Evening guys, tonight I'm talking t-shirts and I've got three killer tee's on the line-up to show you all! I'll start with these two from an American clothing line - Bandit Brand. Kicking off with, I mean a classic statement tee, what's more bold than this - Rock & Roll. I went all out seventies with this outfit, rocking my vintage red leather & lace up denim jeans and vintage sunglasses. I love the colours in this look, so much I've had to leave a few shots unchanged, a change from the usual black and white!

The second t-shirt is another killer graphic, 'Just Another Tequila Sunrise'. I love the vibe of this design, it reminds me of the Mojave Desert with its sunset colour palette and cacti background set in the reflection of a wide pair of 70's aviator sunglasses. I've paired this tee with my black biker, throwing it over the tee, giving the look a more of a casual twist to my normal style.

These two super cool t-shirts are both size large as they're women's cuts however, as I always say, a t-shirts a t-shirt, no matter which side of the store you found it in, if you like the graphic, rock it, who cares! I always jump a few sizes up depending on the fit and I can tell you now a large in both of these killer t-shirts is the way to go. I want to say a big thank you to Bandit Brand for sending me the t-shirts, I absolutely adore them both!

Last but not least I have a t-shirt I've been longing for, for years now! A few weeks ago they ran a small promotion on their website and I finally bought it! The Sex Breakfast Of Champions tee is finally mine! I think this is one of the coolest tee's around, it reminds me of the patch James Hunt had on his racing overalls. I can imagine him arriving on track with two girls on each arm, with lit cigarette balanced in his mouth. Most likely wearing his shades, hiding the hangover from the night before! What a legend, I think if this t-shirt had been out at the time, he'd have definitely worn it too!

This tee is from a brand called Lovers & Drifters Club, the classic uber cool instagram inspo page turned fashion line. Again this is a girls style, I went for the medium size in this tee and it fits exactly how I wanted it! I paired this with my vintage sheepskin, which I think looks like a match made in seventies outfit heaven! I tried my best in setting the styling not only for the outfit but the look of the 70's era, which meant I had to include my car.

Cheers for reading, to check out the t-shirts head across to my YouTube channel where I've left all the links plus you can see them up close and personal on this weeks video.

Peace & love,


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