Hello and welcome back to my blog, tonight's a little different from the rest of my posts, as this time, I'm not in front of the camera - but behind it. Earlier this month, I travelled to Ibiza to film the new SS19 Phix Clothing campaign, which you've guessed it, is what my post and video across on YouTube is all about.

Heading across to Ibiza is a pretty good way to start any week, especially when you should be in the office! This is my second work trip away and something which I was very excited about. Exploring new and interesting places along with meeting new people, is what I'm all about, not to mention fashion and videography, this was shaping up to be my dream week at work.

You'll probably think there was a whole team of us; planning, shooting and styling the Phix campaign right? No, in fact our team consisted of only four, myself, Adam (the owner of Phix), our model Juan and his photographer Christian. Pretty tight right? Adam and I were first to arrive on the island, as we had a meeting and various props we had to source previous to the shoot getting underway.

This is when we met the main man for the first time. Diego is the owner and CEO of Concept Hotel Group and in my opinion, the coolest man in Ibiza. He's also the founder & director of the famous 'Rock Nights' on the island, which if you give a quick google will tell you are nearly as legendary as the man himself! I could write a whole post all about Diego but I promise to keep it short. ISH. . . 

We shot many photographs in Diego's stunning boutique hotels, as they made for the perfect rock and roll backdrop, we were even lucky enough to stay in a handful of them too! Diego also starred in some of my film and photography below, as you can see he aced it. I just can't wait to show you all the video. We both actually followed each other on Instagram way previous to knowing that we'd meet whilst on a shoot in Ibiza. I've always thought his style was uber cool and that goes for his hotels too! If you like a mix of Art Deco style interior design, a good dose of rock n' roll, plus a heavy amount of his killer personal western shirts - the man is well worth a follow!

The best part of meeting Diego was being able to shoot him and his killer cool 1968 red Ford Mustang. Coincidentally one of my favourite classic cars of all time. I made it my mission to create a film and the set of images the coolest I possibly could. The film isn't out yet, but I will show you all as soon as it is ready.

Not all of the shots situated in hotels, we all travelled around the island mixing up the locations, from ultra modern-to-classic rural Ibiza. You know the stereotypical palm trees etc however, my favourite location I managed to stumble upon was this old abandoned Mercedes. HOW COOL.

The drone also worked a treat on the island. Before travelling, I'd took our new toy on only two practise flights. So flying it as well as capturing video, in very windy weather conditions was pretty bloody hard let me tell you.

Overall the campaign shoot was a success. I'm very happy with my videos (take a look at the SS19 trailer I made for the collection above) and even some of the photographs I managed to take whist over on the island. I strongly believe this is the best collection Phix has ever created. You can now view all styles online with everything very soon being able to purchase.

I also vlogged each part of my Ibiza trip, so if you want to see everything the happened before, during and after the campaign shoot - go across and check it out!

Photographer for campaign - Christian Navarro
Model - Juan Milan

A big thanks to Juan & Christian for being a legends, Diego for his generosity and of course to Phix Clothing.

Cheers for reading,