Evening guys, thanks for coming back and visiting my blog. Tonight's post is a good one as it features not one, but two rock n' roll shirts! A good time to check back in for a catch up, ey! For those who have an eager eye, you may recognise one of these shirts already has already been featured on my Instagram stories a few weeks back, but the other I've worn especially for this blog post! You all seemed to love the polka dot shirt back then, so I hope you'll all enjoy this closer look.

The brand that kindly gifted me these two killer shirts is called Harvey Willy's, and is actually a based in Argentina. I'd not heard of the brand until (once again) discovering them on Instagram a few months back, but after being inspired by what they're creating on social media, I'm now a big fan! H.W is a relatively new brand on the block but has its roots in a brand born in the 60's manufacturing denim to the South American Fashion market. 

Their new baby launched in 2015 and has got some serious pedigree in the industry, now focusing on producing a range of seriously cool underground Rock N' Roll clothing, trying to mix vintage music trends into the fashion of today.

As soon as I opened my delivery I could tell straight away that this brand had their attention to detail down. Everything from the packaging, to how the shirts were displayed was perfect - they even went to the trouble of pinning the shirt on the collar and hem to hold it exactly where it need to be to refrain from crumpling! I actually opened the shirts just after work before going to a gig here in Manchester, I already had my outfit on for the evening but after unpacking these beauties, the shirt I was wearing was soon forgotten as changed into the polka dot almost instantly.

Harvey Willy's have a good dose of music influence, which all good brands have in my opinion! As soon as you take a look at their Instagram you get the feel of who and what makes the brand tick. H.W also kit out a lot of bands that come to the area, keeping their finger on the pulse and mixing with worlds biggest bands and artists, such as supplying pieces for Lolapalooza!

The shirts I wore are both made from a super soft to the touch viscose and I can tell you fit great! I went for a small in both they even were kind enough to throw in a pair of their black skinny denim jeans, which I sadly didn't wear on this post and that's only because they're in the wash! They've not been off me since I got them, they're so bloody comfortable!

The other piece the brand gave me was this tiger print shirt. I've seen this pattern before, the first time being earlier this season by The Kooples and I think All Saints are stocking a tiger print motif shirt at the minute, but this is the one for me. I love the size of the print and the colours used, plus its long sleeve, it's an all rounder and I cannot wait to wear it this summer! 

Other little details I've spotted since owning the shirts are the personal touches they leave around the garments, somethings I've never seen before. For example, their motto sewn into the back of their shirts - 'Good Things Belong Together' and little remarks on their washing care labels, I like that touch of personality, I feel like I'm closer to the brand and more in touch with their state of mind when I see nice touches like that, that didn't necessarily have to be there but importantly are.

This brand had totally passed me by until I found them a few months back, but I can't wait to see what they do next. Make sure to check out their awesome website, I'll definitely be back shopping there very soon, it's another brand I'm adding to my top list of finds this year!

Click below to watch this weeks YouTube video where I chat about the shirts in more detail - 

Click here to check their website out now - Harvey Willy's



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