You'll all probably know by now The Kooples is my favourite brand of all time. The individual look and rock 'n' roll style of each of their garments is something I've always loved ever since I first laid eyes on their killer pieces. Every single aspect of the brand is just so cool. My favourite part of the brand is their smoking hot campaigns, which over the years have used countless real-life couples. 

It was my girlfriends birthday last week so with that in mind I bought her, her very first piece from The Kooples. I also treat myself to this very cool shirt, (how could I not)! Since Chloe and I had two new items from The Kooples we couldn't resist getting out there together to recreate our very own Kooples inspired shoot.

I think the photographs have turned out awesome, Adam the photographer is super talented and has captured us in such a relaxed way. I'd say we did a pretty good job in showing off the garments, I mean what a cooler way to shoot both Kooples pieces together. The short sleeve shirt is something I adore, the tattoo like illustration print coupled with the fit and cut, makes this shirt a super cool piece for the summer months ahead.

I styled this shirt as I always dress my shirts, the classic go-to skinnies and hat paired with my black Kooples leather. CJ also decided to wear a super cool vintage American leather from Lost Highway nothing looks cooler than matching leathers right? Chloe also mixed her outfit up by wearing blue denim jeans and a contrasting red bandanna for that little extra pop of colour.

I've kept some of these photographs in colour, which yes, is a little out of character for me, but why would I edit them when they look this cool? We both chose to wear our sunglasses while shooting, CJ in her tinted yellow shades and myself in my faded orange glasses. I actually found these, believe it or not in my garage. I stumbled upon them whilst back home last month and haven't taken them off my face since. I bloody love them!

I realise I've not been as on it with my YouTube recently, so I've made an extra effort this week, and I have a great video for you all to watch, a small chatty one which will fill you all in about what I've been up to in these past few weeks.

Check out Adam's photography page here
Click here to shop the shirt across on The Kooples
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