A Biker Jacket has always been an item I hold close to my heart and if you're taking the time to read this particular post of mine, then it's probably a piece close to your's too.  I always get a lot of questions about my jackets, especially ones relating to this particular style. Because of this, I've tried answering all in this blog post and even more in depth across on this weeks YouTube.

The all black outfit with classic smooth, shiny leather biker is one of my favourite looks of all time, not to mention one of the coolest. Owning a classic styled black biker jacket is a key part to my wardrobe and style, it's probably the outfit you see me in most.

This signature look of mine (in my opinion) is the ultimate 'cool' outfit, it's effortless, timeless and if done well looks a million dollars. I've had this [The Kooples] biker for a few years now and every time I throw it on I feel that sense of rebellion and attitude that every great biker should give you. I've got a lot of jackets in my wardrobe, but after nabbing this one a few years back in the sale it went straight to being my number 1.

My standout outfit isn't complete without a trusty fedora hat, this is another accessory you'll probably not see me without. This hat has been with me for years and paired with this look gives me my own strong personal style. This hat has been everywhere with me over the past few years, and is what I've been recognised for - its even what I based my blog logo around!

It's a killer piece, I really wouldn't know what I'd do without it! It adds that little extra magic and personality to every outfit I wear it with, it's a conversation piece and a bad hair day cover-up! I actually found this hat over on eBay after years of searching for the perfect one. I've got a handful of beautiful hats in my collection, but this is the one I wear pretty much everyday. Hat brands to look out for include Akubra, Driza-Bone and Why Eye Hats.

Getting onto jewellery, another part of my look that I feel is as integral as wearing my hat! It's aways about accessorising your outfit and making it the most personal statement you can. If I didn't wear my jewellery, I'd feel naked without it! Jewellery is all about that story, telling someone a memory or remembering a person/place that close to your heart. Each piece is very personal to me, either I've bought myself or have been lucky to have been given by a family member or close friend, my collection has taken me over five years to create and I'm still not done. One thing to bear in mind is a personal jewellery collection isn't achieved over night!

All best pieces of jewellery tell a story and I feel like it's such a strong part of my day to day look. I wore a black crew neck tee to make the jewellery stand out even more than it usually does to show you how much of an impact it has in an outfit like this. A lot of my pieces are one off or vintage, they may of even been passed down to me from family. But, my favourite brand for necklaces, rings and the like is Tant D'avenir Paris which is owned by a friend of mine and all round legend - Quentin. If you like my jewellery I couldn't recommend his pieces enough!

The other accessory I chose to add to this look was a bandanna, this threaded through a loop of my jeans gives a classic rocker vibe. Bandanna's are such a versatile accessory which make them the perfect add on or styling item, this one I also picked up from The Kooples. It's monotone colour and short length makes it ideal to tie around your jeans in the way I have, or worn in the traditional style of around the neck.

Wearing a combination or all of these key pieces I've mentioned above in your own individual way, reflecting who you are as a person through your outfits is always the best way to go. After all, the best looks always tell people you come by in life everything about you, without having to say a word yourself.

If you want to find out more about my rings, biker jacket or accessories head across to my YouTube channel where this weeks video features all of the above plus my favourite three bikers on the market at the moment.

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