Evening guys, how're you all doing this fine Sunday night? Tonight I'm back talking fashion and I've got a pretty cool jacket to show you. Sadly the weather here in Manchester this weekend has been a total wash out, meaning the photographs are not as dry as I'd usually like them. No one looks good when slightly damp, but hey - I've tried my best with the weather not being on my side.

The jacket (even though a little wet) looks pretty sweet, don't you agree? To be fair I've been struggling seeing anything I like on the high-street or online recently which has been a little deflating. However, when this happens I always refer to searching for patterns or prints I know I'd love rather than actual pieces.

I always start the hunt by typing 'leopard print', 'western' or 'cowboy' in the search bar of places like ASOS and ZARA, then see what comes up in the filtered results. After searching for these styles it's then just the case of a lot of scrolling to see if anything takes the eye. Sometimes this doesn't pay off, or in this case it's come through with one killer jacket.

So what did I find? Well, It's a faux fur jacket with a thin pile meaning it's great to wear for the transition from winter to spring. I've styled it on top of an old black denim, which I think looks good as it definitely acts more a standard fit over-shirt. I bought the leopard print jacket in a small, but it's not the most tailored fit, it's more of a boxy shape. You may think it's a negative, however layered up in an outfit it's the perfect size.

Since this jacket has such a striking pattern (head across to my YouTube to see it close up and in more importantly in colour) the all black outfit counter balanced the power of the print. I also rolled my denim cuffs up and over the jacket to break the strong pattern even more in my outfit. Classic accessories followed, chains, belts, rings and hat - OBVIOUSLY.

The jacket has a classic silver zip up front and rounded collar. As you all know animal prints my bag and this jacket does not disappoint. To take a closer look at the jacket over on ASOS click the link here: ASOS Faux Fur Leopard. Thankfully the shoot wasn't all wet as we also hired a studio for BOYGIRL meaning I was also lucky enough to snap a couple of photographs in there too! 

Thanks to CJ for braving the weather with me and taking my photographs. LEGEND! Take a closer look at the jacket by viewing this weeks YouTube video below.



Hello, it feels like I've not posted across on my blog for a while now and that's because well . . . I haven't! It's been a whole two weeks since my last post, what a rubbish blogger I've become! I hate missing a post or YouTube video, so the past two weeks have gotten to me and made me feel somewhat down about my blogs state of affairs. This break has however, let me focus my attention on other things, mainly BOYGIRL - the new creative agency my girlfriend, Chloe and I have been working hard setting up.

I know I've already mentioned BOYGIRL a handful of times now across on my blog and YouTube but this is my first post dedicated all about it. So here we go. I'll be telling you pretty much everything from - where our idea came from to where we're planning on taking our new business venture.

It all started back in January, when I started scribbling in the back of my notebook planning what to focus my efforts and energy into this year. The seed of the idea began to grow. I'm 27 now and so far things are going well but we're all not here for just 'well' are we. We have to push ourselves and constantly evolve and strive for new and better things, I guess you could say the manifestation of this will be BOYGIRL. Fingers crossed!

Ever since an early age I've always liked filming video and snapping away with a camera, I've always been told I have a good eye but this creative output has become more and more part of my life. I began to focus more on my video around two years ago when I made my look video's across on my YouTube channel and now constantly learning everyday with my job at Phix. Videography is now the direction I want to head, I find telling stories and making something or in-fact someone look cool on video is my forte.

Filming video is hard, I firmly believe not just anyone can come along and make something look interesting or tell a story, you've got to capture just the right moments and you've got to get that person or object to do exactly what your vision is. Editing is another crucial part of the process which you have to nail. I now know no matter how good the footage is, you can either make or break it in the edit. Editing my footage is something I'm always trying to improve and it has come along way especially over the past two years. I've learnt editing is super important, if not nearly as important as the footage itself!

Bringing it back to our original idea, Chloe and I had been talking about doing something like this for quite a while but back in January we decided to join forces and smash this journey together. One thing we needed before anything else however, was a name. After around two weeks of throwing names around, which, lets face it weren't very good and which didn't shout about that we were in-fact a couple (we wanted to stay away from that) we finally landed on what we decided to go with today. We thought if everything was taken away and simplified, what actually are we? One boy and one girl, both with just a camera and that's where the story begins and that's where BOYGIRL started.


I can't wait to see what this year brings for our new venture, fingers crossed we'll create some amazing projects with some equally cool people. I love meeting new, cool characters that share the same love and passions either if that's their hobby for blogging or love of fashion I know with this project I'm going to meet a lot of like minded people who share my outlook! Meeting people and making new connections is far greater than anything else in my opinion so bring it on!

We're launching BOYGIRL tomorrow night, it would mean a lot to Chloe and I if you went over to see all our work so far. Hopefully this time next year I will be celebrating not only my third year of blogging but my first year of co-owning BOYGIRL. If you're interested to know more or want to work with us feel free to drop us a message. Click below to watch this weeks YouTube where me and my girlfriend/ new business partner Chloe both chat about BOYGIRL and a whole lot more plus I have a chat about celebrating two years of blogging!