Evening guys, tonight I want to talk to you about something very close to my heart - jewellery. In my eyes there's only one brand for any new, modern additions to my hands & wrists, that brand being Tant D'avenir Paris. This evening I'm going to give you a small glimpse of the two new additions I have in my ever growing collection.

I've featured my two new pieces heavily on YouTube (strap yourself in for a twenty minute video) so, if you want to know everything about the brand, to see my two new pieces in detail, plus a whole lot more chat, including the main man behind Tant D'avenir Paris, you may find it a lot easier just scrolling past all this jargon, clicking the link to my YouTube at the bottom of this post, sitting back, getting comfortable and pouring yourself a beer - that sounds like more of a plan to me!

Tant D'avenir Paris is my favourite brand to go to for my modern jewels, it's solely unique, uber cool and unrivalled when it comes to quality. Of course there's an added touch of rock n' roll magic when it comes to the Parisian brand too, all culminating in a highly polished, killer cool, independent brand offering a wide selection of high end jewellery. In my opinion - you really can't get any better than Tant D'avenir Paris.

Quentin, the man behind the jewellery is an equally cool character, he just envelopes his brand, TDP in his persona, his jewels are a product of his inspiration from Greek mythology and other ancient civilisations as well as what his crazy imagination thinks up and designs. Quentin's whole look is a complete reflection of his jewellery, I always think when someone owns and rocks a strong, independent look & style, those same two qualities will flow and will be found in every aspect of their lives, that's exactly what you get when it comes to Quentin. His look, his shop, his jewels even his home decor all reflect and sum up who he is as a person and that's what you buy into, a cool character with an epic story to tell, handcrafting, amazing pieces from his studio in the centre of Paris! You can read my post about when I visited Quentin's store a few years back in Paris here.

Check out my double Mousqueton bracelet across on TDP here, this now has to be one of my favourite pieces of jewellery, not only because Mr Keith Richards has one very similar, but because it looks damn right fucking cool on! You can also check my newest ring out - Blood Prince. These two amazing pieces are just a taste of what Quentin and TDP create, there's plenty more amazing jewels across on his website, if you do anything today head across and check Tant D'avenir Paris out for yourself! You really won't regret it!

You can find the link to Tant D'avenir underneath my YouTube.

Tant D'avenir Paris

Cheers for reading,