Evening guys and welcome back to my blog. You may have seen this piece across on my Instagram, and it's the very sexy seventies flying jacket I picked up last weekend in London. What a beauty of a jacket it is, so much that it definitely deserved it's own post across on my blog! It was an unexpected purchase like any vintage find, but I knew as soon as I found it and threw it on that I couldn't leave it behind. There's nothing worse than buyers regret, am I right?!

So, fifty-five pound lighter - I walked out the shop in Carnaby with a jacket of legendary status. When looking in the mirror to try it on, it reminded me of something James Hunt would've worn, he'd turn up wearing a jacket like this to one of his races in an open top car in the early seventies, so with that picture in my head I couldn't not buy it. This is also the exact way I want to wear this jacket, it's the perfect vintage piece to fasten up and get comfortable in, before setting out on a cold winters morning drive in my classic car, especially with that thick collar pulled up at the back to keep me all wrapped up. 

The best part of this jacket (bar the matching fleece lined cuffs) is the three press stud clasps that secure the front. It feels quite medieval, but I can tell you now these unique fastenings do the job well.  I actually wore it around London pretty much straight away, as it was sunny yet cold when we visited so this standout jacket was the perfect thing to wear, and it also looked down right fucking cool teamed with a pair of dark aviator sunglasses.

It's an effortless piece to just throw on, and in my opinion it automatically makes you look like a seventies legend. The best thing is that this piece is vintage, so there's no way you'd be spotting someone else in the exact same piece. It has such an unusual design so I know it's going to get a lot of compliments, I've never seen a flying jacket like this and I'm super happy it's become a part of my wardrobe and an item I'm going to treasure for a very long time.

You can get a closer look at this jacket now across on my YouTube as I talk about this piece and my collection of other favourite pieces in my wardrobe tour part two. Click below to watch - 

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