This post was written on the 11th of October.

I'm writing this on the train as I travel back home for my 28th Birthday, I'm on the train a little earlier than expected as I've just made a big decision. Today also happens to be Mental Health Day, what a coincidence, I've made this particular decision on this day, it's very timely indeed. Work is a big part of anyone's life but if you're not happy where you are, you have to change it. As good as my job is, somethings weren't so good.

I wasn't happy, I'd lost my spark, my creative flare and my motivation is at an all time low. I know in my heart stepping back and having a long good think about things is the right thing to do, I won't bore you all with the in's and out's of the matter, as there's somethings that will have to stay private, but at the end of the day I need to move on, and feel like this is the right time to do so.

Last night I read my 27th Birthday blog post, this is now a tradition of mine, re-reading last years blog post to see where I was and what I wanted in my life this time last year. I love doing this, as it's a time to reflect, and consider if my goals have changed, stayed the same, or even been broken in the past 365 days. I also like to see if my outlook for the future is what similar or totally different to what it was this time last year.

I always say these pre-birthday posts are a lot more personal and this one is probably the most personal to date. To let you guys into knowing how things are going on, in the inside, behind the instagram posts, behind the facade of the hat, rings and black skinny jeans. At this very moment in time, things are about to change a lot!

Right, negatives done and over, it's time to move on to those positives, ahh! Back to where I like to be! This weekend is my birthday. This weekend is the beer festival. Endings always mean new beginnings. The route I want to pursue is video, I know this now and I know something big is going to come of it. I have a lot of self confidence (a little too much says Chloe) in my ability to create killer video's and putting my individual personality and creative input into anything I capture with a camera, this is down to support from my amazing family and friends, telling me how good I am and boosting the ol' ego, but this isn't something to be shy of, this is something to tell the world, it's great to have self confidence, because with confidence comes everything!

Setting yourself targets, wanting to be the best, pushing yourself, wanting to learn more. I want to achieve all of that with hard work, meaning I want my video's to be the best. I've ticked a lot of boxes from my previous birthday post but this next year I want to be the boss, I want to make the decisions. I want to start something new, I want to succeed.

I'm thankful to all the opportunities I've had over the last eighteen months and the friends I've made along the way, but I truly believe in my heart this is the start of an even bigger journey! I always believe everything happens for a reason and the path you follow is meant to be, there's opportunities along the way that will pass you by if you don't give them your all, but if you are lucky enough to  catch them, the possibilities are endless. Good luck positive vibes and the universe will have your back.

In this particular circumstance however, you could say the thing I'm  most thankful for, is my foresight to buy and open return on the train!

Photographs by CJ Carpenter



This is my vintage western belt I picked up last weekend for a single pound. Yeah, I know, what a bargain! I've been into a lot of charity shops recently and I'd say one in every ten turn up an absolute gem, this belt being one of them. As soon as I spotted the silver pointed detail at the end of the belt shining through, almost hidden by the other leather's, I dug it straight out to find this western beauty.

The weather here in rainy Manchester has been, well - rainy, so I decided to shoot this look a little differently to how I'd normally go about it. I shot this in my bedroom with the curtains closed. It was pretty dark but that's how I wanted it, the single white flash from the camera was enough to give this set of images that look and feel of old 70's photography, plus I went one step better and decided to make a short film - obviously in black and white.

Mick Jagger
I shot the whole thing on the bed, which with a few well placed props looked pretty sweet. You may recognise the old Kodak film camera which I've been wanting to use in a shoot since I bought it a few months back. Ever since I saw the classic image of Mick with one of these old school video camera's I've been wanting to recreate the vibe.

Since I was channelling Mick behind the camera I'd like to think I was also resembling one of my style icons - Jim Morrison in front of it. As soon as anyone puts on a pair of leather trousers that's who they probably want to take their inspiration from. This look was all about the belt and with that being old American style, Jim was clearly the one to get inspired by, especially with a fine rum by my side.

The detail on this belt is amazing, it has old five cent coins positioned the whole way around, plus the pointed detail on the belt is to die for. The heavy darted point sits perfectly on the side of my belt loops and looks killer. This isn't really where I'd normally position a belt but more of a practical reason - the belt was too big for me. However, with a few added holes punched into the leather this belt now fits me like a dream. That's it with vintage, you've sometimes got to make little adjustments yourself to make it the way you want it, lucky here, that was only a two minute job.

This is the first piece I've ever bought from a charity shop, but if they're anything like this I'll be going back for more. You've got to have a little patience shopping this way but when you find something you weren't expecting you'll be greatly rewarded. I'd love to know if you've come across some killer pieces in these kind of shops and how you've styled up to into your outfits. 

You can go check my YouTube out tonight were I talk a little more about my bargain belt plus there's also brief and chat too. I'm going to upload a killer look video on my channel tomorrow night but if you want to see it now, you can check out my Instagram - @theunidentifiedrocker

Photographs by CJ Carpenter