Savage is one of the coolest brands out there and I want to bring this to your attention tonight. Let's all get straight to it and see why I'm throwing around big comments like this, plus, how the brand has that cool factor? They kindly gifted me this 100% cotton, sharp, western inspired shirt a few weeks back and believe me I've worn it a lot!

If you follow my Instagram closely you will have noticed the western style belt I usually wear, but the belt I'm wearing in this post is from Savage. They're a Korean company nailing the western vibe, everything from belts to shirts this brand has down. The quality of this shirt does not confirm any pre-conceptions you may have about products made in the Far East, its the total opposite! The shirt is one of the best quality items in my wardrobe, and the attention to detail is second to none.

This shirt is in fact a medium as this is the brand's smallest size. Savage are based over in Korea and sizes obviously differ from our European sizes. I can thankfully say their medium fits me like a small. The fit of this shirt is sweet, but the best detail on the  shirt I still haven't got around to yet.

I love this shirt because of it's strong western styling, it is the perfect modern day cowboy shirt. I've styled it in a pretty simple way with a dark pair of jeans - what's more striking than a white shirt with black jeans? The shirt does all the talking. Unbuttoned in my normal style, the shirt looks killer, paired with Savage's western belt, it's a match made in heaven! The boots are new too, another nod to my cowboy spirit. These beauties are the Diego Boot and were kindly gifted to me by " From The First."

The crisp angles and cut of this white western style shirt are different to every other shirt in my wardrobe. The angular breast pocket detailing is again something I love, however the show stopper of this shirt has to be those raised diamond buttons with a pearlescent centre. The shirt is covered in them, the cuffs, pockets and placket, bar the top fasting of the neckline which is a classic circle button. Attention to detail!

The shirt is give or take around £100, a little side note which you'll have to bear in mind is that you will have to pay custom fee's on any items that enter the country. I think this will be no more than £20. All in all I couldn't recommend Savage more, serious style, serious detail and an amazing collection.  I can't wait to see what Savage does next! Check my Youtube out below where you can see the shirt in more detail. You can also check the shirt out on Savage's website by clicking here - Savage Western Shirt


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