Evening guys, we're back on an international job. Tonight's post is all about my latest shoot with jewellery brand Clocks & Colours. It's a good one, so strap yourselves in. It all started falling into place two months ago when things job wise weren't looking so good. Far from it if I'm being honest! However, the universe had plans to shake that up good and proper! I was struggling, in a bad place creatively and mentally... when out of nowhere, my main man in France - Mounir, the leather king, dropped me a message. "I need you to film in Paris next week". Was I saved? Yes, but that's another completely different story which I'll be speaking about soon.

The series of events had already began to unfolded as when we wrapped the shoot in Paris, Mounir & I decided to have a blow out with a handful of his friends. I decided to invite Raphaël, who I'd never met before but took this as the perfect excuse as I knew he was in town. We don't do coincidence over here, that night the lads were all in the right place at the right time, that's for sure! As the night faded to day, the connections had been made, legends had aligned and after a night discussing possible collaborations with Raphaël, he assured me that we'd work on something soon. He was in, all I had to do next is to think of a plan and get a brand involved.

Cut to a few weeks later, after I'd finalised Mounir's project. I was hungry to make this next shoot with Raphaël happen! Raphaël had mentioned me that he'd be in the South of France for a few months (after leaving Paris for the summer) so we had a location only a few hours drive from the stunning Pyrenees on the French/Spanish boarder - this was definitely the place we had to create the film. A location with everything from breathtaking coastlines to epic vast deserts, this place couldn't have been any better! Getting back to Raphaël, the man is a self aficionado of all things western, denim & a cool cowboy aesthetic. After researching the location, my mind was racing with ideas, starting to create the plan for the shoot, with only Raphaël's style and the location alone in the forefront of my mind. My initial thoughts were to create a Wild West film on a trail for buried treasure. The only thing we were missing was well, the treasure.

That's where Clocks & Colours come in. We got talking and once I proposed my idea with mood boards and a brief story of what I wanted to create. They were also in and down for supplying the treasure - 'The Quest For Silver' was on! We created the film backwards (getting the first shots you see on the film last, rather than in order) as we hit some bad luck with the weather in South of France. I mean come on, it's the South of France I hear you say? Yeah, all I have to say was it was BIBLICAL! The rain and thunderstorms did change our plans, but looking back on it I personally think it turned out way better than if it had not rained at all!

We crossed the Pyrenees and arrived into Spain to be greeted by bright blue skies and large white, fluffy clouds, slowly rolling over a vast horizon, framed on one side by huge golden cliffs, reminiscent of a Texan landscape. It felt like we were in the U.S. - OH BABY! This was going to be a shoot to remember! I have so many epic stories, maybe a little too many for my blog, that's why I've included them all in my YouTube below, so go check it out at the bottom of this post! I can't wait to share the trilogy of films I've created, I'll have to let Clocks & Colours do the honours first though, so sit tight, you'll see them soon!

I came up with an epic campaign for the guys over at C&C but I couldn't have done it without the team on the day, this includes - Top navigator, map reader and the location scout - Albany, who also took some epic shots on her analogue camera. The main man and star of the show himself - Raphaël, who brought his western cool to the film. Not forgetting - Louisa, who came over for the ride but brought the organisation, planning and more creativity to the shoot as well as being my second pair of hands - what a legend!

Check my YouTube out below -

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