Hey everyone and welcome back to another slightly late (I admit it) blog post! This is a post I've been wanting to share with you for a while now, as I loved wearing the outfit I'm about to feature. Another plus about this particular post is that I got to do it with my beautiful girlfriend Chloe.

I have been lucky enough to work with 7 For All Mankind once before, and this sparked my addiction for the brand. This time CJ got in on the act too as she was gifted a couple of killer pieces, and I was lucky to receive a super cool denim shirt. I have so many photographs to share with you all, lets get started.

I was given this awesome denim shirt from 7 For All Mankind which I styled up in the outfit to end all outfits, double denim. I just hope I pulled it off! I just wanted to show you something a little different from my classic go-to black skinny jeans, leather jacket and hat combination. I imagine you're probably all very bored of seeing that outfit by now!

CJ was given an amazing pair of cords which she chose not to wear, I think she's saving them for another post, but as you can see she decided to wear her vintage inspired boho F.A.M suede tassel jacket. I mean even I was jealous of this, not only because she got one more item than I did, but CJ was given this crazy cool black jacket too!

Even being slightly jealous I was still very grateful for my denim shirt. As I mentioned I wanted my outfit to be a big statement, with that in mind what better way of getting that statement look, than going down the big double denim route. I paired by light blue denim jacket with a light shade pair of jeans and brown cowboy boots. Plus if you noticed, the coolest cowboy belt around which is actually vintage Levi which I got given by my Dad. I never wear blue jeans, so this felt pretty strange, but I did enjoy experimenting with my style and wearing something I wouldn't normally go for. It's always good to change things up every now and again.

Another thing I loved about creating this post was working with one of Manchester best photographers Bach Nguyen. I love all the photographs we got back from the shoot, I think he's captured us and the pieces we were given in such a cool way. 

Sometimes working with different photographers you only get given the photographs they choose, thankfully in this case, Bach give us  pretty much all the snaps from the shoot. In fact he give us  such a wide selection of photographs it was pretty hard to choose just a handful to feature on this post! A special shout and thanks has to go to the super talented Bach for these amazing photographs.

Click here to view the denim shirt which is actually now in the sale.
As you may know I was in Paris over the weekend hence the lateness of this post. I am however, planning on sharing my vlog from last week plus a few blog posts hopefully this weekend if I have the time to edit the huge amount of pictures and videos I shot over the weekend. 

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