Evening guys, we're back on a Tuesday night talking some killer cool summer flares, oh baby you better be ready! I'm right into a pair of flares of late. I've been wearing them a lot over the last few months, especially in all this warm weather we've all been lucky enough to be enjoying. Normally I'm that guy still struggling and sweating, year in year out in the hot summer months with my black skinny jeans. However, this year, it was time for a must needed change, bring on the flares! It's been a staple look of mine this summer and an integral part of my wardrobe for sure - tonight I'm going to show you my favourite two pairs of the season.

May I introduce to you, my most recent purchase in the flare game - these sexy, mint green flares, pictured above. These are the coolest, lightest, most comfortable flare. An all round perfect trouser for the summer months or a must if you're jetting off on a late holiday. My recently love affair with flares has opened the door to not only being a lot cooler (in temperature) in the sunshine but also, yeah you heard it right - colour! I've stayed away from colour over the years but this past year I've worn pieces which I'd never of dream of, moving from the black and white aesthetic to more of a seventies airport rockstar look.

"YOUR ARSE LOOKS AMAZING IN THEM" not my own words in front of the mirror but my girlfriend, Louisa as I crossed the road in front of her while out in town. I mean, who knows, maybe it does but that's not the only reason why you need a pair in your own wardrobe. The burnt orange flare were my initial purchase for the summer pre jetting off to Paris, I got these back in March and they've been on my proclaimed "sexy arse" ever since. Both pairs I got from Asos, they were both relativity inexpensive, around the £30-£40 mark, giving anyone that seventies style for a bargain price and looking fucking super cool whist doing so.

I paired both pairs of flares up with my white cuban heel boots from Alessandro Vasini - giving me that little extra hight and ensuring the flares have a lot of room to do their thing, rather than brushing the floor. I can't recommend these flares enough, a cheap, light change to the classic jean for the summer. You have to check out Asos and grab yourself a seventies look, all links and details are in my YouTube.

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