Evening guys, tonight I'm showing you my little sale purchase I bought from Asos. I shared a short film featuring this jacket on my Instagram page on Wednesday, you all seemed to like it then, so here's a post dedicated to the details. However, I must tell you all some bad news from the get-go, this particular blazer has sold out, well, unless you're a 40-44 chest! As usual, I went for a small 38, sorry to be the bearer of bad news! 

This jacket has been in my favourites for a while now, I was so happy to find the jacket had gone down to £56, with a further 20% off in a promo, meaning I nabbed it for £44.80 - steal! I mean, the real reason I had to own this jacket was because it looked remarkably similar to a SLP jacket I saw in the mens SS19 collection. I took inspiration from their campaign video when shooting my own, with the exposed brick walls covering parts of the blazer. Check it out on my instagram now. 

Yeah this skinny fit blazer is a complete dupe, but I love it, it has the look of a Saint Laurent piece for the fraction of the price. I dressed this outfit up with a subtle star print shirt from The Kooples and a star print scarf, plus a pair of tailored trousers, (not jeans) who am I? The keen eyed amongst you, will have also noticed I'm not wearing any jewellery either, I just had a day off from all the bejewelling and I thought this outfit was strong enough alone.

The stripes on the blazer are pretty wide, which I love, of course, it's a statement blazer and it makes you stand out from the crowd. Solid metal buttons cover the blazer, four on each cuff and three to each side of the double breasted design, securing the blazer at the front. You can check the sexy striped blazer out here, and you never know your size might come back in stock, it's always worth keeping an eye out.

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