Evening guys! We all know I love a good boot and boy, have I got a pair to show you tonight! This is my first pair of Everyday Hero's, so I guess now, I'm officially a part of the club. I was lucky enough to receive the Waylon Boot in Black Coffee as well as the super cool 'Cuban Heel' tee in black and that's what I'll be talking about tonight!

As you can see, these boots have an epic heel - 65MM to be exact. You yourself will be walking high if you bag yourself a pair of these utter beauties, which come in the black I have and also a damn fine whisky brown too. Since these boots have a stacked heel, I thought wearing flares would go down pretty well with these boots and also give that epic seventies vibe. Paired with their tee I think this is a sweet look..

The boots have a concealed zip closure, making them look sleek and sharp to the eye. They have quite possibly the best silhouette I've ever seen! The Waylon's are impeccably stitched, with every detail being bang on, from the Italian calf leather, to silver hardware, the quality of these boots shines through and speaks for itself.

Not only do these boots look fucking sexy, they also fit perfectly too (I went for my standard size 10's - size 44). I have no complaints when it comes to wearing them in or the leather being too hard, all I can say is that these boots are an utter dream to wear as well as look at!

I've not even mentioned how the boots arrived - They came perfectly packaged in a jet black Everyday Hero box, in individual branded dust bags, with get this, a signed letter from the brand welcoming you into their exclusive club with the coolest E.H stitched badge. I always love attention to detail when it comes to brands, this in my opinion makes a brand unique and the guys at Everyday Hero certainly nail that!

Shipping is fast and secure with UPS, catch my YouTube this week below where I chat and show you a little more of the Waylon's. P.S my flares are from Topshop.

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Photographs by Louisa Robertson

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