Evening guys, in tonight's post I want to talk to you about Dior's new Sauvage fragrance. I still have a small bottle of the last and first Sauvage Dior released, but this new parfum is a fragrance I personally can't get enough ofThe new Sauvage exudes a smooth citrus orange aroma which I absolutely adore, I've always loved the aftershave but with this new added juicy citrus note it brings a new powerful, masculine dimension to the smell, which is even more up my street!

It only takes three sprays, one on each side of the neck and the third rubbed into the back of the wrists to have you smelling great all night long, the fragrance only changing very subtly as it warms into your skin. It's a very warm summer aroma in my opinion, the freshness of the mandarin citrus aroma comes first, then after the parfum ages on the skin you also start to smell hints of leather and wood, along with fresh peppery note that seem to cling to you for hours on end, getting better and better as each hour passes.

My family and friends have all commented on my new fragrance upon meeting them, it's an aftershave which is instantly recognised when entering a room or getting close to someone, which is always a good thing, I always think smelling great always gives you that little bit extra, that point of difference, that thing that people will always refer to and remember you by and Dior's Sauvage is mine.

The creator of Dior's Sauvage said "For this new parfum I kept the powerful soul of Sauvage intact by giving it nocturnal accents. An animal attraction and some rounder facets". Personally I normally wear aftershave more often on a night-time rather than any other point of the day, it all depends on where I'm going or whom I'm meeting I suppose, but this quote resonates with me as I love the mystery this fragrance surrounds you in.

As you can probably figure out from my film below, I've not heard back from the lists of people I've contacted this week regarding video content, meaning one thing, get used to films starring me! 

I decided to make this film with the fragrance & myself being the focus. I've edited an uber cool backdrop of a palm tree on fire, because what's cooler than a palm tree, on fire! I tried to make this fake ad for Dior look as cool as I could, with LA and the desert on my mind. Hopefully I've given Mr. Depp a run for his money. I'm actually quite impressed what I've managed to make with a tripod, light and wall in my bedroom pretending to impersonate Mick Jagger but I think it works.

You can explore more of the fragrance by visiting Dior or clicking the link to The Perfume Shop here.

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