one pretty much everywhere, hence why I've been on the look out for more thicker, substantial items to really wrap up warm. Tonight my post is about my latest editions to the winter wardrobe - my retro shearlings. You all should know me by now and know how much I love a shearling jacket! Especially if it's a vintage beauty oozing all that character and that's exactly what I have here! Not only was I lucky enough to find one over the past few months, but two unbelievable, down right sexy jackets! However, now I have a slight problem, I already own one, now I have three in my collection, all shaggy, tan suede, so before my clothes rail collapses under the sheer weight of three bulky shearlings, one must to go!

There's nothing better than wrapping up in a shearling, you get the old rockstar look as well as the comfort & warmth so badly needed this time of year, there really isn't the style over substance approach with a piece like a shearling, they look bloody amazing and serve a purpose all at the same time! They really are the all rounder jacket, a complete win win. We'll talk about the jacket that begrudgingly I'll be putting up for sale and that's this one - I think this one has to go as it's so close to my original shearling I found in London a few years back. Nevertheless this jacket still is down right killer and I'm sad to see it go but it's screaming out to be someone else's go-to winter style and needs some love'in!

It's a slightly longer style suede with two deep flap pockets on the front, it has a huge over exaggerated fur collar waiting to be flipped up, pulled in and worn out on a freezing cold February day. It has a big silver, chunky zip running up its centre with added further metal details like the small clasps on the cuffs. The jacket is fully lined with quilting and fur that runs about two inches into the jacket from the edges of the piece. It's the perfect silhouette with its thick panelling and suede. When you wear this jacket, zip it to the top, nothing will stop you. I'd say its about a small/medium fit.

My other find is this, still tan suede, still fur lined, but this time its a little more cropped, tight fitting and it has a dark, coffee brown curled lining, it's the same but different at the same time. I adore this jacket and its now the one I throw on to take my car out. The cold wind hitting me whilst driving with the top down, but with this stylised flying jacket, it's does just the trick of keeping me warm.

The main thing about this particular jacket which is even different to my London shearling is that it's fully lined, you put your arm into it, and feel that fur, the whole of the body and arms are wrapped in curly, soft fleece lining! Oh baby. I wanted to feature these two jackets for a while now, but with a huge project currently underway (It's top secret) and I think it'll be that way for a good few months yet, I just haven't had the time, but since January has finally come to a close, I had to post a blog, to keep my hand in!

If anyone is interested in taking the jacket DM me on Instagram x

Hope you're all good and have had a great start to the year.
As always I appreciate you reading