I made a promise to myself a few weeks ago to put blogging back at the top of my to-do list. This is quite a feat with a full time job, I can tell you that! Nevertheless it is Sunday and I'm back with another post! Tonight is quite a different one, skinny jeans will not be featured! Yeah you heard right! Tonight you see me in . . . flares!

Flares are a style of jean which I never thought I'd ever wear. Thats up until I began spotting some amazingly cool outfits, popping up on my social feeds. I do believe it or not, sometimes like to experiment with new styles, so I thought to myself, why the hell not give them a go?

My main source of inspiration for this post, came from looking through the Saint Laurent Men's Fall 18 collection. Flares play quite a part within this amazing 70's inspired capsule. I've included my favourite AW18 look below, but if you want a good nosey yourself, I've added the link to Saint Laurent website, at the bottom of my post.

Saint Laurent AW18
I've paired my flares with my large linen shirt, which I've owned for a while now. This shirt always looks killer on, channeling that old school 70's style. When I threw the white shirt on with my flares, I felt as though I was Jim Morrison himself, which is ALWAYS a good thing! I like the contrast of the black flares against my off white shirt, broken up with a vintage silver buckle belt, adding little that extra detail. 

My lightening bolt boots from Asos gave me a few extra inches in hight, allowing the bottom of the flares not trail along after me, you must look out for this classic mistake when wearing flares! Personally, I think a pointed shoe underneath a flare, always makes for a good look, just as the rockstars of the past wore them.

I also paired the outfit with a vintage pair of sunglasses, which again I picked up from Asos, they were a bargain, only costing me £15. These circle sunglasses are a nice finishing touch, giving the outfit that retro rock 'n roll look.

The only downside to rocking a flared jeans, is that finding the perfect pair, for us guys, proves to be a extremely difficult task indeed. So difficult in fact, I'm wearing my girlfriends flares from Topshop. So a big shoutout to CJ for kindly lending them to me. Even though they are a woman's jean I still think they look and fit great! These particular flares are the 'Black Flared Jamie Jeans' which you can find online at Topshop. 

To shop the flares click here.
To see Saint Laurent's Fall 18 Collection click here.

Watch my YouTube video below to see the flares and find out some exciting news about my up and coming week!


Hey guys! Right, lets get back to the blogging game! I realise over these past few weeks I've been rubbish! This is not like me at all, but ever since I got back from America I'm struggling to balance my work life and blogging life! Mainly due the fact I've started working FULL TIME! Dun Dun Dun! I am however, now going to make a huge effort to get my blog back on track.

I've featured these very sexy cuban heel boots across on my YouTube channel a few weeks ago, you may have seen them in amongst my holiday haul before I visited The States. I did promise myself and the guys at From The First, that I'd dedicate a blog post to these amazing boots. 

Ever since seeing From The First's monotone, uber cool Instagram account, I longed for a pair of their killer boots. I've always loved the Saint Laurent Wyatt harness boot, which From the First has clearly been influenced by. They've recreated this signature boot in a range of materials and colours, which in my opinion rival, if not surpass the originals. For half the price I may add, you just have to check them out!

I'm super lucky as I was given a pair of the Enzo boots in black suede to show you all, and just look at them! What a pair of beauties! The boots are made from the finest premium Italian calf suede and are handmade in Italy. These boots are the best boots and the most comfortable (after a week or so of breaking in) I own. I know their handmade stitched sole can be reheeled, meaning they'll in-fact last a lifetime.

I wanted to put together an outfit which would compliment the boots and their coolness, plus create the ultimate rock 'n roll look, as per. I hope you think I've succeeded. I've gone for more of a rock 'n roll cowboy vibe, as the Enzo boot has that statement harness strap on both sides and one YKK zipper on the inside. Each detail adds to that western style.

I've paired my boots with my suede Kooples jacket, which I think enhances the detail of the silver buckle and studded design on the boots. The boots look absolutely killer in this outfit and I have to tell you the truth, they look killer with every outfit I've worn them with so far! A sexy pair of boots really do make or break an outfit!

Overall the boots are unbelievable, the shape, the fit, the quality is all outstanding. You won't believe the amount of compliments I've had whist wearing these beauties! You can see the boots in more detail by checking out my YouTube channel, as a few weeks ago I featured the boots in a video of mine. You can also catch this weeks YouTube video, by clicking the link below. Thanks for reading, peace out.


Hey guys, I'm back and what a time I've had in America! I'm still a little jet lagged, still a little tired and the holiday blues have well and truly set in. This has been made even worse, as over the past few days I've been looking through and editing my favourite holiday snaps.

With that being said, I can't wait to start writing up my next few killer posts, which will feature some of the outfits I wore whilst away in the States. The first of which is this one, about my Mounir Ghazi Paris leather biker jacket. You will have most likely already spied this jacket on my Instagram feed, I wore it whilst shooting in Joshua Tree. Yes, that's where I filmed my super cool black and white lookbook video (which even I was proud of after a little editing).

This is my favourite jacket from the M.G.P collection, as I think it's the coolest biker I've ever seen, not to mention being lucky enough to wear it! The jacket looked amazing against the desert backdrop, it just looked so bloody cool! You know me, I love a leather biker but this one really is special!

Every detail from the chunky thick straps on each of the sleeves, to the quality of leather, it really is the biker jacket of my dreams! I had to go all out with my outfit, as I wanted the photographs to look as cool as possible. It was as you probably would expect, VERY hot shooting in the desert, daily temperatures surpassed 40 degrees, blame this for seeing my half naked torso! The leopard print shirt I wore is from Phix, the brand I work for in Manchester (which I'll talk about over here very soon). This shirt isn't available yet, but I'll keep you posted as to when it drops online.

Photograph by Michael Cooper
The photographs and film were both shot very early in the morning to avoid the heat of the day but I can tell you now, it was still pretty toasty strutting around the desert in a black leather jacket at 7AM! I took my inspiration from a series of photographs starring the man, the legend Mr. Keith Richards. The shoot took place in 1969 in Joshua Tree California, I absolutely love the images of Keith on this shoot, if you've never seen them I strongly recommend you check them out!

Joshua Tree is where I shot my photographs too as we were staying out there in the most amazing AirB&B! The area surrounding our little desert dwelling was the perfect backdrop to my film and the photographs, so I had to take advantage. I knew it would look good, but maybe not this good! I'm also so glad Mounir - the main man behind the jacket thought so too.

If you didn't catch my video on my Mounir Ghazi leather jacket you can check it out below. You can also read a closer description of the jacket and a little more on his full collection by reading a previous post of mine. Click here to check out my Mounir Ghazi Paris post.

Leather Jacket - Mounir Ghazi Paris
Rings* - Jack And Cowan
Shirt* - Phix Clothing