Hey guys, how you all doing? I've been non-stop since returning from Paris last week, meaning last Sunday I needed to recharge my batteries. After spending last weekend doing bugger all, (which obviously meant no blog post) tonight I'm back with a big one that's certainly worth the wait. This post marks the first of many about my recent trip to Paris. I'll be featuring the cool characters I met along the way, some new in killer clothing and so much more. Basically, I've got a lot of great content coming so make sure to keep an eye out! 

I've chosen this particular post to feature something which is very close to my heart and an integral part of my style. You've probably guessed it - it's jewellery. You should all know how much I love jewellery, and if you don't then just take a look through this blog and you'll quickly discover just how it has become very significant in my life.

So without telling you all again why I adore jewellery and where all my pieces are from, I thought I'd share a new brand with you instead. So, let's talk about Tant D'avenir Paris, quite possibly the coolest brand and collection I've ever laid eyes on. I've known of the Paris based brand for a while, but last week I finally got to see it in person.

I went to Paris two weeks ago to shoot Quentin Pontonnier, a jewellery designer by day - rock star by night. After we'd completed the shoot for Phix (which I'm also going to post about), I just had to visit his incredible jewellery shop. As you could probably guess I did treat myself, I couldn't resist one of his incredible pieces, I just had to take something home with me a memento of my first work trip to Paris!

Quentin's shop is like going back in time to when rock'n roll was king. Upon entering his workshop and studio you get to see all his unique creations housed in large, old, antique cabinets. Long leather studded chairs are placed in the middle of the room with a marble display table in the centre. Vintage patterned carpets have been thrown on the wooden floor and old records played in the background as cigarette smoke hung thick in the air. Quentin told me he didn't want his jewellery shop to conform to the strict, professional and sometimes intimidating style of what you find on the high street today, and as you can see by my description he's managed to not conform.

I picked up this beauty for my neck and I bloody love it, just look at the attention to detail, the work and the quality of the piece. Plus I also got myself a ring, I've always liked The Great Frog when buying (new) jewellery but after seeing Quentin's creations using old coins, traditional techniques and designs pulled from his own imagination, other jewellery just doesn't come close anymore!

Tant D'avernir Paris takes its inspiration from Roman and Greek mythology as well as a mix of Native American and of course a big dose of rock 'n roll. Quentin's love of columns also manifests itself in the brands logo. He chose the column because of its symbolic connection to power, strength, and classical antiquity. Quentin even has two columns tattooed on either side of his shoulders. Here's a picture I look of Quentin in his jewellery shop . . . and yes before you ask, that is in-fact his real gun!

I'd strongly recommend checking Quentin's jewellery out, if you want something custom made by the man himself, from the beautiful city of Paris, Tant D'avernir is the only place to go. To check out Quentin's killer brand, click below.

Tant D'avenir or if you happen to be passing:
 📍 46 Rue Godefroy Cavaignac, 75011 Paris, France

Big shout to Quentin for showing me around the city and giving me a killer free t-shirt too!


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