Hey guys, it seems like it's been ages since I last posted across on my blog and that's because, well, it has been! It's not because I haven't been inspired or creating, I have! Over the past week my creativity has come back in a big way! Thanks to a spontaneous trip to London late last week, it's truly opened my eyes, as well as my mind to all the opportunities that's out there and what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. And what you can create for yourself! It feel's like the past few months I've been a total recluse hiding in my comfort zones however, I've made a promise to myself, this is about to change!

I'm back, my creativity has returned in a big way and I know I'm back on the right path, right where I should be! I'm going to shout about what I do and put myself back out there, hopefully with a little luck on my side, I can start getting a lot more videography work! I had an awesome time in London, meeting old friends and making new ones, as well as exploring a city I love, returning home feeling massively inspired and happy!

I've recently been filming a lot behind the camera so it was nice change to get back in front of it and shoot this blog post! All Saints is a brand I have always loved since an early age, all you have to do is to read back over the pages of this blog and you'll get an idea! This season they seem to have come up with a collection of killer pieces. You can watch my YouTube where I talk about this sweet leopard print "Diffusion" Shirt and life in general.


You can check out the Diffusion Shirt  across on the All Saints website, its a killer short sleeve shirt, made from a lightweight viscose and has a perfectly cut Hawaiian style collar. Click below to watch my YouTube.

Peace, Love & Rock N' Roll,


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