Ahhhhhh, finally, I'm back writing on my blog! It has been a while hasn't it? The past month or so has been a strange one for all of us, with everything and everyone experiencing different things to the "norm". With me it's sort of meant that my blog has took somewhat of a back seat, I've still been focusing on staying busy in 'lockdown' but in a slightly different way, turning more to my videos as the  creative output I sorely need! I find I can really take my mind away from all the negatives of the moment by challenging myself to create a new video.

With that in mind, it feels totally refreshing to get back to writing up and shooting a blog post, one of my favourite things to do and what a post I have for you all tonight! I've been a fan of Mr Wood London since last year, when I discovered the brand on instagram. Over this time I've seen the page grow and I've witnessed the brand creating awesome, unique shirts with even more and more killer designs. My personal favourite from this collection has got to be this design, the smoking lip print shirt. This is their third shirt collection release, and in my eyes their strongest!

I mean, just look at this design, I don't think I've ever seen a cooler print on a shirt than this. It just looks so rock n' roll, feels so rock n' roll, it's just down right cool! The lip motif is very detailed as well as the fit being bang on! Mr Wood start their sizing at medium, I wouldn't normally go for a shirt this big but this laid back fit worn carelessly is just effortless. I've even included some colour photographs for you all to see how much this shirt has to be seen and how vibrant those lips are!

This is the long sleeve shirt, but they also make this print in a short sleeve style. I love the fact they've only made this shirt150 of each style. You can check this shirt out, amongst others on their instagram by clicking and following Mr Wood London - instagram. I styled this shirt tucked in and worn out so you can see how versatile this piece is, as you all probably know my style by now, I wore it pretty much open, I don't mind walking around with a shirt half unbuttoned, sleeves rolled up, for a more kick back, carefree look, I just prefer it, each to their own and all that!

Check out my first post, which I wrote last year on Mr Wood London where you can find out more about the brand. If you love a motif, their new range of killer shirts is certainly for you. View their website hereI've also filmed a YouTube where I have a catch up with you during this super strange time, plus you'll get to hear more about this killer shirt! Well worth a watch!

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