You may have seen this jumper across on my Instagram feed a few weeks back but since a lot of you got in touch to ask me where I'd found it, here's a post with all the info you need. I spotted this jumper in the strangest of places, where I'd never of imagined buying anything from - where I hear you ask? Well . . .  It was the women's knitwear section of M&S! Of course it was!

After seeing it in store and not buying it there and then, I really couldn't get the jumper out of my mind, I was literally seeing stars (sorry I couldn't not) thinking to myself how cool it would look styled with a biker jacket! I'm always a huge fan of any star print and I've never seen a jumper with this large print motif before. After a few days of weighing up my options, you know thinking if I could pull a women's jumper off,  I decided just to take a risk.

I knew this jumper was on the small side but I never thought I'd have to purchase a size 14! Even with this big size jump I still find the jumper to be a little small on the arms, however, I fear the next size would have been a little to baggy and wide on me. The star jumper is a fun piece for a very inexpensive price, I'd hope you agree with me when I say the jumper looks sweet with this rock and roll styled outfit. I'd say its pretty versatile too either for a girl or a guy, you'd never be able to tell once the jumper is styled up in your own individual way.

If you want a closer look at The Star Jumper - Click here

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