Evening guys, how are you all doing? I've decided having a little check in on the blog was needed tonight, you know, its being a while. Lockdown is easing here in the U.K and its nice to get back to a classic day to day, more importantly getting back to more of a routine and flow with work too. I say that however, I have literally spent the last week, 9-5 painting my car getting it all ready for the summer. So not really snowed under but I have a few sexy little projects in the pipeline. I've also been enjoying the sunshine, beer gardens and the odd restaurant this week alongside BBQ's and amazing street food, ahhh it feel so fucking good to be back doing things and seeing people enjoying themselves.

 I hope you've all had a chance to enjoy yourselves too, getting back to tonight, I've decided to show you more images I shot for All Saints and American department store Nordstrom a few weeks ago. This was a big deal for me as I've loved All Saints for such a long time now, I mean, my first job when I left school was in All Saints and ever since then All Saints hold that special place in my fashion journey! I just hope I can work a little closer with the brand soon, fingers crossed ey!

I visited this bridge when I was in my temporary yet amazing lockdown getaway in Hexham a few months back and knew it would be an awesome place to shoot, I was just waiting for the right idea, then All Saints messaged! I knew I had to head back here as it acts as the perfect backdrop to the Milo Leather Biker Jacket & skinny, black cigs they gifted me. It reminded me of a mini Tyne Bridge, it just looks like a scaled down version, so cool and the perfect background to a shoot!

I love this biker, I do have quite the collection now but when you throw an All Saints leather over your shoulders, it's an effortless piece to wear and style up in an outfit. You don't really have to think about it, a classic black biker always looks super cool, worn simply with a classic Tonic Scoop and all the attention is focused on that sexy, black biker itself!

Cheers for reading and checking back,


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