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Evening guys, I'm just going to jump straight into tonight's post and what an epic one I have lined up for you! It was an absolute pleasure partnering with John Varvatos last month, thinking, creating & executing a plan to shoot for the brand. This is one of the coolest opportunities I have had so far working for a huge name in the industry. John Varvatos is damn cool American designer who produces some of the best clothing I have ever seen, not to mention have had the pleasure to wear! If someone told me three years ago I'd be collaborating with a brand straight out the rock n' roll royalty list, I'd of hardly believed you!

I not only created a campaign style shoot for myself, but also a film of one of my friends. You may have seen my mate Andrew modelling in the shoot last month and yeah, he fucking smashed it! Andrew brought the exact vibe I wanted to the table when it came to shooting J.V his chiselled features, strong look and undeniable confidence being on camera, it was the perfect storm to create the film I wanted. (If you didn't see the film I posted a few weeks back on instagram, you can catch it at the bottom of this post).

It's funny as myself and Andrew shot the exact same outfit. I shot Andrew first, then, a week later, I took my turn in front of the camera. Wearing the same look, styling it our own individual ways, we both  channelled different energies to the shoot and both brought something entirely different to the party. Plus I had my sofa as a prop! Don't even ask me how I got it down there!

I don't think it was a question of who wore it better, it just shows you even with the same clothing, individuality and style always shines through!

Obviously I had to have a killer backing track to play along with both films, taking inspiration from John Varvatos' instagram who feature Jimi Hendrix - Star Spangled Banner. I decided this fit best, obviously I couldn't get Jimi but I managed to get the next best thing - That's the man, the legend Harry Arnold on guitar, I know you'll agree when I say he took that song to the next level, his playing is off the chart!

You can shop the looks online at John Varvatos, I'll give you a closer look and chat more about the clothing across on my YouTube soon. I know it's been a while, I haven't uploaded a video in MONTHS but now I think it's about time for a big return, just give me a few days to film it!

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