Evening guys, right SO before I set off on telling you the story of how one of the coolest shoots I've ever shot came about, I want to let you know that I explain the whole story a lot better across on my YouTube channel. I mean, keep reading and scroll through these killer images, check Wrong Generation's super cool velvets, tailored suits out by all means in the link at the bottom of this page, but watch my YouTube - I promise, it'll be better for the both of us!

If you've got this far and you're still reading, I guess you're a lot more patient than I thought. So where do I start . . It all began when I saw THEE fucking coolest sponsored post, on a late night scroll through Instagram! That's where I was first introduced to Wrong Generation! The shot, a single photograph told me everything I needed to know -bang. The shot was an in-your-face bright green, lime velvet suit, right front and centre, styled by a killer-cool red head model, caught in motion by a flash of a camera, captured in the most opulent setting. And there you have it, that was my first impression of the brand, so YES I obviously had to tap through to find out more.

Landing on there IG I was greeted with a crazy cool feed, featuring a rainbow of sharply tailored velvet suits, cropped jackets and flares all worn by the coolest of girls. I know, it's not even a bloody male fashion brand and it had me in the palm of its hand, instantly - I was hooked! There and then I started to write out a DM, to express my love for the brand. I couldn't help myself, what's the worst that could happen? I'd get a 'seen'. I just had to tell this brand how much I'd bloody love to work with them! SENT.

Two minutes later, a message back - from one of the coolest brands I'd just so happened to have stumbled upon on IG. Reply - I LOVE YOUR WORK! I DON'T DO MESSAGES, CALL ME . .

Cut to - the next day. A tense phone call (as I'm not really one for phone calls). I'd spoken to Mia, girl boss and all round legend, we hit it off there and then and BANG a shoot was arranged for one the following week! He's off to London baby!

We organised a brief plan, when I say brief - I mean I work to a loose, we'll go with the flow, see what happens plan, it always works out for me, of course it does, I'm a legend when it comes to video. Mia had the same outlook as myself when it came to she shoot. We just let this shoot flow, work around the models, the EPIC hair and makeup team and capture the best content we possibly can, whilst we walked & taxi'ed through the streets of Chelsea. My sort of shoot!

I do have to say, the models, hair and makeup guys absolutely smashed it out the park. With a team that good, the shoot could have only being epic. Not forgetting Oliver the photographer, these are mostly his shots, he's kindly let me post, you can check out his page here - Oliver Morris

I can't fit half of the things I'd love to say about the brand on my blog, so as I said, if you want a more detailed account, plus some legendary stories - head across to my YouTube channel! Check out Wrong Generation here!

SIDE NOTE - You're now looking at the 11th Best Videographer in London Town, that title was kindly given to me by the legends across at Wedio.co.uk (which I'll explain a lot more about on the o'lllll video below!

I'll take No.11 for now, I'd like to thank Wedio.co.uk for placing me on their list, thanks from the bottom of my heart for this recognition!

But we all know there's only one way I'm going!

Cheers for reading,


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