Hey guys, I'm back with another new one and this week I'm talking about a vintage leather I picked up from Liverpool. I love vintage shopping, it's something I do often. You go out not expecting anything, then you stumble upon a retro gem you couldn't live without, and that's exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago. 

I found this amazing maroon leather jacket in COW Liverpool, a vintage shop right in the middle of bustling Bold Street. I like to look through both the men and women sides of the shop, so as I was following CJ through the endless rails of vintage clothing I spotted this 70's gem. It fit like a glove, not normally the case when buying second-hand as its usually not so tailored, but this was a very rare exception. There's nothing worse than finding the best things, trying them on and it all just fitting terribly. Fortunately with this jacket, it was definitely meant to be and I knew I had to buy it there and then!

I love the cut and panelling of the jacket, it has that cowboy-esque look, the sharp angles and curves of the leather sections are very western, I bloody love it. The colour is also something I fell for, injecting a vintage palette into my wardrobe is exactly what I needed. Don't get me wrong, I like my black leathers but sometimes you just want a change, especially as Autumn is fast approaching.

I wanted to reflect where the piece had originally started its life, so I chose to go very retro with this look. I decided on wearing my darted collar shirt over the leather which looks like its straight out of a 1970's Carnaby Street. Of course, not forgetting an iconic piece from that era, a pair of flares (which are actually CJ's) to capture the look.

This is also the first time I've worn my scarf from Good Morning Keith - which up to this point I haven't found an outfit it's worked with enough until this one. I think the colours really complement one another and it's the perfect finishing touch to my 70's inspired outfit. I added my vintage inspired belt from Savage and took my white Cuban's for a walk to top the outfit off.

This weeks new YouTube is all about my vintage leather where you get to check it out in a little more detail. Plus you can also catch up with yours truly for a chat, if you're not subscribed to my channel, click the red button. I'm getting closer to the big thousand subscribers.

Photographs by CJ Carpenter

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