Evening guys, how're you doing? Tonight, we're talking about some killer flares from Welsh brand Other. You guys have probably seen a lot of them recently as they're all over socials, sponsoring ad's, gifting items, all round killing the game in getting their new 'Electric Rodeo' campaign out there. I was lucky enough to be gifted an item too, choosing the Hendrix brown cord flares from their new range.

I'll let you into a secret, its only over the past two years or so I've actually been a fan of flares. You all know, I've always been that skinny jean guy, not really trying anything new with the bottom half, rooting for the same classic, black skinnies over pretty much everything else all my life. However, I'm a little more experimental with trousers these days, now owning four pairs of sexy flares in the wardrobe!

A killer pair of flares calls for a super cool backdrop. That's why I decided to shoot just down the road from where I live in Glasgow at Pollok House. Which if you ask me, is the perfect setting for some super cool seventies styled brown flared cords! As you can see the fit of these flares is second to none, fitting perfectly in the right places - tight on the thigh with just the right amount of flaring. Even my girlfriend said my arse looks cracking in these, I'm sure you'll all agree too! Ha!

I went for the full on cowboy look when creating this outfit, which is my dream aesthetic, I've never really had the chance to wear this epic cowboy belt, so I took this opportunity to rock it! As it fit so well dressed up in this outfit and has one of the coolest buckles of all time. I just had to include it in this look! You may also noticed my unbelievable boots, these are from the one and only Alessandro Vasini an Italian boot maker (the best around in my opinion) who I've worked with a handful of times now and featured across on my Instagram, well worth checking out if you haven't already!

This week my whole outfit features across on my YouTube channel plus a look at some epic vintage pieces of mine I've picked up over the past few months. As well as a more detailed look at the flares and of course Alessandro's killer 60mm cuban heeled boots!

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