Hello guys, how are you all? I've had a pretty good week this week, and to make it even better I came across this beauty of a jacket! Last Friday the boss took our small team out of Manchester to a vintage emporium just outside the city to pick up a few props for a very exciting up and coming shoot (I'll tell you about it soon). So Friday afternoon was spent searching for items at a huge warehouse of old antique items and second hand goods. THE DREAM situation.

Deep in the middle of the warehouse was a small rack of jackets, I spotted two that were military style and I've been looking for a navy military jacket for a long time now. So, as soon as I saw this little guy I knew it was the one for me. I took it delicately off the hanger and tried it on - it fit perfectly. Normally when I find a vintage jacket I love the only thing stopping me taking it home is the size, they're always either too small or too big! This one however, felt like it had been made just for me!

Next stumbling block - the price. Normally if I've found a jacket that I love the style of and that actually fits me the next downfall is the cost. In my head I was already thinking I'd definitely pay £80 for this killer jacket! This was met by sheer horror when I told my work colleagues as they thought the whole thing was falling apart (we'll get onto that later). After a pep talk on pricing strategy, the bargaining began... "How much is this mate?" The guy in the warehouse replied "I've got £40 on it" (already half of what my top budget was in my head). I put on my best poker face and said " How's about £20 mate"? The art of the bargain, you can never go less than your original price you first say, so you may as well make it as low as possible. The guy "£25". I couldn't shake his hand fast enough.

Me - 'Can I have the hanger too? Guy - "cheeky bastard". The deal was done, the jacket plus a fantastic hanger for £25. BARGAIN!

Getting back to the falling apart bit, if I'm being honest the jacket wasn't in the best way when I shook hands. The seams were splitting, the lining was falling apart and the chain mail epaulets were just hanging on by a few stitches! I looked past all that as I knew this jacket had something special about it. Looking at it through rose coloured glasses it was great but I knew deep down this vintage piece was going to need a lot of TLC before I could wear it. Job number one - take the jacket to a tailors, get it back looking its best. Done £16.

Job number two - get jacket dry cleaned. Done £15. I picked it up Friday just gone and wore it for the first time out yesterday. The all in spend was £56, not too bad if you ask me for one of the coolest jackets I've ever seen! Buying vintage can be a little pricey but If you do get a steal it's definitely worth spending a little cash on getting the piece fixed, meaning in the long run it will last a lot longer plus look a lot better! I just love the idea of saving something which without your help, could be lost forever.

I styled the jacket on top of a Breton long sleeve t-shirt, inspired by a Saint Laurent catwalk show. I love the look of this jacket when it's on, it's got such a cool vibe to it. Yes, it's a standout jacket but believe it or not I have never had chain mail in my wardrobe but this individual piece is just something I couldn't walk past! I want to wear this jacket as much as I can, it has the look and feel of something very expensive and it reminds me of a classic Dior jacket or even a Hedi Slimane, Saint Laurent piece with its art nouveau sleeve embellishment and high, rounded collar with broach pins.

I had a lot of DM's when I posted this across on my Instagram of where had I found it. I would strongly recommend checking both this place and the vintage store opposite (another huge antique warehouse) out if you're ever in or close to Manchester. It really is antique heaven!

📍 8 Wrigley Head, Failsworth, Manchester M35 9BL

Watch this weeks YouTube here where you can see the jacket in much more detail plus a whole lot more.



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