If you're reading this now I've probably just touched down in Las Vegas! The plan, like the past few years is a California/Nevada Road Trip, this year with my family! Starting in Vegas, heading into the Mojave Desert then onto Palm Springs, hitting L.A then finally ending this epic journey in Santa Monica, before flying back from LAX. I've managed to hit the high street and grab a few last minute pieces for my trip to America. This isn't a massive haul by any mean's, however, I just thought I'd show you what I've picked up myself and been very kindly given for my time away!

Here are a few items I wanted to show you, as, well basically, I couldn't resist! I'm going to feature all these pieces individually across on my blog when I get back, but for now, here's what my upcoming posts will feature. Plus you're pretty much certain to see these pieces across on Instagram over the next few weeks as my plan is to shoot these killer pieces out to the desert, which by the way I'm very excited about!

I picked up my denim jeans in town Saturday morning but also had a back-up pair delivered just in case I couldn't find any to my liking! Thankfully I did come across some awesome jeans from All Saints. I really struggle when it comes to finding jet black skinny jeans, I've tried everywhere believe me! All Saints however, never let you down, you get a quality, well fitting jean which always look very cool on. I am also keeping my back-up pair from a brand called Brooklyn Denim which turned out to pretty bloody good for £35, stay tuned to see what they look like.

The other pieces include a killer snake print shirt from Reiss, a standout leopard print number from the brand I work for in Manchester, Phix. It's actually a sample shirt which you'll be happy to hear, we are putting into production later on this month. Next up, the leather jacket to end all leather jackets (which I've featured on my blog before) from the Parisian brand, Mounir Ghazi Paris. Last but not least we have the sexiest pair of boots I've ever seen by From The First, which I chat about in detail in this weeks YouTube video.

I've been super lucky to have visited America quite a lot over the past few years and I can't wait to get back out there! It really is one of my favourite places to visit in the entire world! See what I get up to by following me on Instagram @theunidentifiedrocker. As you can see I have a few killer collaborations going on with brands I know you'll love - so keep an eye out for more!

I'll be taking the next two weeks off writing my blog but will be back the first Sunday in September to tell you all about my adventures while exploring California. Click the link below to view my YouTube featuring Mounir Ghazi Paris and From The First boots.

Catch you soon,


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