It maybe winter but there's always room for a palm print in my wardrobe. This however, is a little twist on a print with this pattern actually being woven into the shirts motif. This shirt is a sort of a mustard/green colour which I think I'm actually going to dye black, (that's if the material will let me). I really think this shirt oozes cool, no matter what colour it maybe at the moment, I've seen past it and hopefully will change it into something even better.

The colour not being top of my list, I also has to see past the horrendous shots of the shirt across on the website, I really feel like the way they've decided to style this shirt let it down a lot, so hopefully my photographs will do the shirt a little more justice and show you guys it's actually is pretty cool style, plus looks sweet dressed into an outfit.

It has a dark brown/black small button which fastens the shirt, but I think in the summer this is going to look awesome and I haven't even told you guys the best bit yet. This shirt is £12, I set myself a strict budget for Black Friday and well basically twelve pounds was pretty much my max, ha! What a sad state of affairs that is, however, even for that tiny budget I seem to have got something which looks awesome underneath my fitted blazer!

I found this shirt across on Topman's website marked down from £35, Bargain! Sadly I couldn't even justify the £4 for delivery and actually picked the shirt up from my closest store, desperate times call for desperate measures! The shirt still should be available now, if you want to check it out, I've left a link below.

You can check the shirt out here: Topman Palm Shirt

This shirt as well as a small catch up, features across on my YouTube channel now. As I've mentioned across on YouTube this is probably going to be my last post Pre-Christmas and maybe this year! (Lets see how things go), but I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for checking in, reading my posts and following my blog, it means a lot.

Wishing you guys an awesome Christmas & Happy New Year x



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