Evening guys, I hope you've all had a sweet weekend! Tonight we're chatting about this very smart, subtle and clean cut All Saints coat I picked up ages ago, last summer in-fact in the end of season sale. I started to draft this blog a few weeks back and I originally wrote - 'I doubt you'd be able to find this piece anymore', however, since then All Saints are in the middle of an epic sale! Bringing a handful of pieces back from previous collections summer and winter 19/20, offering a huge 70% off in their outlet sale. Guess what, yeah you're right, this coat is back too!

I think I originally ordered this coat back in August/September, it was then put away for me as a gift till Christmas. Big tip right there, to pick up a bargain, always buy out of season. Who wants a coat in August? Me, it's the perfect time to buy! The previous sentence once again was written in my draft, saying that I'd normally stick by that rule, always buy out of season when the demand is low, to put the item away for later on in the year. However, with this coat being in the current sale, at an even better price than when I ordered (DAMN) now is an even better time to pick up a killer coat to add to your collection. You'll have to be quick though, as All Saints 70% outlet sale ends this evening at 12PM. Tense!

I've been checking in on this coat (plus the navy option) this week, sometimes visiting the page with all sizes sold out, every now and again though, finding sizes just appearing, so if you do like it, don't be disheartened if your size isn't there right now, maybe keep checking back, just incase you're lucky!

I just adore this coat, I've not had any clothing box fresh for a long time, I do prefer vintage as its a lot more unique, its always good shaking things up every now and again and order something new. This, like many All Saints coats is very stylised, angular, tailored and clean cut, its a style I find myself going back to time and again, it's just very smart, very classic and wearing something so new and clean, does give you a good feeling and I hope you agree when I say looks cool too.

I didn't look at the All Saints sale before writing this as I've mentioned but neither did I look before recording my YouTube this week either, you wouldn't think I've had my blog for over three years now! It's not my fault, I didn't check it out as I didn't want to buy anything else (he's trying to save over here!) I have however, added a few useful links to this weeks YouTube, but still worth a watch, as always! Click below to see a little more of the coat itself in detail, as well as catching up with all things or shall I say none of the things of living in lockdown.

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Evening guys, how are we all doing today? You probably know by now detail scarfs are my thing, it's always a question I get asked a lot, where do you find them? I've recently come across a brand which sell some pretty fucking epic ones, so here's your perfect chance to get accessorising too! I stubbled across 'I'm With The Band' on instagram, I guess that algorithm ain't that bad after all! After looking through and loving their entire vibe on IG (very scrollable indeed) I checked out their website and bought this scarf. As soon as I saw this killer lip motif I knew I had to get it, I gotta thing with lips, they're just cool aren't they? I bought it late last year, in-fact it was my only Black Friday purchase, so this scarf was a little treat to myself!

They're all about the girls accessories but us guys can definitely rock some of their amazing, killer creations too like I'm doing right here. All the items online and on their Instagram are modelled by women at the moment but don't let that put you off as some of their detail scarfs are down right cool. 'I'm With The Band' also produce a range of sweet headbands, scrunchies, bobbles which yeah, again are all sort of a girl thing, however, like any type of clothing or accessory, if you can pull it off, why the hell not, after all it's completely unisex! You can also find a handful of unique face masks which, I suppose aren't just in fashion right now, they're a necessity to keep us all safe, with that been said I.W.T.B certainly tick both boxes with their colourful, cool, one off designs.

The brand is based in L.A ran & owned by creative Kailee who is deeply inspired by 60's 70's culture, all her designs are made and created in Los Angles California, keeping all manufacturing & magic in the States. The fabric she uses is also environmentally sourced, using headstock & cut off's to make I.W.T.B's killer collections. The names of the products on the website all pay homage to her favourite rockstars & music artists from past to present, I loved reading these and matching them to the legends in music. I mean, you even get a lightening bolt cursor pointer when visiting the site, because who wants a boring black arrow. I'm With The Band is way too cool for that, you can take a look at the 'about us' page on their website for a little more info, about the business and boss babe behind it.

I bought the Chatterbox scarf which you can find here. However, I'd thoroughly recommend heading across and checking everything I.W.T.B create, as you'll find a killer range of detail scarfs from lightening bolts to polka dots and everything in between! My scarf is 100% silk featuring a kick ass lip print, somewhat resembling the lips of Georgia May Jagger, pointed at both ends and stretching down just past the waist line, this scarf is a 10/10 from me!

If you haven't checked this brand out yet, there's only one thing for it -
I'm with the band. Every piece online packs a punch and is the perfect detail accessory to anyones outfit, the brand oozes cool, from the uber cool, vintage styled shoots they post on their Instagram to the branding of their entire business. You can see more of the scarf across on this weeks YouTube, check it out, hit the link below and watch.

Cheers for reading, peace, love, rock & roll,


Evening guys, the first real week of 2021 is done, what a fucker it turned out to be! However, let's not let the news bring us down and start how we mean to go on, with a little more positivity! My main focus for the first few months of this new year is to keep these posts coming thick & fast, so tonight I'm back with another killer outfit I want to talk about. I sort of lost my mojo with my blog at the end of last year, so this year I'm setting out to do my best and get it back on track! You may recognise this jumper as I posted a photograph wearing it on Christmas Day, cooking up an absolute storm in the kitchen. However, this jumper definitely deserves more than just one photograph on Instagram - am I right? That's why I wanted to write a small post about it too. It's probably the coolest jumper I own, it definitely tops the Bella Freud already in the wardrobe, so let's find out why!

This is a jumper I've had my eye on for a long time now, I didn't realise how much I'd talked about it, but I obviously had (a lot) as I was super lucky to receive it as a present from my parents, legends! It's the first piece of Zadig&Voltaire I own and I'm very happy with it, I mean, it's a very sexy jumper. I've followed the brand for years, lusting after season after season of clothing, styles for both the guys and girls collections. I think of the brand being like a high end, expensive, exclusive version of The Kooples. Also based in the centre of Paris, oozing that continental feel plus a huge dose of rock & roll magic. ZadigVoltaire in the past have even had the likes of Kate Moss modelling their clothing, this really is a brand you need to see, if you've never checked it already!

My whole black outfit looks legendary in my opinion and is one of the coolest outfits I feel like I've worn in a while. I paired this jumper with my new sexy flares I also got as a Christmas present (thanks Louisa) which complemented the jumper so well, especially as they're equally as black as the woollen jumper itself, it's always hard getting jet black denim, but these babies are perfect! They show an angled silhouette to the leg, their straight lines mirror the jumper on top with its cuts, incisions & oversized boxiness. 

The jumper is super warm made from 100% Woolmark Merino Wool it's very cosy with its large, snug turtleneck and for the keen eyes amongst you, you'll might have also spotted the small thumb holes on either side of the cuffs along with the rib detailing that circles both, as well as the hem of the jumper itself. This ribbing in the fabric stretches up to the middle of the arm, making the jumper fit snuggly in all the right places, the jumper also has ZV knitted into the side panel, a very subtle logo which I only noticed when I filmed my YouTube video! All quite small, subtle details, but I bloody love them!

You can check the jumper out here, I think it came in a handful of colour options but sadly though, they're out of stock. Apologies for teasing you all! However, Zadig&Voltaire have a lot more killer items online which are well worth checking out as well as keeping an eye on for the future! You can check my YouTube video out by clicking below, where you can see the jumper in a little closer detail plus have a catch up with your's truly.

Cheers for reading,